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Chapter 1375: Why NotTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Tang Yue had lost more than 10 million yuan this time.

However, that wasnt what hurt her the most.

What really hurt her was that her mall continued to incur losses.

Many businesses withdrew their shops from her mall, causing her huge losses.

Needless to say, Lu Heting was helping Su Bei vent her anger.

After this incident, Tang Yue was truly a little afraid.

If she continued to lose money like this, she would really go bankrupt.

The resources she had obtained from Old Master Tang were about to be exhausted.

After all, she was not the only granddaughter of Old Master Tang.

There was also Tang Xinru.

Although Old Master Tang started living with Tang Jianming after the family split up a few years ago, it was impossible for Tang Yue to use up everything he had.

If this continued, Tang Yue would probably lose everything.

She pinned her hopes on Old Master Lins inheritance and arranged for someone to ask around.

However, after the matter of Su Beis bloodline the last time, Old Madam Lin was thrown into a fit of anger and had already planned to wait for a while before splitting the inheritance.

Tang Yue dared not rush her.

She could only wait.

The Lin family.

Lin Xiruo opened the DNA test report He Xuyan had brought back again.

Her spirits collapsed when she saw what was on it.

“How can it not be Did you guys even check properly”

Standing beside her was a man in his 50s.

He had the same eyebrows as He Xuyan, and his brows were slightly stained with the vicissitudes of time, but it was still difficult to hide his natural elegance.

Lin Xiruo grabbed his hand.

“Hubby, look, did they investigate seriously”

“Xuyan, did you investigate properly Did you really investigate it” The mans tone became serious, filled with doting love for Lin Xiruo.

A look of helplessness flashed across He Xuyans face.

His mother was difficult to deal with.

Once his wife-spoiling father appeared, she was even more difficult to deal with.

He said helplessly, “Dad, we checked everything properly.

Were sure its not a match.”

When He Jiang heard his son say that it wasnt a match, he gently advised Lin Xiruo, “Our son has already said that hes checked it carefully.

Theres definitely no problem.

Be good.

If you cant find the right person this time, you can find her the next time.

Anyway, we have plenty of time.”

Lin Xiruo held the test report and sat down in a daze.

“Why isnt it a match Why isnt it”

He Jiang glared at He Xuyan and turned to comfort his wife.

He Xuyan was innocent and helpless.

What had he done wrong

Tang Xinru contacted Su Bei and said that she wanted to borrow a batch of antique equipment for filming.

She knew that Su Bei had such a channel.

“What kind of style do you want Ill tell you when its done.

You can get someone to pick it up.”

“Ill send you the brief,” Tang Xinru said.

After receiving the drawings, Su Bei looked at them for a while and realized that this line of work was what Feng Cheng was very good at.

Although he was mainly doing jewelry restoration work now, he could still copy ancient artifacts.

After she received them, she sent them to Feng Cheng.

[Can you help make these things]

[What are they for]

Su Bei knew that he was worried that others would do something bad with these things and cause problems.

[Its for filming.

Some period dramas are especially particular about the age and authenticity of the various items, so they specially customize them.]

Feng Cheng replied with a simple word: [Sure.]

Su Bei then relayed the matter to Tang Xinru.

“Thank you,” Tang Xinru replied with a smile.

In fact, Su Bei knew that Tang Xinru had tons of other people she could find to replicate ancient tools.

The reason she sought her out and deliberately asked her to do her a favor was that she did not want her to feel that she was in her debt.

Tang Xinru had been very willing to help Su Bei out this time, especially when it was revealed that Su Bei was not from the Tang family.

Tang Xinru was the first person to speak up for Su Bei.

They were both from the Tang family, but Tang Xinru and Tang Yue were completely different.

On Lin Wenyus side, she was busy with her work.

When she received He Xuyans call, she could only reply very busily, “Hows Aunts mood”

“My father is coaxing her.

She should be fine.”

“But a negative match means a negative match.

We cant lie to her, can we” Lin Wenyu said.

“Fortunately, Uncle came over.

At least with him around, things will be much better.”

She was on the phone when a colleague ran over and said, “Wenyu, the DNA report test you asked for has been done.

Ill leave it here for you.”

“When did I ask you to do a test report” Lin Wenyu asked quickly, not bothering to hang up.

The other party patted her medicine box.

“Didnt you put two sets of blood in the medicine box and then put a blank test sheet in it When I saw it, I helped you do it.”

“I see.

Thank you.” Lin Wenyu didnt expect her colleague to help her test Lin Xiruo and Su Beis DNA.

However, since someone else had already kindly done it, she had no choice but to just let it be.

“Then Ill get back to work.

Ill leave the report here for you to read.”

Her colleague finished speaking and placed the report on her desk.

He Xuyan heard the persons voice on the other end of the line and said, “Then go ahead with your matters.

Ill hang up first.”

“Im not very busy now.

My colleague actually did a DNA test on Aunt and Su Bei.

She just handed me the report,” Lin Wenyu said.

“Since she already did it, Ill reluctantly take a look…”

She took it and glanced at it casually before throwing it into the shredder.

Then, He Xuyan heard her scream loudly.

“Ahhh How did this happen Cousin, help!”

“Whats going on What happened to you Lin Wenyu” He Xuyan was about to hang up when he heard a heart-wrenching voice on Lin Wenyus end.

“The report shows… It shows that theyre mother and daughter! Aunt and Su Bei are mother and daughter!” Lin Wenyu was stunned on the spot.

He Xuyan was also stunned.

It took him a moment to think about something else.

“Wait for me.

Ill be right there!”

When He Xuyan rushed over, Lin Wenyu gave him half a report.

Yes, half of it.

The bottom half had been shredded by the shredder.

The top half was still intact.

Therefore, the line of words that showed that the two of them were mother and daughter could no longer be seen.

“Cousin, believe me, I really am not mistaken! That line of words really showed 100% confirmation! I can only blame myself for being too fast and the shredder for being so close.

It was too late to pull it back…” Lin Wenyu picked up the shreds.

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