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Fortunately, it was safe to say that her personal information had not been made known.

Her job position, age or address wasn’t written on it.


Relieved as she had been worried for no reason, Sera then turned to the next page.

There was nothing more written about Helios’ rendezvous, but there were many interviews from people who allegedly knew about his tastes and hobbies.


Sera flipped though a few more pages and found something more eye-catching than the [ Emperor’s Rendezvous ].


‘The young head of the Cross Duchy, Duke Saruvia Cross.’


Most of the facts that Sera knew about Duke Cross and the duchy were from what the noblewoman had said during Rosé and Ferre’s birthday party.

So, Sera was curious to know more about Saruvia since she seemed to have a close relationship with His Majesty.


Unfortunately though, tabloids presented information differently compared to newspapers that presented objective facts.

Based on just the title, Sera thought that this was going to be an interview with Duke Cross, but when she had read through it, she found that it was all ‘according to what her aides had said’.


It couldn’t be determined just how true the aides’ words were.

Most of what’s said seemed to be just a reiteration of rumors as well.


It’s all about how great of a mage Saruvia was, the great and extensive history of the Cross Duchy, and how Saruvia had gotten excellent marks at the academy from her studies of magic.

They were all third-party accounts from the people surrounding the duke in question.


But there was also one line that piqued Sera’s interest.


‘Duke Saruvia Cross, who is perfect at everything even in terms of beauty, is believed to be the one who is the most suited to sit next to His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of Adelio.’


Sera read the article and then flipped the magazine over.

She’s encountered so many people who said the right and wrong things today.


She slowly sat back on her chair.

Glancing at the clock, it was just in time for the twins to finish dressing for the day.

Rather than involving herself in such unnecessary things, Sera thought that it would be so much better to see the children instead.

Even if she tried to read her textbook here again, she wouldn’t even be able to see the letters on the pages.


Looking one more time at the magazine with discomfort in her gaze, Sera sighed and took it from the table.


She was determined to return it to its owner on her way to the twin highnesses as she shook off her meandering thoughts.




* * *




‘Did His Majesty help them’


After Sera checked Rosé and Ferre’s picture diary, she was surprised.


The perfect sentence structures and spelling was all unbelievable considering that two seven-year-olds were supposed to have written them.

Especially when she could see signs of their words being erased and rewritten.

They even colored their drawings without going outside the borders.


It was a perfect homework that could never have been done at Ferre and Rosé’s current level.

It’s obvious who had helped them.


‘I was planning to take one hour of today’s class to check their homework and help them correct their diaries, but.’


“His Majesty must have checked Your Highnesses’ homework.”



Oppa helped me color.

What do you think I drew it amazingly, right This is Sera!”


Standing up on her chair, Rosé pointed her finger at the stick figure who had long black hair.


“Wow! This looks just like me.

The hairstyle is also the same! I think Your Highness will be able to paint a portrait soon!”


As Sera poured out excessive praise that she characteristically gave, Rosé’s lips twitched upward and her green eyes twinkled in the light.


Seeing Rosé’s adorable reaction practically melted Sera, but her conscience was slightly prickled.

It’s because, truthfully, Rosé’s drawing was far from a masterpiece.


A circle for a face, a few long lines for the body and the limbs, then a triangle for a skirt.

It was a picture of shapes connected together, plus the eyes and a curved mouth.

No one would be able to tell this was supposed to be Sera if not for the black hair that His Majesty had colored in.


‘She’s going to need more art classes in the future.

If this was only a drawing assignment and not a picture diary… People would have wondered if she drew a ghost instead.’


The eyes and mouth were drawn on with very thick dots and lines because Rosé couldn’t control the thickness of the pencil—and although this was drawn by a child, it was very difficult to consider it a ‘pretty’ drawing.


Rosé stuck her head out as she watched Sera check her diary.

For such a fun diary like this, this was only the beginning.


“Are we gonna write another one today”


As she waited for Sera to hurry up and grab the pen, Rosé urged.


“It’s good if you write a lot for me.

Three lines!”


“Then write four lines for me, Sera!”


“You can’t write four lines just for Ferre! Me too, four lines!”


Sera chuckled delightedly at the twins’ cute request.

There were so many children who hated writing diaries on their own, but this was the part that they all liked—it was the short comment and review of the teacher who will check and return the diaries.


Sera always checked their diaries carefully and left short messages.

She also did this during her previous life, and she could remember quite a few children who really waited for this.


After talking about their normal days, they anticipated what comments they could get in return.

The children waited for their teacher’s messages as if they were exchanging secret letters with her.

After getting back their diaries, that’s the first thing they would check.


Rosé and Ferre were no different, so every time she checked their diaries, they would beg Sera to write back more.


“Alright! Four lines! No more than that, okay”


With grins on their faces, Rosé and Ferre gave each other a high five.

Like puppies expecting a snack, the two left their seats and stared intently at Sera’s hand.


“By the way, Sera.”


“Yes, Your Highness.”


Rosé and Ferre called out to Sera as she was concentrating on the message she’d be leaving for Rosé.

But at that moment.


“Run-dez-vus, ren-des-vos What’s rundezvus”



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