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Chapter 55: School of Death (7)

From this perspective, there may be a plausible explanation for what happened when the player died.

When he raised his head, he died.

He also heard the instruction to lower his head, but he was afraid that doing so would kill him, so he wrote, “Don’t lower your head,” and then looked up, triggering death.

It was a paradox that could not be explained by pinning it on a single ghost.

But what if the ghost that had him lower his head was not the same ghost who murdered the player once he glanced up

Putting this player’s death in a different perspective, while he was in a toilet cubicle, a ghost instructed him to look down and wished to help him avoid death.

But, in this player’s view, all apparitions were the same.

He believed the ghost was lying to him, so he scribbled, “Don’t lower your head,” and looked up. Then, the killing ghost wrenched his neck.

When Yan Wei was in class, the electric fan should have been haunted by a ghost, and the grimace added to the teacher’s face to terrify him reminded him of the distinction between students and teachers.

What if the apparition on one side was pulling an electric fan to murder people while the ghost attached to the teacher’s face performed tricks to offer a hint

Taken apart, these were not contradictory.

As Yan Wei sorted out his thoughts, everyone left the potentially deadly restroom and gathered in the hallway while peering at one another.

This conclusion seemed to have revealed more clues but also obscured the staircase’s hints.


Why did ghosts at this school repeatedly kill students who mimicked their acts in a manner similar to a death cycle Why was there a second ghost who may perhaps aid the player

What happened to the half corpse in the hallway on the third floor if only repeating the method of death like speaking at night will attract ghosts

Yan Wei was consuming a lot of physical strength to maintain his skill.

He lightly panted as he followed Yuemang and said to Yan Mingguang and the others: 【Although everyone is merely collaborating and I have no right to be constantly ordering you all, I have a suggestion for when you act in the afternoon.

Watch for players who see ghosts but don’t die.

After all, my current guess is based on only two samples.

The sample size is insufficient, and more cases are required to be sure.

I’ll stay with Yuemang and try to contact you all at sunset.】

Lin Zhen replied: 【Tch, it’s as if you didn’t order us before.

Hey, why do I feel that you’re about to disconnect—】

Yan Wei withdrew his perception.

Li Qing turned around and noticed Yan Wei walking behind him without saying a word.

His footsteps stopped, and he took Yan Wei’s shoulders, glancing at Yan Wei’s face as if the two had a harmonious relationship, and casually inquired, “You get so tired when finding clues.

How can you survive in such a place”

Yan Wei smiled.

“Li-ge, aren’t you here”

Li Qing once again looked at Yan Wei.

The young man appeared to be physically weak.

His breathing was quick, he had a pale face, and his cheeks were somewhat flushed.

Such a complexion had delicate facial features, fine bones, and clear skin.

“Yan Mingguang lacks insight and wants to provoke us.

His eyesight, on the other hand, is good.” Li Qing chuckled.

“By the way, even though you were all carried by Yan, you also… Is this the third time You haven’t mentioned your skill.”

Yan Wei’s expression remained unchanged.

He had long expected this and said, “Please, Li-ge, help me keep the secret.

My talent is quite valuable! It gives me a perception boost of 30 points for three minutes, and I can use it once per day.

I’ve only used it once, and it’s fantastic!!”

Yan Wei had already grasped 90% of Li Qing’s personality and psychology.

If he made up a terrible skill and told Li Qing that it was awful, so he wouldn’t share it, Li Qing would grow suspicious.

Li Qing will be convinced if he appears complacent.

This man appeared to be shrewd and scheming when he was, in fact, an idiot.

Sure enough, Li Qing did not doubt him.

He sneered, patted Yan Wei on the shoulder, and walked forward, saying, “That’s all you can do.”

Yan Wei discreetly curled the corners of his mouth.

Afterward, Li Qing appeared to converse again and inquired about Yan Mingguang on Yan Wei’s side.

Yan Wei shared half-truths and half-lies.  The logic was flawless, and no Yuemang members detected anything amiss.

Regarding the latter, Li Qing’s attitude toward Yan Wei grew increasingly casual — to him, Yan Wei had lost all value.

Yan Wei feigned unawareness and gradually relayed the information from Yuemang’s side and personal observations to Yan Mingguang and the rest, allowing Yan Mingguang and the others to avoid walking the road he traversed, saving time while being safer.

After walking through the laboratory building, Yuemang did not find any clues.

Yuemang’s people only saw a student NPC who died on the stairs, no different from the rest who perished abruptly in the instance.

They wasted no time and walked directly to the office building.

There were more NPCs in the office building — all teachers.

Compared to the anxious students, these teachers were calm and no longer appalled by anything at the school.

They walked around the structure, eventually coming to a halt near the top of the archive room.

Three bodies lay facing down on the steps in front of them.

“Li-ge, take a look.

There’s only one student on duty at the door to the archives room,” a Yuemang member stepped back and whispered, “You must swipe a student card to get entry.

Our student card is still in process and will be issued tomorrow.”

Li Qing frowned, looked down at the corpse on the ground, and glanced at the half-open archive a short distance away, musing, “If it’s a high school instance with a background of cause and effect, the school archives likely have information.

But these three are Polian’s people, and I assume they’ve been here, yet they are dead.

The death trigger must be very challenging.

All three died at once…”

Yue Wenxing asked, “Li-ge, are we going to look”

Li Qing shook his head.

“Don’t go first.

Polian was too eager for quick success and instant benefit.

It’s precisely a lesson learned from the mistakes of the predecessors.

We have no idea how to evade the death trigger, and we don’t have any student cards.

Even if we go in, we may lose too much.

We’re mainly competing for that object.

We must maintain most of our strength and retreat first.”

Yan Wei followed along, covertly noting the location of the archive room.

Li Qing and people from other organizations did not dare to act rashly.

When he is immortal, he can come here again.

And the legendary item that Li Qing mentioned.

Judging from the status of other players along the way and the information revealed in Yuemang’s conversation, these people did not know where the legendary item was or what it was, but they knew it was not malicious.

Its function should be relatively positive.

At least not as harmful as Yue Wenxing’s ability to summon ghosts.

Li Qing waved his hand and said, “Go.”


On the greenery-filled walkway to Chenxi High School

Yu Feizhou brushed the dense vegetation aside and said, “I just told Yan Wei about several players who saw ghosts but didn’t die.

He thought that ghosts with varying attitudes toward players were most likely correct.

Yan Wei said that he got the information over there.

Everyone seems to have the same information since the people of Yuemang didn’t know the legendary item’s details.

A player from the previous batch felt a fluctuation from the legendary item and instantly sent out the news, but they should’ve touched something.

The news cut off as soon as it was released — they’re probably dead.”

Gao Ming was surprised for a moment.

“How did everyone know the item came from a high-level instance”

Lin Zhen stopped and said casually, “Stupid or not, that’s because this is due to the fixed amount of legendary items.

Legendary items can be found anywhere, only a high-level player lost one in a high-level mobile instance, and this could only be that one.”

Gao Ming nodded in realization.

Yan Mingguang walked at the forefront, his hand in a pocket, and kept silent.

The afternoon sun shone on him through the shadows of the grass and trees, leaving mottled sparseness.

His spectacles reflected the bright golden sunlight, obscuring his eyes and making it difficult to discern his emotions.

Yu Feizhou was the first to notice something was wrong with Yan Mingguang.

“Yan Mingguang” he asked gently, “What’s wrong”

Yan Mingguang just paused for a moment, wordless.

The sunlight accentuated his chilly and apathetic figure.

He looked around and frowned as the lights and shadows shifted around him.

—From the moment he stepped into this instance, he felt a familiar sensation somewhere, not to this campus specifically but to the ethereal atmosphere surrounding it.

This feeling was looming and faint, so Yan Mingguang dismissed it.

Yet the feeling deepened as he walked along the path of foliage.

Behind Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen plucked out a long weed to play with and remarked, “Is Chenxi High School an elite school I’ve seen a lot of high schools, and the average high school’s facilities aren’t so perfect that they’re superfluous.

Except for walking students, this type of walkway is pointless.

It hasn’t been restored in a long time, but it’s still within the prestigious school’s affordability.

The instance will not purposefully render anything useless.

Ordinary schools are the most likely to emerge, but it happened that this is a rarely encountered elite school… Forget it.

Let the little pet think about it later.

I don’t feel like using my head.”

Zhou Tian smiled.

“I have heard about you before entering the instance.

I always assumed that before joining the tower, you’d have a borderline illegal profession, but I didn’t expect you to know so much about high school.

Lin Zhen, you appear to have visited many schools.

Were you a teacher”

With a “bah,” Lin Zhen replied, “A teacher has not seen as many schools as I have.

Before I entered the tower, I was pressed by traffickers at the gates of various schools every day to act pitifully and ask for money.

I went to more elite schools, so of course, I know.”

Zhou Tian was stunned for a moment, then gave a wry smile, not knowing how to answer.

The individual who said this was at ease and soon forgot about it, continuing to play around.

But after taking a few steps, Lin Zhen suddenly waved his hand.

“Wait a minute.

I think it’s a bit strange here…”

Everyone stopped.

The vegetation-filled walkway was beside the campus fence, and its geographical location was quite remote, with few students visiting regularly.

It was also in disrepair, overgrown with weeds and branches, and so serene that one could detect no discrepancies.

However, Lin Zhen immediately took out his black longbow, clenched the handle tightly, drew the bowstring, and stood on alert.

He looked at the grass ahead.

There were a few drops of blood.

But unlike other areas of Chenxi High School, there were no corpses or traces of intense battle here.

What caused the blood to appear Where had the person who left the blood gone

Lin Zhen exclaimed, “There’s something wrong! I’ve constantly been feeling danger here—”

Zhou Tian stared at where Lin Zhen was, muttering, “The splicing at 212.3cm, 42 degrees, and 0.23cm, the air velocity…the velocity is in the direction of 67 degrees… A fault”

“—Lin Zhen, get away from there!!” Zhou Tian suddenly yelled, “There’s a space rupture on your side!!!”

Before she could finish, a pair of ghostly pale hands stretched out from the empty air in front of Lin Zhen.

Even though hands were intact, certain areas of flesh and blood were so translucent that they could see the bones.

The sharp nails were black and blue, and they thrust forward.

–Instantly piercing Lin Zhen’s shoulder blade!

Lin Zhen, who excelled in long-range attacks rather than close-quarters combat, was caught off guard and stabbed in the right shoulder.

He gritted his teeth and snorted, turning the longbow in his hand and striking the ghost’s hand.

The ghost hand retracted, and blood immediately splashed out from Lin Zhen’s shoulder.

Then, additional spectral hands began to stretch out from the air!!

More and more and more and more…

The hands with the dense corpse spots and sharp and slender nails danced in a disorderly manner, giving off an uncanny and treacherous feeling in this remote place.

In an instant, Yu Feizhou and Yan Mingguang shot at the same time.

Yan Mingguang’s whip rustled out, and Yu Feizhou held a dagger, the sharp blade slicing through the air.

He repelled the few hands near Lin Zhen’s and quickly pushed Lin Zhen away.

Lin Zhen’s vision flashed, and the world swirled as he crashed into a nearby tree stump with a “bang.”

His face remained the same, and he turned a blind eye to the wound at his shoulder blade as his hand tightened the bowstring and aimed forward.

A black arrow had just materialized when Lin Zhen’s expression grew startled — the place where the ghostly hands appeared was empty, save for the droplets of blood from his injury.

“Where are Yan Mingguang and Yu Feizhou!”

Gao Ming looked horrified.

“The ghost hands dragged them away right after they rescued you!”


Sorry for the very late upload! I’m trying to form a schedule now that I have school, and school has been a bit of a challenge for me I injured my right wrist, making it harder to translate chapters (┳◇┳) After I get through these two, I’ll be aiming for more consistent uploads (also need to work on one more extra for this novel)

Setting that aside, I found another cover of the novel and ahh Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang look so good o(*≧□≦)o


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