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Arias mothers car drove inside the compound of the big mansion house and the gate closed automatically by itself. The driver parked inside the garage and among the other huge cars that were there. The back door opened and Arias mother came down from the car; she was carrying her handbag and going inside. As she was about to get to the entrance door, a lady showed up from nowhere and quickly collected the handbag from her hand.

She was wearing a uniform which was white and blue in colour and it was a short gown. The young lady was one of the workers in that house; she was the one leading the way and while Arias mother was walking gently behind her.

She opened the entrance door, stayed behind it and left the way for her to pass. Arias mother entered into the living room and the door closed from her behind; the maid didn stop walking she was going upstairs straight and to drop the bag.

"How are you my hubby" Arias mother said with low voice and as she kissed her husband. Her husband who was Arias stepfather was in the living room, sitting on the couch; rest his back on a pillow and busy watching movie.

"My day has been boring without you, just curious that you should be back on time. I really missed you my love" the husband replied with low voice and staring at his wife.

"Ohm! And I am here now baby" She said with smiles on her face, kissed her husband again and sat down beside her husband.

Arias mother and her husband really used to show each other love and care. Her husband really used to show her how deeply he loves her and that was why Arias mother too devoted all time, wealth and everything for him. And she was also his backbone on anything that he wanted to do.

Arias mother was the one that was wealthy and owned almost all the things that they were living on; the multibillionaires Company, real estates, local and foreign investments. And all these were belongs to her ex-husband which was Arias father.

Arias father didn make any will or have any record on how to share his properties, so it was Arias mother that became the controller of everything since her formal husband was nowhere to be found. Her new husband was like a friend to Arias father and two of them got married a year after the disappearance of Arias father. Now everything Arias father had, had been in their power.

"How is Aria that you went to check at the hospital?" Her husband asked.

"The Doctor said that she is in comma and they have put her on life support machine" Arias mother replied.

"Oh! That means that the accident is so terrible" the man shouted and felt remorseful.

"if its not that stupid driver had dead, he would be in jail by now and he will rot there. Because I don understand how you were driving and had that kind of fatal accident; destroyed the car completely and but my child in comma" Arias mother said with loud voice and with anger.

"I think the truck driver that hit them should be blamed, he is the one that really made the accident to be fatal and if its not that he ran away, he should be kill too" The man said.

"I have tell the law enforcement to look for him by all means and he must face the law" Arias mother said with loud voice.

"Just forget about that one and let focus on Aria so that she can be fine. So when did Doctor say that she will wake up?" The man asked.

"She said that her condition is critical and she can say yet"

"And nothing to do to help her to wake up on time?" Arias stepfather asked.

"Huu She said that I should be coming to the hospital often to see her, let her feel the warm of my body and be signing her favorite songs for her. This is just to help her to come around quickly not that she will; but I let her know that I won have time to be doing such because I am busy"

"Truly that can be possible because you have to be by my side always; without you nothing can be done" Arias mother looked at him with smiles as he said so.

"I know and that is why I have let the Doctor knows that; they should be taking care of Aria and I should be taking care of my husband. You are the most important person to me" She said with smiles and kissed her husband deeply.

"I love you my life" Her husband said with low voice and two of them giggle. Two of them hadn given birth for each other, it was only Aria that she had and as the only child. The childbirth was not a problem to them at all and they didn see it as any problem.

Arias mother used to think about it and worried because what she always wants was to have child for her new husband too but she hadn .

"Did you check on her, where did she get injured?" Arias stepfather asked.

"Didn have the time to check on her and its because of that meeting you later attend alone. I just seen the Doctor and deposited money for them" She replied.

"I am sure that she will be fine and she will wake up soon" Arias mother shifted more closely to her husband, sitting more closer to him and put her head on his chest.

"I pray so and also to have our own child soon" she said with low voice.

A lady got there wearing the same blue and white uniform like the first lady but her own design was so different from them. She was the head of the workers in that house and the supervisor of everything; she was beautiful and smart. Her name was ZONA and she was the closest person to Arias mother.

She talked silent to Arias mother as she go to where they were, Arias mother just did a sign with her hand and she left. She got back there after few minutes with another maid, put two glass cup with juice inside it down on a small stool and they left.

"So tell me about the meeting; that is the most important thing to say before discussing that" Arias mother said and picked up a glass cup inside the tray.

"The party said that since I was the one that won the primary election, my second partner will be the vice governor and its two of us that will be campaigning for the election" Her husband replied.

"And what did you see to that? Did you accept or not?" Arias mother asked and drank little from the juice; holding it and looking at her husband.

"I don have choice since that is what the party want, and even I think I am good with it"

"Huu! Really" Arias mother said with low voice and drank a little from the wine.

"Yes now, him too has a very strong candidates and he is man of the people. So been my vice will help us allot and I think we can achieve this together" Arias mother was just drinking the wine and looking at him.

"That is what party too thinks and discussed with us, also because of our opponents because the person that they appointed is very powerful and he is man of the people---"

"I have told you to stop saying that, everyone is powerful and man of people" Arias mother said.

"Just let face the reality, this man had been the local government chairman before and people know how handwork he was that time and people loves him. I am just new to market and its few people that know about me, even that is why I agreed to use that man as my vice" the man said with low voice.

"Politics is not about been new or old, its just for you to know how to play the game" she said with low voice and drank a little from the juice.

"He may be a man of the people or have many candidates but that doesn mean anything. Two of you are in this together and you have to play the game together" She repositioned herself and sat down properly.

"Anytime you see me beside you, always cool your mind and rest. You don have anything to be worried about, I am here to help you to fight for anything that maybe an obstacles and that governors post is yours"

"Hmm, are you sure about this?" Her husband asked with low voice.

"Yes! Politics is dirty and we have to play it as dirty as its" her husband looked at her and she looked at him back without a smiles on her face.

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