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He cried his heart out, but as soon as he ran out of the bathroom, he didn’t forget to look back at the situation inside.

Daylight had thoroughly vanished from the sky, and the campus full of treacherousness was plunged into darkness.

In the dim light, the flashlight stretched a long, straight beam that happened to hit the spot where the being appeared.

The water in the sink returned to color, but Nie Liang stood beside the sink, bent down and completely submerged in water with something pressing on his head.

Yan Wei retracted his gaze and ran towards the 407 dorm, constantly shouting words such as “help” and “ghost.”

His sensory extended.

Within moments he located Yan Mingguang, just off the third floor, and while running away, he said to Yan Mingguang through his perception: 【Hello, Mr.

Yan, answer the phone!】


【You didn’t come to save me when you heard my cry for help.

Where’s the comradeship】

【Shouting too loudly, you did it on purpose.】

Yan Wei: “…” There was a sudden feeling of being seen through.

He called for help, one for acting and the other for what Nie Liang said — all the players should be in this building.

If Gao Ming was still alive, he should have inevitably resided in this dormitory building at night, but Yan Wei did not know which dorm.

Yan Wei’s perception could only connect to another when face-to-face, and then could he locate and contact within a range.

He could use his perceptual skill to contact Yan Mingguang, but there was no way of finding Gao Ming, who had not established a connection with him.

【I shouted to let Gao Ming know that I was here.

Long story short, Yuemang lost one person, and one died in the bathroom.

He confirmed my guess — one of the conditions for triggering death is to make contact with the death method of the former deceased.

A drowning ghost should have died in the public bathroom on the fourth floor, the kind that drowned in the sink, and the sink also left traces of struggle.

I guessed that touching the sink would attract a ghost, so I turned on the faucet and used—】

He spoke for a while, and his previously unbridled mood vanished.

The man he was talking to was Yan Mingguang, Yan Mingguang with a very high moral bottom line.

He deliberately avoided what he had just done and continued: 【In short, after the water started to flow, the player in Yuemang was also pressed into the pool and drowned.

There was a ghost in the water, and the player who touched the water also drowned.

One of the causes of death should be triggering the event that has killed someone.

The same should be true of the person who died when registering today.

Someone once ate at the school gate and then died, so he ate and died.】

Yan Wei shouted for help, and as he was about to run to 407, a Yuemang player immediately came out of the dormitory and pulled him back to the room.

Feigning fear of being dragged into the dorm, he then told Yan Mingguang: 【When you, Lin Zhen, and the others act, you must pay attention and observe whether there are any traces of previous deaths, and do not repeat what happened.】

【Mn,】 Yan Mingguang paused.

【Be careful.】

【Got it.

Why did you start being so garrulous since the Ankang Ancient Town instance You worry about this and that every day.

Where’s your aloof example, Mr.


Yan Mingguang was speechless.

Yan Wei withdrew his perception.

At this moment, he had been dragged back to the dormitory and slumped to his bed, gasping for breath.

The rest gathered around.

Li Qing squatted in front and asked him, “What happened Where’s Nie Liang”

Yan Wei slowly raised his eyes.

In a trembling voice, he said, “We encountered a ghost in the bathroom! The sink was suddenly full of water, and a ghost, I don’t know when it appeared, pressed Nie Liang into the pool…”

The conversation with Yan Mingguang quickly consumed his physical strength.

He was breathing rapidly, his face was pale, his cheeks were reddish from the intense movement, and his eyes revealed timidity and panic.

Li Qing did not doubt the truth of Yan Wei’s call for help.

He slowly got up, frowned, and said worriedly, “It seems that this is what Chenxi High School calls a death that can come upon at any time.

I want to save Nie Liang, but now it’s dark.

I’ll take you to the restroom in case you encounter a ghost again, which might hurt more people…”

He seemed to ponder for a while before saying, “Let’s go see it tomorrow morning.

If there’s a need to go to the bathroom tonight, try to endure it first.

I brought you all here.

I must ensure everyone’s safety first.

Now the lights are out according to the time, and all the ‘students’ need to rest.”

“I found a player who came in before and made it clear that the so-called ‘don’t listen, don’t look, don’t want to move’ is not very strict.

The most important thing is not to talk after nightfall.

Talking will attract ghosts, mainly because they often deceive and induce people in this dorm building.

That NPC said that it was best not to be curious at night because curiosity will deceive players into speaking.

Everyone, go to bed first and don’t make a sound.

We’ll take a look in the bathroom before going to the teaching building at dawn tomorrow.”

Yan Wei was amused — Li Qing was exceptionally hypocritical.

He clearly did not want to take the risk.

It was someone else who died anyway.

The other four of Yuemang dispersed.

Yan Wei supported himself at the edge of the bed and gradually stood up.

Li Qing hooked his mouth and said, “You said you were lucky you weren’t the first one attacked by ghosts.”


“Very good.

You have a much better role than Nie Liang.

It’s a pity you said that you shouted so loudly, yet Yan didn’t come to save you.

He also used your points and items to save Gao Ming.

In his eyes, Gao Ming is this teammate who’s much more important than a burden like you.

It seems he really doesn’t care much about you.”

Yan Wei blinked, his eyelashes trembled, and his voice was low.

“Thanks to Li-ge…”

“Let’s rest first.”


Not long after Yan Wei’s cry for help began, a dorm on the sixth floor.

Compared to the third, fourth, or fifth floor, which has been filled with some popularity by new players, most of the players on this floor were the players who came in from the previous batch — more than half of them were dead.

There were only two people left in this otherwise six-player dorm.

Seeing that it was getting dark, one of them hurriedly got on the assigned upper bunk and said fearfully, “The cry for help just now was from a player.

Nevertheless, it was an unfamiliar voice.

Surely someone new had entered! With new people, those things should have many goals for the time being… Why did I gamble If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have been forced into this mobile instance…”

The man in the lower bunk didn’t speak.

Perhaps it was because a bunch of living people finally arrived today.

The player in the upper bunk had been less nervous for the past few days.

He patted the bedboard and said, “Just say something.

What the NPC said is merely to reduce the chance of being killed by ghosts, not a solution.

What’s more, it’s not dark yet, what are you afraid of You’re the kind of rubbish below the fifth floor with no guts, and I don’t know how you’ve survived until now…”

The player in the upper bunk glanced in the window’s direction — there was one last gleam of light.

Their previous batch entered the instance, and the teacher NPCs told them that it was best not to do anything at night and not to speak after dark.

But in fact, many people did it and died inexplicably.

You may die if you obey, and you might not die if you don’t.

And it was not all dark yet, so what was there to be afraid of Only the trash in the lower bunk with only three floors would be so timid that he didn’t commit any taboos but dared not say a word.

He scoffed and shook the quilt.

With the last light coming in from the window, he covered himself with the quilt and lay down on his side.

As soon as he lay down, the player sleeping on the top bunk bumped into something.

The bed in Chenxi High School was not huge, and it was like an average school dorm, but it was good enough for an adult man.

However, as soon as he lay down, he felt crowded.

The man was stunned for a moment and touched the area behind him that was supposed to be a wall — there was an ice-cool, moist feel distinct from the wall.

He turned his head.

A pale woman’s grimace rushed into his field of vision, and the thing lying beside him stared straight at him with a pair of white pupils.

Blood trickled from the corner of its eyes, staining the pillow little by little.

Sticky black hair covered most of its face, but it magnified the coldness and paleness of the pupils.

His eyes widened as his pupils constricted.

The woman beside him slowly smiled, and her stiff lips opened, mouth filled with blood and fangs.


Amidst the screams, there was still a trace of light outside.

A bright lamp was suspended from outside the window.

As the player’s shrieks gradually weakened, the lamp suspended outside the window made a “chi,” the light bulb shattered, and the lamp suddenly fell.

–It was already dark, and the light outside resulted from this lamp!

Gao Ming closed his eyes tightly and huddled in the quilt on the bottom bunk, not daring to do anything.

To let him live longer in the instance, Yuemang lured Yan into the bait and threw him a few life-saving items.

He used all the props and lived to this day with caution.

Now, all the items were gone, and he did not dare to move.

The wood on the upper bunk was smeared with blood, and the blood dripped from the gaps in the bed, dripping onto the quilt covering Gao Ming.




Gao Ming still did not move.

The sound of blood leaking from the top struck a nerve, his breathing growing faster, but he felt more excited and reassured than any moment he had ever been inside the instance.

He recognized the cry for help just now.

That was Yan Wei’s voice.

Yan Wei came in, and Yan Mingguang should have also entered.

He initially believed he was destined to die in this instance but now, even knowing very well that this was a nineteenth-floor mobile instance, the moment he heard Yan Wei’s voice, Gao Ming had an inexplicable message.

He suddenly felt that he might be able to get out alive.

The first night of the latest batch of players entering the School of Death instance was restless.

Throughout the night, including Yan Wei’s cry at the beginning, screams, and calls for help sounded five or six times.

When the first rays of sunlight slowly dispersed from the horizon, the entire building was full of blood.

After Li Qing arrived, he led the people of Yuemeng to the public restroom on the fourth floor.

Nie Liang’s body was still bent over, and his entire head was in the sink.

The sink was dry without water, but his head was distended from soaking, and more people couldn’t die.

Li Qing pretended to frown to convey his regret, but he did not even clean up Nie Liang’s body.

He led the people out of the restroom and started checking what happened in the dormitories — there were several screams last night.

Not long after, Li Qing stopped in the corridor on the second floor with Yan Wei and the others.

“Li-ge, a total of four people died last night.

Except for Nie Liang, one died on the bed.

Their body was cut into several pieces, and blood covered the whole bed.

Another was strangled on the clothesline hanging outside the window, and this was the remains…”

In the corridor was a pool of blood mixed with the organs of the human body.

Sparse footprints laced the surrounding blood.

Evidently, more than one player came here to observe it.

At the center of the bloodstain lay a corpse that could not be considered one.

It could not be considered a corpse because it was not complete — the left side of the body was gone, and the right side was attached to destroyed organs, exuding a sickening smell of blood and decay.

Additionally, that half of the body had no wounds.

Only the torn parts of the body were uneven.

It did not look like traces of cold weapons1 but resembled…

“Teeth,” Li Qing crouched in front of the corpse, his eyes carefully scanning the broken corpse, “It’s all tooth marks.

It looks like half of the body was eaten alive.”

Yan Wei blinked and stood at the back with a skittish face, but in his mind, he used his perceptual skill to broadcast all the clues that Yuemang acquired in real-time, saving Yan Mingguang and the others from coming here for another trip.

Yuemang players did not know that others were spying on them for free.

Beside Li Qing, a player named Yue Wenxing, dressed very young and casual, laughed.

“Man-eating beast A ghost consuming people Or is it related to the object we are looking for..”

Yan Wei’s eyes shifted slightly — that object should be referring to the legendary item that Lin Zhen mentioned earlier.

The mobile instance had attracted a big number of high-caliber players with over a dozen floors.

Li Qing shook his head.

“No, according to the news, this legendary item is not evil.

After we came in, we didn’t see anything inhuman.

It makes sense.

It’s a campus instance, not an apocalyptic forest instance.

How could there be such a thing”

The campus instance was challenging because there were many NPCs NS with more NPCs, so it would be difficult to search for clues and identify players.

But if there was no problem with the area, then there were possibilities — most could not escape three things: puppy love, bullying, and stress2

What relationship can these three have with cannibals

“Let’s wait for more clues.

We still haven’t figured out why people keep dying and what triggers death.” Li Qing slowly got up.

“Wen Xing, take Yan Wei to follow the plan first.

We will meet in the teaching building to do business.”

After speaking, Li Qing didn’t waste time.

He turned around and left with the rest, leaving Yue Wenxing and Yan Wei in the same place.

Yue Wenxing was also a seed player of Yuemang, but he was only nineteen years old.

Compared with the feminine Li Qing, he was entirely indifferent and ruthless.

This person was also a player who continuously ascended the tower.

His skill was to be able to use his blood to attract ghosts.

It takes a long time to prepare and is very restrictive, but if there is sufficient time and a place to prepare, it can be considered a good auxiliary skill — unfortunately, it was used in wicked ways.

Li Qing and Yue Wenxing finalized a plan last night.

Since pitfalls filled the instance called School of Death, there must be numerous ghosts.

So when Yan Mingguang leaves the dorm, Yue Wenxing will leave a ghost-calling formation in Yan Mingguang’s dorm.

Wouldn’t it be easy for Yan Mingguang to trigger death

So now, Li Qing and the rest went to the teaching building to check the situation first, while Yue Wenxing secretly rushed to Yan Mingguang’s dormitory with Yan Wei, who understood Yan Mingguang well.

Yue Wenxing looked at Yan Wei, whose face was pale because of the use of a skill, and sneered, saying, “The scene could be so scary.

What use do you have other than a good-looking face Oh yes, you also know Yan.

So from what you know, he’s the kind of person that goes out at dawn to find clues”

“Yes… When I followed him before, I always followed him out at dawn.”

“Then let’s go to Yan’s dormitory and give him a big gift.”

Yan Wei’s face grew paler and paler, and a bit of cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

He nodded fearfully.


At the same time, Yan Wei was still using his burst of perception and said in his mind to Yan Mingguang, who was still in the dormitory: 【Hey, Ice Cube, answer the phone again! The fish is hooked.


     【A Yuemang person and I are heading to your dorm to harm you now.

I’m afraid you’ll have to make room for us to act quickly.



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