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Chapter 70

Translated by Yonnee


The noblewomen around the duchess helped her, but she couldn’t compose herself so easily.


‘Ah… What should I do.

Who can I entrust Young Lord Elijah with’


Looking around her, Sera tried to see who could give her a helping hand—someone who had a high enough standing that they could organize this chaotic situation, and someone who was wise and was sensitive about social cues.

She needed someone who fit all the conditions as much as possible.


And the person who fit the bill was…


“Marchioness Bennett!”


Sera went towards Marchioness Leticia Bennett, who was holding Edward.

The child looked at Sera with a puzzled face.


Alternately looking between Rosé, who was in Sera’s arms, and Duchess Bethmann from a distance, the marchioness waited to hear what Sera was about to say.


“I apologize, but would it be alright if you take care of Young Lord Elijah, Marchioness”


Marchioness Bennett nodded quietly, her expression calm.


“Of course.

Leave the Young Lord to me and take Their Highnesses with you.”


Instead of responding verbally, Sera bowed her head swiftly and brought back Rosé and Ferre.


“Can we talk about what happened for a bit”


At Sera’s hushed voice, Rosé and Ferre looked at her with their eyes open wide like rabbits, the area around their eyes red.



* * *



Sera had several handkerchiefs brought over and led Rosé and Ferre to a quiet place that was far away from the party hall of the Star Palace.


The twins didn’t say anything and followed her silently, keeping their mouths shut until now.

It was completely different from how they were all smiles earlier in the morning.

Both their crumpled and red faces didn’t match the pretty clothes they were wearing.


“May I ask what happened”


Sera brought the twins under the shade of a tree as she asked.


However, Rosé and Ferre just shook their heads without saying anything.

Their trembling blue lips were a contrast to their red faces.

They seemed scared that she was angry.


‘His Highness Ferre was sniffling and crying, so I’m sure Elijah had something to do with it, but…’


Even so, she couldn’t imagine what had happened to warrant Elijah being bitten so hard like that.


‘It’s definitely not something that’s shallow.

Just look at His Highness shaking like that.’


Maybe it’s also not as serious as Sera was thinking.

She was so worried about the children now, her heart heavy with nervousness.


Crouching down to be on the same eye level as the twins, she tried to catch their gazes, though they were constantly looking at the ground.

When she crouched lower and looked up at them with a worried glance, Rosé and Ferre finally met her gaze.


“I know that Your Highnesses are good children… I don’t think you did that for no reason.

Can’t you tell me what happened”


As Sera asked this, tears quickly formed in Rosé and Ferre’s eyes once more.


Ferre pursed his lips to prevent them from quivering.

Rosé’s chin was also trembling as she bit her lower lip tightly.


‘What’s making you so reluctant…’


To soothe the two children, Sera drew closer to them and patted them both.


And at that moment, the twins burst into tears at the same time.




“Huu… uuu… uwaaahh!”


“Huu… uu… hiicc… thwo… th… thwo…”


“Uhuu… Eli… Elijah said… hiic… hiiic…”


It seemed like Elijah said something that upset the twins very much.

Their words were so garbled by their sobs that Sera couldn’t even understand what Ferre was saying. 


Sera slowly stroked the twins’ backs to calm them down.


“It’s okay, it’s okay now.

You can speak slowly.”


Taking out the handkerchiefs she brought, she wiped Rosé and Ferre’s eyes.

At the gentle touch, they both cried harder.


“Huu… hiicc… hiic…”


“Sera… Seeera… huu… uhuu… uwahh…”


Their tears showed no signs of stopping.

What was it that they heard from Elijah that they were crying so sadly Feeling a little flustered, Sera had no choice but to take out two caramel bites that she had left over from when she gave some to the other children earlier.


After roughly peeling off the wrappers, she popped the candies into the twins’ mouths one after the other.

And so, as the sweet and familiar taste spread in their mouths, Rosé and Ferre looked up at her.


Sera didn’t say anything.

She just leaned down and looked at Rosé and Ferre with tender eyes.

She was going to wait until they calmed down first and told her about it themselves.


By the time the caramel bites melted in their mouths, Ferre, who was now calmer, spoke up first.

His voice was hoarse and his eyes were still wet.


“Elijah said something to us.”


“What did he say”




Ferre pouted again, his cheeks puffing up.

It looked as though he was about to burst into tears once again as he was pinching his own fingers.

Sera felt so heavy seeing how his fingertips were already so red.


Instead of telling him to stop doing that, Sera carefully held Ferre’s hand.


At that moment, Rosé’s lips moved slightly and she spoke with a small voice.


“Oppa’s going to throw us away.”




Sera asked again because Rosé spoke so quietly that she didn’t hear.


Rosé’s hands shook, and as though she didn’t want to think about it again, she placed both hands over her ears.


“He said Oppa’s going to throw us away!”




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