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“Your Highness Ferre.

Haa… Hold on, let me take a break for a bit.”

Exhausted, Sera sat down in front of the wagon.

It’s been a while since she ran as fast as she could like that, so her heart was beating like crazy.

‘Ah, I should have worked out more before this.’

“Heli Hyung said that the new tutor will be really fun this time.

I agree with him.”

Ferre giggled as he looked at Sera, who was red all over, even all the way down to her fingertips.

“His Majesty never lies.”

“That’s right, that’s right.

Heli Hyung never ever tells any lies.

He’s the bestest ever.”

Ferre started to like Sera a little.

It’s amazing that she’s 4,532 years old, but she looks young unlike the other tutors.

And she’s so fun and not strict.

‘If Rosé likes her too, maybe it’ll be nice if she’s our tutor.’

Ferre had this thought as he watched Sera gasp for air.

Grabbing her knee, Sera rose to her feet with great difficulty, her face still red.

Still, she couldn’t leave Rosé alone for too long.

It was now time for her to go find Princess Rosé.

“Well then, Your Highness Ferre.

As promised, it’s now time for you to tell me where Her Highness Rosé is.”

Sera pushed the wagon forward again with Ferre still in it, then turned it around so they could return to where they had come.

Unlike the exciting ride earlier, they went back calmly.

This time, Ferre was seriously agonizing over whether to tell Sera or not.

With his lips tightly knit together, Ferre tilted his head to the side.

He promised to tell the tutor where her sister was hiding, but it was clear that Rosé would nag him again if he did.

Ferre shook his head.

Of course, Sera knew what Ferre was worried about, so she knew which buttons to press as she pretended it was fine.

Ferre loves and admires his older brother so much, so comparisons would strike a chord with him.

“No way… Unlike His Majesty Helios, Your Highness Ferre doesn’t keep promises.

It’s like that, hm”

The moment Sera said, ‘unlike His Majesty Helios’, Ferre’s violet pupils shook greatly and the cute, chubby hand that was holding onto one side of the wagon gripped tightly.

“His Majesty Helios is a man who keeps promises, but… His little brother, His Highness Ferre, doesn’t keep promises… But that’s not the case, right”

Sera smiled as she said this, and Ferre stared back at her with his eyebrows furrowed.

Ferre worried even more.

“I made a promise with Sera… But Rosé told me not to tell where she’s hiding… Does that mean I’ll have to break the promise with Rosé Hiing… I don’t want to be different from Hyung…”

“Your Highness.

You know, I always reward good people who keep their promises.”



If Your Highness Ferre keeps your promise with me, you never know, right I wonder what kind of fun we’ll have next after this exciting carriage ride.”

While pretending not to know Ferre’s worries, she put on an innocent expression and enticed him.

But Ferre didn’t say anything in return right away.

It was clear that he was still agonizing over it, judging by how much his pupils were still shaking.

Was she rushing him too much Sera quietly pushed the cart without saying anything more.

The only time Ferre opened his lips again was when they passed by the large dining hall.

“Rosé is here.”

Holding up a chubby index finger with hesitation, Ferre pointed to the closed doors of the dining hall.

He was still very reluctant.

“Inside this room”

Sera asked as she looked at the thick iron doors, which looked about as hard to open as the study room’s doors.


Rosé said she’s gonna hide there.

Inside the big display cabinet.”

“Display cabinet”


But Heli Hyung told people to remove the bowls that were there before because it’s dangerous when we’re playing.

That’s why Rosé said if she hid there, no one’s gonna know.”

In the middle of talking, Ferre looked around him, scared that someone heard him tattle on Rosé.

Fortunately, not even an ant had passed by, so he continued to talk about it with Sera with a lighter heart.

Sera didn’t show that she found Ferre to be so cute just then.

Instead, she put on an amazed expression as though she never would have expected him to say that, then she exclaimed.

“Oh my! Your Highness Ferre, I never thought she would be here.”



If it weren’t for Your Highness, I would never have found Her Highness Rosé at all today!”

“Really You really can’t find her without me”

“Of course, Your Highness.

Oh my! Our Prince Ferre is much much greater than I thought!”

Sera’s abundant praises brightened Ferre’s face, as though his smile was the morning sun.

The signs of anxiety that he had from a while ago disappeared, and now Ferre smiled broadly with his teeth exposed and his chest puffed out.

As expected, he was still a seven-year-old kid.

Before entering the dining room, Sera quietly raised her index finger, then winked at him.

“Your Highness, shhh!”

Sera pushed the wagon where Ferre was still sitting, slowly and quietly so that they wouldn’t make a sound.

Along with her cautious movements, Ferre was nervous, so he held his breath.

The cabinet was tightly shut.

She looked at the edge, expecting to see a tuft of cloth sticking out through the gap, but what stood out to her was the white powder beneath her feet.

‘What’s this’

Sera leaned down carefully to find out what the powder was.

With one finger, she swept at it, and the fine powder was smeared and was eventually scattered like fog in the air.


While thinking this, Ferre, who had been sitting calmly inside the wagon, suddenly jumped up and shouted.


Sera looked up reflexively.

‘I’m doomed.’

And this thought also passed through her mind.




Surprise extra chapter today~ I’ll try to see if I can also post three chapters next week.

Btw, thank you for the coffee, Efva! ^^


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