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 “Easy! You tied it too tight!”

It was long since Arje’s robe was distressed by the nuns, and I had to sit on a chair with my entire body tied up.

“You are loud! Dual specimen! How dare you murder our bishop while pretending to be a nun of the Church of the Emperor!”

The nuns that were just polite and reserved earlier were now screaming at me with a sharp and ringing voice.

My ears hurt everytime they screamed.

“I would appreciate it if you would stop screaming at me at such a short distance.

My ears hurt.”

When I complained, the eyes of the nuns became frightening.

“You still haven’t taken a hint! We will make you spill out who is ordering you and who that bunny that ran away is before the soldiers come.”

The nuns brought all sorts of torture equipment into the room.

It seemed like they were going to start torturing me…since I wouldn’t want that, I had to escape now.

“First, we will stop that restless tongue of yours from talking endlessly.”

The nuns showed me a pair of giant tongs and tried to frighten me.

I guess they thought that bunnies had a lot of fear.

“But if my tongue stays still, then it would mean that I become unable to say what you want to hear as well.”

And threats didn’t work well on me.

Even if I was tied up.

“Is that so I guess you now want to talk after seeing all these equipment! Say it! Who is that murderer!”

I shrugged.

“I don’t know.

It was my first time seeing her, and I had no idea that she had such plans.”

“You are still lying!”

One of the nuns rushed over and grabbed my collar.

“Say it! Spit it out!”

I spoke while peeping at the back.

“I said, I really don’t know.”

There was a reason why I kept talking to the nuns.

It was to hide the fact that I was using the blade of the rapier on my waist to burn the rope.

“I want to know myself.

Who she was.”

Of course the nuns tried to take away my rapier and dagger.

They took the dagger easily, but the problem was the rapier that kept burning their hands.

After several nuns had gotten a burn from the rapier, they stood up and used a neutralizing magic spell with the power of the emperor, but since my rapier was that of the power of a god, it was no use.

The nuns also assumed that it wouldn’t be a problem for me to keep the rapier with my arms tied up.

That was my luck and their misfortune.

“This is not going to cut it! Let’s first sew up her ears!”

So in the moment that the nun who had grabbed my collars looked back and commented, the rope that was tying me broke after burning.

“Sister! The rope is..!”

The sister turned back around after their exclamation, but



She fell after my head bang.

“Stop the dual specimen!”

The hands of the nuns started to shine as those of Arje.

Since magic was not my strongest skill, I escaped after breaking out of the window.

“The rabbit is on the run!”

After a moment, the bells started to ring again.

I tried to run again, but

“Oh right.”

I had to find my dagger first.

That meant that I had to get back inside.

“Oh whatever.”

I crawled back into the window that I broke out of.

“Sister, are you alright Sister.

Please open your eyes.”

Inside was the nun that I made lose consciousness and another nun who was looking after her.

The rest seemed to be out searching for me.

They would have never guessed that I would come back to the same place.


The nun that was looking after the fainted one made a shocked face.

She seemed about my age and frame, so she had to be a trainee.


The nun tried to reach out her hand as if she was getting ready to cast a spell, but I was faster this time.


When I placed the rapier against her neck, she shook nervously and looked up at me.

“Unlike you and your crowd, I am very generous.

If you tell me where my dagger is, I will let you live.”

The shaking nun rolled her eyes busily and shook her head rapidly.

“The director took it and said that she will take a closer look at it.”

“Where is her room”

“Her room is on the 3rd floor.

This is the 1st floor.”

She was a bit detailed, but unlike the catty nuns from earlier, it was probably because she was not a fighter type.



I used the end of the handle to knock her out.

Killing her would have been easier, but killing some nun wouldn’t make me feel easy.

There should be some kind of punishment for killing someone of religion.

“Let’s change our clothes.”

Since she didn’t say anything, I took it as an agreement.

I saw her entire naked body, but now I was used to it.

I took off Arje’s robe that was now a rag, and put on the clothes of the trainee nun.


It fits perfectly.”

Then I used the rope lying over the floor to tie up the fainted nuns.

Now all I had to do was not get caught.


When I got outside, I saw the nuns rushing in panic.

Since no one seemed to notice what I was doing, I pulled the hood down, tilted my head and tried to act without being noticeable.

The 3rd floor.

There were many who passed me, but they only glanced and were all continuing downstairs.

“You! You should be going downstairs! Why are you coming up”

But when I reached the 3rd floor, a nun came and looked at me despicably.

“Go on down! That bunny is not here.”

As I tried to think of a solution, 

“What is that on your waist A sword”

The nun found my rapier.

She didn’t seem to know what it was from the way she asked.

“Oh this… that rabbit had it, but I thought that the director should take a look since it seems to have a spell cast on it.”

When I raised the sword and showed it to the nun, she flinched and got closer to observe.

“Hmm Give it to me.

I will send it her way myself.”

Then when she grabbed the sword, the same thing happened again.


As the nun suffered in pain, I saw my chance and just shoved her down the stairs. 


The nun who rolled down didn’t budge, but she shouldn’t be dead.

“Help here! The sister tripped and fell down the stairs!”

But just in case, I let the other nuns know, and while others focused on her, I passed them by.

“Is she okay Is she alive”

“No, she just lost consciousness.”


The emperor must have protected her.”

From what I could hear, she seemed to be alive.

“This must be it.”

So in front of the director’s room, I got inside slowly with the rapier in my hand.


I looked around the surroundings, after carefully creaking the door open.

Her room seemed neatly put, and the only thing that seemed out of place was my blue dagger on her desk and no director in sight.

The moment I grabbed the dagger, I felt my ears twitch.

There seemed to be someone else inside.

“Stop hiding and show yourself.”

I announced that I had already caught them, but no one showed up.

A mistake 

No, it couldn’t be.

I looked up towards the ceiling thinking with doubt.

“Oh, nevermind.”

How could a person crawl on the ceiling like a spider I turned around feeling relieved.


I was so scared that I screamed and ran backwards. 

“You seem like you saw a ghost just now.”

In front of me was that pink-haired runaway nun leaning on the door, smiling.


I ran towards her, from how angry I was.

“Woah! I didn’t come here to fight.

I came here to have a conversation with my kind.”

The pink hair easily dodged me and changed positions with me.

“Conversation, my ass!”

But one word made me hesitate.

“The same kind You have been saying that since earlier.

What do you mean”

Then the pink hair let go of her hood while smiling.

“I am also a rabbitman.”

But what was more shocking than meeting another rabbitman was the shape of her ears.

“Your ears”

Her ears were unlike the ones I had seen.

I had never seen such ears from rabbitmen before, and her ears were stretched out to the side like you would see from a depressed bunny.

Except, hers were regularly shaped as such.


My father is a human and I’m a rabbitman mix.”

Biracial I guess that explained her ears.

“I see.”

My first impression was this.

I would kill for those ears.

“Your reaction is unlike the others.

The other rabbitmen get mad when I call them my kind.”

The pink hair seemed more surprised at my reaction instead.

“Your ears are pretty cute, actually.”

“…I have never heard that one before.”

The pink hair just stared at me for a bit, then shook her head as if she had snapped out of it.

“Enough with the ear talk! To get to the core, I came here to thank you.”

She might have a naive saide, but she was no normal woman to be able to smile after murdering someone.

Was she bipolar That was my thought.

“You came here to thank me”

Of course, I didn’t believe her words.

To have come to where I was, it was clear that she had visited to kill me.

She was trying to distract me so that I wouldn’t get suspicious.


I have two things to thank you for.

First was you assisting me execute the murder easily as you helped me with the prayer test.”

I frowned automatically.

That murder, no matter where she was coming from, put me in a difficult situation.

“I understand that you are mad.

So, I found your dagger in return.”

The pink hair pointed to the dagger in my hands.

“Help me find it It was just right here.”

When I looked her in a questioning way, she smiled then dragged something out from under the table.


What she had pulled out was a corpse of a middle-aged woman, suspected to be that of the director nun.


When I dropped my jaws, the pink hair grabbed the dead body’s arm and shook it as if she was waving hi.

“The second is that you acted as a great bait distracting the crowd, making it easy for me to kill the director.”

At that moment, I heard people coming over.

At this rate, I would be framed as the murderer, but it would also be a chance if I catch that pink hair.

“No need to thank me.

I will catch you and prove my innocence.”

When I ran over with my sword, the pink hair threw the corpse at me.


The moment I caught the body, the pink hair waved her hands with her legs on the window sill.

“I guess the next time we see each other will be when you become my next target.

Good bye, same kind!”

The pink hair jumped out of the window.

But this was the first floor! No, actually, it was the height of 4 to 5 floors based on the height.


When I nudged my body out the window, I saw a river flowing under and a ship filled with haystacks passing by.

Had she jumped into that Was she crazy


The door opened, and the people fell in a state of shock and horror.


“It’s the murderer!”

To get through all of them, there was only one solution.


I followed the pink hair out the window.

The only difference was that she had fallen safe into the hay, but all I saw was water.


And so I gave my body to the river.


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