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Chapter 29: Going Against Your Will

Son Ran pretended ignorance by saying, “They are not my guests. Why cant I go out”

Shen Mengfang panicked for a moment and said, “Girl, your sister is going to work. Cant you stay at home to entertain the guests”

Song Ran touched her hair and replied with a smile, “Yup, Aunty Shen is right.”

Shen Mengfang was dumbfounded. This girl never exhibited such docile behavior before that such a change in attitude had her a little worried.

“Erm... erm... You should go get changed. The shirt that you are wearing is not very nice.”

Song Ran had intentionally put on an old dacron checkered shirt and black pants. She did not bother to wash or comb her hair and had even stayed up for the past two nights, making her color scarily dull.

“Isnt this outfit nice”

Shen Mengfang frowned and said, “Put on the yellow dress which has black floral prints and a bow on the waist.”

Song Ran rebutted, “Who are you Why must I listen to you”

Shen Mengfang was worried so she said, “Fine. If you dont listen to me, Ill send your dad to have a talk with you later on, okay”

Song Ran snorted coldly. As expected, after some effort, Song Guoqing talked Song Ran into putting on a nice dress, but by then, she already knew that something was up.

She “obediently” went back to her room and sat cross-legged on the bamboo chair while waiting for the guests to arrive.

After an hour or so, Mother Wus voice sounded from outside. “Ran, the guests are here. Your dad wants you downstairs.”

Song Ran flew to her dressing table. She picked up the powder and applied it onto her lips before looking at her reflection in the mirror. Yup, dark eye circles, pale lips, looking sick beyond cure. Coupled with the old and crumpled clothes. Do I look like a pampered princess of a wealthy family

Song Ran opened her door with satisfaction. While Mother Wu watched her with a horrified expression on her face, Song Ran went down the stairs with ease.

Song Ran was elated to see the expressions on Song Guoqing and Shen Mengfangs faces. Shen Mengfang walked towards her in a flash and grabbed her hand while asking softly, “Why didnt you change your clothes”

Song Ran replied innocently, “Oh, I took a nap and forgot about it.”

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Shen Mengfang continually nudged and pushed her in the direction of the stairs. “You are such a disobedient child.”

Song Ran loosened her grip and walked to the living room with a big smile on her face while saying, “Who is this uncle And who is this brother I havent seen them before.”

Shen Mengfang gritted her teeth. Did this little brat detect something and is now trying to put up an act

Yao Xifeng was a hedonistic son of rich parents. When he saw her, his eyes lit up. Although Song Ran had on old-fashioned makeup, it could not cover her beauty.

Yao Xifeng wore a white shirt with black trousers and had also put on leather shoes with black laces. His hair was neatly combed and his skin tone was as fair as a womans. To Song Ran, he was just a foppish guy. Along with his “glorious achievements,” she literally had an urge to spit on him.

Yao Xifeng walked towards her. His phoenix eyes were unfocused as he said, “You must be Little Sister Ran. You indeed look beautiful.”

Shen Mengfang heaved a sigh of relief. This girl has a good foundation. Even if she does not dress up, her beauty shines through. It is fine as long as Yao Xifeng likes her. Hehe.

Song Ran glared at him from the corner of her eyes and feigned ignorance by saying, “Who are you Why are you calling meSister I dont remember having an elder brother.”

Song Guoqing laughed in an attempt to dissolve the tension and he said, “Ran is still young, and I have always spoiled her. She is just being a little playful. Childrens words carry no harm.”

Yao Xifnegs dad, Yao Dalong, laughed and said, “No worries. Xifeng isnt mature either. They are still young. Its only normal.”




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