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“There is a way to save Adela.”

Raccoon grandpa said with great difficulty.

Lagos, who was listening carefully next to me, quickly asked.

“What, what What’s the way, Elder”



Raccoon grandpa, who couldn’t resist our urge, began to explain the way.

“Have you ever heard of the herb called “Spirit’s breath”

Spirit’s breath

Unlike me, who was puzzled, Lagos replied with a nod.

“I’ve heard of it.

Isn’t it a precious herb that grows deep in the forest where powerful beasts live”


It’s also called ‘Morning star’ because the shape of the flower that grows in the herb resembles the star in the morning sky.”

Raccoon grandpa continued his explanation with a serious face.

“According to my ancestors’ records, one of the important ingredients for the cure is the herb, Spirit’s Breath.

The medicinal properties depend on the quality of the herb.”

“So all we need is the Spirit’s breath Then why don’t we go get it….”

“You think it’s as easy as it sounds”

Raccoon grandpa shouted loudly hearing Lagos’ words.

Surprised by the reaction, Lagos flinched and stepped back.

Raccoon grandpa frowned when he realized he had overreacted.

“Uh… I’m sorry.”

“No, I’m sorry Elder, continue with your explanation.”

“Hmm, well, when I was working on the cure, it wasn’t hard to get the Spirit’s breath.

I used to get pretty good-quality herbs if I went into dangerous areas in the woods.

However, at some point, the number of herbs started reducing considerably, and  recently, no matter how much I searched the forest, I couldn’t find them.”


Can’t we get herbs elsewhere”

Raccoon grandpa shook his head at my question.

“Even if we were able to get the spirit’s breath, it has different properties depending on where it grew.

The medicine I created is based on the properties of Spirit’s Breath grown in this area.”

My expression clouded at his firm answer.

However, I immediately recalled what Raccoon grandpa said earlier and questioned him again.

“You said earlier that there’s still a way.

That means, is it possible to get Spirit’s breath”


If I’m right, Spirit’s breath wouldn’t have completely disappeared from the forest.

There must be herbs deep in the forest where I haven’t been able to go.”

My expression brightened when I heard that there was still hope, but Lagos’ expression darkened slightly.

“I don’t think that would be easy.”

Raccoon grandpa nodded his head bitterly.


A forest full of dangerous beasts is a place where you can’t even step in unless you’re someone with great skills.”

I felt a little frustrated.

“If you knew about this, why didn’t you tell me earlier If I had known beforehand, I would have thought of something.”

“Haa… I thought about it, but Adela asked me not to do it.”

“What, why”

“Elden village has already indebted to you enormously.

On top of that, when Miru was kidnapped, you forced yourself to save her.

That’s why Adela didn’t want to cause any more inconvenience to you.”

“She must have also told Miru a few times, not to ask you any favor or burden you.”

After hearing the details, I couldn’t say anything

Having already received a lot of help, I could understand that she didn’t want to cause any more trouble.

But that doesn’t mean I can just leave Adela like that.

I know sadness when you watch helplessly as your parents die of illness.

I’ve already experienced that feeling twice.

I didn’t want to let young Miru go through that painful thing.

I said to Raccoon grandpa with determined eyes.

“I understand how Adela feels, but living is more important than being a burden or causing trouble.

So I can’t stay still.”


“As a Lord, the lives of my people are the most important thing for me.”



Lagos looked touched by my words, while Raccoon grandpa burst into laughter.

“All we have to do is get the herb called Spirit’s breath or something, right So let’s prepare a team to go to the woods right away…”

“I’m sorry Sihyeon, but I also need one more thing.”


“Yes, and maybe it’ll be more difficult to get compared to the Spirit’s breath…”

More difficult than Spirit’s breath

My face crumpled hearing Raccoon grandpa’s words.

Getting the spirit’s breath itself seems daunting, but now we have another one, which was more difficult than the former.

“It’s not an essential ingredient to make the medicine.

However, according to my ancestors’ records, patients with severe conditions cannot be cured with normal treatments alone.

We need this material to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.”

“What is that material”

Raccoon grandpa said with a grim look.

“Yakum’s milk… I thought it was near impossible to get it.

But recently I heard a piece of unbelievable information from the merchants who visited the village, Demon Lord Castle has a hold on Yakum’s milk.

He said there was a rumor that the name of Yakum’s milk was… Ah… what was it again… It’s a name I’ve never heard before… Ughhh, what was it..”



“Yes, Hap! He said it’s called Hap.

How do you know Have you heard of it”

Of course, I have.

It was me who gave the name Hap.

“Then all you need is Spirit’s breath and Hap.

Is that it”

“Huh Uh… Yeah, If I have that I could somehow make the cure.”

“I’ll get Hap.

Now, all we need to do is make preparations to get the herb, Spirit’s breath.”

“Sihyeon, really Can you really get Hap”

Raccoon grandpa asked in a trembling voice with his eyes wide open.

“If it’s you saying it, I’m sure you have something on your mind, right”


Why would I lie Believe me.”

I said with a smile and a confident look.

Raccoon grandpa opened his mouth while trembling as if he had been greatly shocked.

However, he soon regained his sanity and began to burn his strong will.

“If you could get me those ingredients, I’d somehow… no, I’d definitely make the cure.!”

He held my hands tightly and looked at me.

“You said you needed Honey beer, didn’t you If Adela gets well again, I’ll do whatever you want.

If you want, I can become your slave and make Honey beer for the rest of my life.”

“What are you saying, grandpa I don’t need a slave… but, if you could make honey beer, then, that would be great.

You have to keep your word.”

“Of course!”

I smiled faintly at the sight of the Raccoon grandpa, who regained hope and answered.

I immediately planned to get the herb called Spirit’s breath with Raccoon grandpa and Lagos.

The plan proceeded quickly because Adela’s condition could worsen at any time.

Raccoon grandpa decided to participate in the search for the herb.

He was also the person who knew the forest path best, and without him, we wouldn’t be able to accurately distinguish between normal herb and Spirit’s breath.

Next, we needed someone to keep the Raccoon grandpa safe in a dangerous forest.

Upon hearing this plan, the first person to volunteer himself was Reville.

“I know a little bit about the forest.

I’m sure I’ll be helpful if you take me.”

Kroc, who heard the story, also offered help.

“Kroc, Are you okay with it You don’t have to force yourself, this is not in the contract.”


Kroc raised the corners of his mouth and nodded.

Locus who watched this said

“I’ll join if you give me some special allowance.”


I’ll take care of the money part so that you won’t be disappointed.”

The village quickly gathered three talented people.

A rough plan was established together.

I went back to the farm and explained the situation to the farm members.

“Oh my… That’s what happened to Miru’s mother.”

Lia, who was close to Miru, shed tears hearing the story.

Andras and Alfred also looked slightly stiff.

“Sihyeon, do you mean we have to go to the forest to get herbs If that’s the case, I’ll help you.

It’s been a while since I’ve warmed up.”

“Thank you, Elaine!”

“I’d love to help you, but… I’m sorry, Sihyeon.”

“That’s all right Andras.

We can’t help it if you’re busy.

Kroc and Locus said they would help, I think it won’t be a big problem.”

Lia said she’d also help, but I stopped her.

I know she would be helpful, but we also need some people on the farm.

Lastly, I glanced at Kaneff.

“Boss… Is it okay like this”

“Why are you asking me”

“Well, you don’t like me causing trouble…”

Kaneff replied with a smirk.

“That’s because you walk into dangerous places without thinking about anything.

This time you’re only sending others……., RIGHT”


Kaneff said in an irritated voice, and I frowned hearing it.

“What Were you thinking of going to the forest with them”

“NO, no! I have to stay on the farm and work.”

Only after hearing my reply did Kaneff’s face turn back to normal.

“As I said last time, I don’t care what you do as long as it doesn’t interfere with your farm work.

And there’s no reason to object, and, if everything goes well, I can drink as much honey beer as I want.”

Kaneff grinned as if imagining the taste of honey beer.

Along with Alfred, a total of five people decided to participate in the plan to get Spirit’s breath.

Due to the tight schedule, the five people quickly prepared their equipment and headed straight into the deep forest.

On the first day, the five men returned without finding any Spirit’s breath.

Everyone was optimistic that they could find it next time because they got used to the forest path now.

However, after that, days continue to pass without any success in finding a single Spirit’s breath despite everyone’s effort.

The only good thing was, that no one was injured in the search.

“This can’t be… …there was definitely a trace of the Spirit’s Breath…”

Raccoon grandpa, who returned from the forest, murmured as if he had lost his mind.

The rest of the people who wandered through the forest for a few days also looked gloomy.

I also realized that the task was harder than I expected, and I began to feel more anxious.

“I’m sorry, senior.”

Alfred came up to me with a disheartened look and apologized.

“There’s nothing for you to feel sorry about.

Rather, it should be me who should ask for an apology for making you work like this.”

I patted him on the shoulder with a heavy heart.

Ughh… Is this how it ends

If we can’t find Spirit’s Breath, Adela……

My heart ached thinking about the cat girl who would be sad if something were to happen to her mother.

At a time when everyone was in a dreary mood, I felt a tickling sensation in the hand that patted Alfred’s shoulder.

Unconsciously, I turned my gaze to my hand.


“Pyori, I finally found you, Big fairy!”

There was a little fairy on the back of my hand.

The fairy looked up at me with a look of joy.


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