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Chapter 15: This Cutie Is So Clingy

About ten minutes later, Gu Jinghang rushed out from the admin block made of green bricks and red tiles. He had a tall physique and he was wearing a short-sleeved blue striped shirt with a crew cut. Although he was already 24 years old, he still had the aura of a youngster.

It was as though they were meeting again after being separated for a century. Song Ran ran towards him quickly and hugged Gu Jinghang. Gu Jinghang only had one thought in his mind: This cutie is so clingy.

He looked down at the person who was in his embrace. He pinched her cheeks and said, “Didnt I ask you to stand under the shade of the tree The sun is too hot.”

Wen Huihui was so furious that her face turned dark red. Must Song Ran do this Must she Must she!

Song Ran raised her head as she looked at Gu Jinghang with her big eyes and said, “Lets go.”

Team Leader Gu was looking at her blankly again and Wen Huihui was sarcastically muttering underneath her breath, “Gu Jinghang... You are such a useless man. As soon as Song Ran smiles at you, your legs turn to jelly.”

Song Ran held Gu Jinghang and they walked out together. Gu Jinghang finally recovered from his daze. He loosened Song Rans grip and said in her ears softly, “Lets wait until after we exit the research institute, alright Its not good to let people see us.”

In these times, people were already more open-minded. Couples holding hands on the streets would at most attract a few glances. However, they were in the research institute after all and they should remain proper and formal.

Song Ran immediately let go of his hand and said softly, “Okay, Ill listen to you.”

That melted the heart of the firm and serious Team Leader Gu. Oh, how he wishes to continue to pamper and love his Song Ran like this.

Wen Huihui followed behind with heavy footsteps. She wondered why she had decided to tag along with them and make herself feel so miserable.

After the three of them walked out of the research institute compound, Gu Jinghang took the initiative to hold Song Rans hand. Song Ran looked down and smiled while her long eyelashes flickered alluringly. Gu Jinghang forced himself to keep his composure and said, “Ran, how do we get there”

Song Ran pointed towards the platform of the bus station and said, “By bus, of course. What else”

After Gu Jinghang heard what she said, he immediately grabbed her hand and ran towards the bus station, as he was afraid that she would go back on her words. If they flagged a cab for another two more times, Gu Jinghang would be broke soon.

Since the wealthy girl was being understanding towards him, Team Leader Gu was deeply moved, and he was on the brink of tears.

The couple walked in the front while Wen Huihui lagged behind. As she was walking, she said, “Ran, it is too crowded on the bus. Lets call a cab.”

At that time, the three of them had already arrived at the bus station. Song Ran glared at Wen Huihui and said nonchalantly, “Call a cab Are you going to pay for it”

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Previously, whenever they went out, they would always call a cab and it was always Song Ran who paid for the cab fees. Who knew it would be Wen Huihui who became so pampered.

Wen Huihui wiped off the sweat on her forehead and said with a guilty conscience, “Im trying to be more considerate towards you. You have never taken public transport, so you wouldnt know. The weather is humid and hot right now. There are many people too. Sometimes, you wouldnt even get a seat on the bus.”

Song Ran held onto Gu Jinghangs hand tightly and said happily, “We can stand if there are no seats left. All of us here are young and strong, and we wont get tired from standing for a short length of time. Am I right, Jinghang”

“Yup, Ran is right about that.”

Of course, whatever Ran says would be correct. Team Leader Gu was Song Rans most loyal supporter.

Wen Huihui was so mad that she almost spat out blood. In the near distance, a blue and white bus drove towards the station. She had no choice but to go on the public bus with them.

The bus stopped slowly. The driver and the ticket officer were welcoming and courteous while inviting passengers onboard. There were plenty of seats left.

Gu Jinghang and Song Ran sat on the seats beside the middle door and Wen Huihui sat in the row behind them.




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