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He Is Warmer Than Time Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Stop Her Plan

Song Ran stopped a cab and hopped in the car. “Sir, to the research institute compound.”

The distance to the institute compound was rather far, and it would cost quite an amount. Luckily, her family was quite affluent and could afford the splurge.

The driver stepped slowly on the accelerator, driving along the wide and broad road without any hurry.

With a bag of nerves, Song Ran said, “Sir, can you step on it Im in a rush.”

The driver seemed to be a slowpoke. “Haiz, Miss, have some patience and enjoy the scenery outside of the window. The parasol trees along this road are the best. In the evening, this street will become the most beautiful place in the city.”

Song Ran was not in the mood, “Sir, if you continue to drive at this speed, Ill lose my man to someone else.”

“Huh What man”

The driver was apparently a gossip.

Song Ran looked at her watch anxiously. “Theres a woman who is eyeing my boyfriend. Shes trying to trick him to get him into bed with her. If I dont get there in time, shes going to win.”

The driver stepped hard on the accelerator. “Miss, youre in luck. Im the best driver in Haicheng. Rest assured, Ill get you there at the quickest possible time.”

The cab sped off as though a rocket launcher was in place. The air was filled with the blasts of his horn as he aggressively honked for the cars in front to give way.

Song Ran was sitting on needles, feeling uneasy. She clenched her hands and closed her eyes with anxiety.

Gu Jinghang, you must hold on. You must wait for me. Wait for me.

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The one and a half hour journey was reduced to forty minutes due to the drivers speeding. Song Ran gazed at the familiar tall gate and the guards standing on the platform with her heart racing against her ribs.

She looked through her handbag and took out a five-dollar bill for the driver. “Keep the change.”

After this, she got out of the car quickly. The driver was clearly on her side as he cheered her on. “Miss, go for it! I support you!”

Song Ran raced to the gate while trying to catch her breath but was stopped by the guard.

To get into the compound, one must either have a pass or have a researcher come down to receive visitors.

Song Ran had neither at her disposal.

“Hey, Im here for Team Leader Gu. You should know me. I came here a few times. Im his girlfriend.”

The guard remained unmoved. “Proceed to the receptionists office next door and get him to pick you up.”

Mamma mia, can you stop being rigid Its life and death now. Yet, she was asked to give a call Even if she did, she doubted anyone would pick up now.

Judging by the time, Gu Jinghang might have already drunk that drugged wine.

Song Ran almost wanted to jump. Right! Theres no way out. Time for desperate measures.

She pointed behind the guard. “Ah... Hi, Director...”

The guard bit the bait and spun around.

Song Ran hurriedly sprinted off without looking back. She was racing against time. She had to rescue her man and put a stop to Wen Huihuis plan!

The guard blew the whistle as he gave chase behind her. “Hey, stop there!”

Song Ran gritted her teeth and dashed off with a speed that could win in the 100-meter Olympic race. Human potential is unlimited. Song Ran felt like she could almost fly.

Soon, she was dashing into the building where Gu Jinghang resided. Her hand was over her chest, panting as she stood at the door.

The door was shut, and she could hear a womans voice and some chuckling noises from the inside. Song Rans heart was in her mouth.

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