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Chapter 110 – Benefit

Chen Doudou was dumbfounded.

Tang Li patted him on the shoulder but didn’t respond.

Du Zezhou washed a plate of strawberries and walked out while eating.

Seeing Chen Doudou and Tang Li standing in a daze, he also asked, “What are you doing standing, punishment”

Xu Jian hurriedly got up, walked to Chen Doudou whose house collapsed, pulled him to sit down, and raised his hand in front of his eyes.

“Snap out of it.”

Chen Doudou blinked, his eyes refocused.

He looked at Xu Jian and said foolishly, “Erjian, what you just said online is true”

Although he couldn’t bear it, Xu Jian glanced at Qin Chen and finally nodded gently.

Chen Doudou was silent for two seconds after listening, then he suddenly fell on his back on the sofa and sighed deeply as he looked up at the sky, “How could this happen!”

Du Zezhou and Tang Li didn’t know what was going on, so they held strawberries on the side as a strawberry-eating crowd.

Seeing Chen Doudou’s big reaction, Qin Chen looked at him, “Are you Shen Xi’s fan Can’t accept that he’s in love”

Xu Jian pulled Qin Chen’s clothes, his eyes signaling—don’t say it.

“No!” Chen Doudou denied it quickly.

“I’m a fan of my idol’s career, a sensible fan!”

Qin Chen: “Then you are now”

Chen Doudou had an expression of seeing through worldly affairs and spoke unhurriedly, “Although I’m a sensible fan, who doesn’t want to fall in love with their idols”

Although he is straight, he can bend for his idol!

He can be bent into a mosquito coil!

Xu Jian finally understood Chen Doudou’s big reactions.

His feelings were far from regretful that the person his idol liked was not himself.

Also, Chen Doudou didn’t know that Shen Xi was bent before, and he could still comfort himself that he couldn’t fall in love with the wrong gender, but now…

The gender is right, but the partner is not himself.

He gave Chen Doudou a push, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Xu Jian wasn’t angry, “Give up, you don’t have a chance.”

President Jiang’s position is too high for ordinary mortals to compete.

What’s more… Teacher Shen said that he always fell in love with President Jiang at first sight.

These days, Xu Jian occasionally thinks of the relationship between Shen Xi and Jing Linxie.

He felt that the reason why Shen Xi fell so quickly is because of their previous ties.

Even if he had been reincarnated, Jiang Linxie still had a fatal attraction to Shen Xi, which makes him fall in love at a glance.

After hearing Xu Jian’s words, Chen Doudou stood straight from the sofa, with gossip written all over his face.

“Erjian, have you seen the person my idol likes What do they look like How old What’s his name”

His mood was too excited.

Chen Doudou and Xu Jian had a good relationship and didn’t pay attention to their behavior.

He just got so close to Xu Jian.

Xu Jian didn’t feel anything wrong before.

He felt his collar tighten…

Holding Xu Jian’s clothes to separate the two, Qin Chen coughed and looked at the two, “I’m still here, don’t get so close.”

When Tang Li heard this, wasn’t this a part of his speech So he raised the hand holding the strawberry in one move and asked with interest, “Then when Brother Chen is not here, we can get so close”


Du Zezhou didn’t hold back his laugh.

For fear of being found by Qin Chen, he hurriedly lowered his head to make a futile cover-up.

Qin Chen didn’t get angry after hearing this.

He swept a glance at the eager Tang Li and said neither salty nor lightly, “I’m not here, I can’t stop you if you want to jump off a building.”

Tang Li laughed mischievously and retracted his hand, “I also didn’t want to die.”

With Qin Chen’s interruption, Xu Jian forgot what to say in the face of Chen Doudou’s account check-like inquiry, and could only say, “Anyway, don’t think about it.

They’re good.

From now on, you’ll be closer to your idol’s works and a little far away from his life.”

Chen Doudou’s lips twitched, “I’ve liked him for so many years but I haven’t even met him in person.

Isn’t this far from him”

The encounter between him and his idol, except for film and television dramas, is only the autograph that Xu Jian asked for him before.

“You’re in excellent shape, keep it up.” Afraid that he would really go to the bottom of things, Xu Jian quickly changed the subject.

“By the way, have you completed all the formalities with the company Where do you live now”

Chen Doudou’s attention was quickly carried away.

He nodded, “It’s done.

I live in the company’s temporary dormitory during this time, and I will move out when I find a house.”

Hearing Chen Doudou’s words, Tang Li let out a ‘sigh’ and said, “How inconvenient to live in the dormitory.

If you don’t mind, I have a few empty houses.

You can choose one to live in first.”

Although this is their first time meeting, Xu Jian is Qin Chen’s family, and Chen Doudou is a friend of Xu Jian, which is Tang Li’s friend.

Tang Li said quite proudly, “What kind of house are you looking for I have a single apartment, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, duplex, and villa are all available.”

Chen Doudou was flattered, thinking that he was worthy of being Qin Chen’s friend.

Rich people’s persona can’t afford to collapse, the houses are all picked to live in.

However, what Tang Li didn’t expect was that Chen Doudou actually shook his head and refused.

He was stunned and asked, “Why”

Chen Doudou scratched his face, smiling a little shyly, “I don’t want to get a reward I don’t deserve.

I appreciate your kindness but I won’t trouble you.

I live in the company dormitory and I happen to be familiar with the company environment.”

Going up is not a business.

After listening to Chen Doudou’s words, Tang Li nodded, “Yes, you just came.

It’s good to be familiar with the company.”

Qin Chen looked at Chen Doudou, “Who is your agent”

Chen Doudou still shook his head, “It’s not clear yet.

It will take two days to know who is assigned to me.”

After hearing this, Du Zezhou casually said, “Qin Chen, why don’t you ask Give Doudou a more reliable agent.”

“That, too oh.” Tang Li also looked at Qin Chen, “I’m not a member of your circle.

Everyone knows that a reliable agent is too important for the artist.”

It was about the future of his good friend.

Xu Jian cast some expectations on Qin Chen’s gaze.

Arranging a good agent for Chen Doudou is a trivial matter for Qin Chen, so he nodded slightly and said, “Okay, I’ll call tomorrow and talk about it.”

Not to mention anything else, just with the relationship between Chen Doudou and Xu Jian, Qin Chen will not treat him badly when he arrives at Leyu.

With Xu Jian’s affairs, Qin Chen has always made no distinction between public and private, not to mention that Chen Doudou is in good condition, he is also a good seedling worth cultivating.

But Chen Doudou immediately waved his hand after hearing Qin Chen’s words.

“It’s not really necessary, it’s too much trouble.”

Chen Doudou didn’t know the relationship between Qin Chen and Leyu.

His current thoughts were the same as Xu Jian’s at the beginning, thinking that Qin Chen was going to the company to say complete negotiations for him.

“No trouble,” Tang Li gave Chen Doudou a comforting look.

“You’re not troublesome to him at all, it’s just a matter of one word.”

Like Xu Jian, Chen Doudou is also a character who doesn’t want to trouble others.

He smiled and said in a joking tone, “It’s not really necessary.

My matter depends on the company’s arrangements.

The company isn’t run by Brother Qin’s family.

How can it be solved in one word.”

Even if Qin Chen is a double gold Film Emperor and the big brother of Leyu, he doesn’t have such a right to speak, right

Hearing Chen Doudou’s words, Xu Jian’s expression became quite wonderful for a moment because from Chen Doudou, he saw his former self…

Tang Li and Chen Doudou looked at each other, and they both saw doubts in each other’s eyes—

What Isn’t Leyu run by Qin Chen’s family

Du Zezhou looked at the calm Qin Chen, and finally asked Chen Doudou in an uncertain tone, “Doudou ah, don’t you know that Leyu is run by Qin Chen’s family”

Chen Doudou was taken aback, “Huh”

Seeing Chen Doudou’s surprised expression, Tang Li looked at Xu Jian in confusion, “You didn’t tell Doudou before”

Leyu is run by Qin Chen’s family

Chen Doudou’s brain was already spinning, so he could only follow Tang Li’s words and turn his head to look at Xu Jian.

After admiring Chen Doudou’s shock to the point of not being able to say anything, Xu Jian made a comparison in his heart, feeling that when he learned of the news, his expression was managed better than his.

Xu Jian, who was psychologically balanced in an instant, slapped his forehead over other people’s expressions as if he suddenly remembered it.

“I forgot!”

Listening to Xu Jian’s innocent voice, Chen Doudou: “! ! !”

Can you forget such a big thing Who would believe it if you said you didn’t say that on purpose

Who believes it!


When the time came to have a meal, Chen Doudou knew too much.

After knowing that Leyu was owned by Qin Chen’s family, he almost blurted out “Golden Master Tyrant”.

In the afternoon, Chen Doudou, Tang Li, and Du Zezhou left together.

Not long after they left, Xu Jian received a message from Chen Doudou.

[What does it mean to ride on somebody’s success by one person Today, I finally experienced it.]

[Erjian, I wish you and the boss may live a long and happy life[1], and let me fly in the sky for the rest of my life.]

[No, from now on, should I change your name to President’s husband]

In addition to the withered chat of Chen Doudou, Xu Jian: [……]

There’s no need for the President’s husband or something.

Chen Doudou: [By the way, I just heard Du Zezhou and the others say, you even misunderstood that Qin Chen was being kept hahahaha. Erjian, you made me laugh to death.

What kind of brain circuit do you have To believe in the rain on hearing the wind[2] and the brain hole is too big!]

Listening to Tang Li and Du Zezhou talking to him about Xu Jian’s mishap, Chen Doudou almost burst out laughing.

Xu Jian: “! ! !”

When he saw Chen Doudou’s message, Xu Jian suddenly jumped up from the sofa.

After reading the message several times to make sure he read it correctly, he took his mobile phone and went to the gym angrily to find Qin Chen to settle the account.

This person clearly promised him not to say it!

In the gym, Qin Chen was hitting sandbags wearing boxing gloves.

When he heard the movement of the door opening, he turned his head and saw Xu Jian rushing towards him like a fried cat.

Raising his hand casually to wipe the sweat from his forehead, Qin Chen raised a brow to look at him.

“What Realized you want to work out with me”

Xu Jian thought to himself that he was a big cat.

He raised his mobile phone to Qin Chen and asked, “Liar.

You didn’t say it!”

Xu Jian understood it.

While this person was talking to him and asking for benefits, he lied to him to move by himself last night, but he turned his face and said it!

Putting on your pants and not recognizing it, scumbag!

Scumbag Qin looked at the message intently, knowing that his plan has been exposed, but his tone was unhurried, “Where did I lie to you”

The evidence is conclusive.

Xu Jian was so shocked when he saw that he still didn’t acknowledge it.

With an expression of ‘it turns out you’re such a person’, “Chen Doudou knows everything, but you still say you didn’t say it!”

Taking Xu Jian’s hand down, Qin Chen took him, who was angrily complaining and sat down on the table next to him.

“Come, let’s review it.

What did we say yesterday”

Xu Jian didn’t hesitate to say, “You said you wouldn’t say anything out, but now the whole world knows it!”

“How can it be so exaggerated.” Qin Chen was amused by him.

“Besides us, there are only three people in total.”

Without waiting for Xu Jian to speak again, Qin Chen went ahead of him and said, “Also, what we said yesterday was to promise not to tell them about it in the future, but they asked me about it at that time, and I just answered them.”

Unexpectedly, Qin Chen actually played word games with him and deliberately set him up.

Xu Jian was shocked, “I didn’t expect you to be such a person!”

It turned out to be so justified!

Seeing Xu Jian’s expression, Qin Chen raised his hand and rubbed his face through his boxing gloves with a meaningful smile.

“Then, since you think you suffered a loss last night, I’ll let you go tonight.

I don’t want you to move today, I will move by myself and let you earn it back.”

Hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian’s first reaction was—There’s such a brazen person in the world!

He suffered a loss by moving by himself last night, did he earn a profit by lying still today!

Although after thinking about this carefully, there is indeed no logical problem.

But now, Xu Jian suspects Qin Chen treats him as a fool, and there is evidence.

But in this matter, Xu Jian’s face was far less thick than Qin Chen’s.

In the end, his face flushed and just said ‘rogue’ between his teeth.

Looking at a certain someone who was so embarrassed that he fled, Qin Chen chuckled and shook his head, and continued to punch.

The boyfriend who was pissed off by him has to be coaxed by him, but before coaxing…

A minute later, Du Zezhou and Tang Li received a message at the same time.

When they turned on their phones, they saw that it Qin Chen was there.

In the group chat, @Everyone [3]

[Only the two of you can open your mouths ba ba[4]]

What the hell

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: Scum!

Qin vinegar jar: Only you guys can open your mouths ba ba ba.

Tang Li & Du Zezhou: Come on, what blame do we have to bear

Doudou: I knew too much today [vicissitudes of life face]

XJ: I didn’t expect you to be such a person! *suddenly makes compilation of top 10 anime betrayal


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