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Chapter 64

Translated by Yonnee

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“Alright, it’s all done!”


The maid in charge of dressing up Rosé today said this at last, after she had made the final touches on her hair.

The whole process took about three hours.


The maid was proud of how Rosé looked right now.


Rosé also went closer to a mirror and looked at her reflection.

Then, an adorable smile could be seen on her face in the mirror, perhaps because she liked the butterfly-shaped ornament placed on her hair, which cascaded down her back.


“Sera, how is it”


As she turned around, Rosé asked Sera.

With her long silver hair curled slightly towards the end, she quite literally looked like a pretty doll.


The hem of her dress, which was fully embellished with lace and small jewels, made a small sound every step she took towards Sera.


“Your Highness Rosé is prettier than anyone else!”


When Sera smiled broadly and clapped her hands like this, Rosé rushed to her immediately.

Not caring about how her beautifully styled hair might become a mess, Rosé rubbed her cheek against Sera’s.

The maid behind Rosé was so taken aback and her expression froze.


“Your Highness, your hair just now…!”




While still in Sera’s arms, Rosé looked behind her towards the maid.


“Your Highness’ hair that was styled just now got tangled…”


The maid was on the brink of tearing up as she saw her beautiful work of art get ruined.


“Ah, sorry.”


However, unlike the ‘sorry’ she just said, Rosé had no intention of leaving Sera’s side.

She wanted to hear more compliments from Sera, so she stuck close to the tutor’s side.


The maid wanted to say that she needed to do Rosé’s hair again if she could.

But instead, she just sighed because she knew that Rosé would cling onto Sera like a cicada that wouldn’t let go.


And during situations like this, Sera always knew how to pacify Rosé.


“Your hair will get messy, Your Highness.”


“Ehh, that’s okay.”


“But today’s a special day, so Your Highness has to look pretty.

His Majesty will also be waiting to see your cute appearance.”


“Really Then I can’t wait to show Oppa how I look.”


Rosé smiled and lifted the hem of her dress slightly.

Embellished with jewels, a pair of cream-colored shoes could be seen shining underneath.

The shoes had an unusual sheen to them, and it was a luxurious item that looked expensive at first glance.


“I love the shoes that Sera gave to me.”


It was a gift from Sera, who mulled over for a long time about what she should give to the twins.

It was very difficult to choose a gift since the imperial family used only the finest of everything.


‘It took some time and a lot of money, but I’m glad you like it.’


When she visited the Aurix residence the other day, Sera met Countess Aurix and it was thanks to her that Sera managed to get in contact with a famous shoe artisan.

Countess Aurix was a prominent trendsetter in high society, and she introduced the most popular shoe artisan in the empire at Sera’s request.


Meanwhile, the door opened and the cheerful voice of a boy filled the room.




It was Ferre.


“Me too! Me too, how do I look Sera!”


He confidently ran into Rosé’s room and pushed Rosé away with his little bum.

Standing in front of Sera, Ferre stood with his feet together and tried not to let Rosé butt in.




Rosé glared at Ferre, who was trying to monopolize Sera all to himself.

She was a little angry and tried to push him out in the same way he did with her small bum, but at that moment, Rosé made eye contact with Sera.


Her blue eyes were smiling, but Rosé knew what it was—a warning before they’d get scolded.


Feeling unhappy, Rosé went ‘Hmph!’ and sat in front of the mirror again so that her hair could be fixed.


“What a big heart! Your Highness Rosé, you’re the best!”


Even if Sera couldn’t read Rosé’s mind, Sera quickly raised a thumb as she looked at Rosé’s reflection in the mirror.

Only then did Rosé focus on her hair again, a smile on her face.


“Sera, what about me Me!”


Noticing that Sera’s eyes were more on Rosé, Ferre jumped in front of her like a frog and to get her attention back on him.


“Your Highness Ferre looks quite handsome, too.”


He looked cute because the clothes he was wearing were unexpectedly imitating a grown man’s look.

Sera was about to stroke Ferre’s head just as she usually did, but her hand froze in the air.


Because it was a special day, his soft blond hair was combed down and was beautifully styled.

Anyone could tell that the person who did this invested quite a lot of time making it this way.


“Really As handsome as Hyung”


Ferre wanted to be more like Helios, so he was trying to act like his older brother in his own way.

With his posture straightened and his eyes curved into crescent moons, Ferre posed in a familiar relaxed stance.

Ferre indeed looked similar since they were brothers.


“Miss Popo.”


And for the transformation to be complete, Ferre called Sera’s name with his voice lowered, though he still had a long way to go before his voice could become a low baritone.


At the cute appearance, Sera covered her lips and couldn’t hold back her laughter.


“Your Highness looks exactly the same as His Majesty.”


“I really, really like that Sera’s here.

Thank you for coming, Sera.”


“I’m happy that I can be here to celebrate Your Highnesses’ birthday, too.”


Sera gave Ferre a lovely gaze as she smiled.


“Now then, I should give Your Highness Ferre’s present, too.”




Ferre’s eyes became round.




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