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These were all Youcheng County specialties.

Many of the old shops had superb taste.

Unfortunately, they were scattered all over Youcheng County.

If they could gather all these delicacies together and build a food street, it would definitely be a huge specialty.

Not only would it attract tourists, but it would also promote their Youcheng County food culture.

Chen Li said a little embarrassedly, “The county wants to ask Qinlin Villa for help.

When the time comes, well set up a sign for the food street at the entrance of the mountain villa.

At the same time, we want to ask if the Qinglin Mountains announcement board and announcement board can also join the food street segment The county will pay for the relevant advertising fees.”

After all, the food street was based on Qinglin Villa.

This matter really required the cooperation of Qinglin Villa.

“Chief Chen, this is a good thing.

Our villa will cooperate with the county.” Qin Lin agreed readily.

This was a win-win situation.

Having lived in Youcheng County since he was young, he knew that there were many delicacies in his hometown.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have specially chosen Youcheng County to film back then.

If the food street was advertised well, it would definitely become an attraction.

After all, there were many foodies.

In the future, there might be tourists who come to the villa because of the food street.

As for the food court affecting the restaurant business at the villa That was impossible.

Now that there were more than 3,000 villa tourists a day, how many people could the villa restaurant and buffet barbecue receive

The other tourists basically entered the county to eat.

Fortunately, the county had specially opened up a bus route from the county to the villa.

There was one every 20 minutes.

In the future, when the comprehensive Sea of Flowers and pasture were built, the number of tourists would increase.

Not to mention a food street, if there were a few more, the villa restaurant and buffet barbecue would be overcrowded.

Chen Li was naturally very happy to receive Qin Lins answer.

To be honest, Youcheng County was really lucky to have such a Boss Qin.

He had already promoted many aspects of Youcheng Countys development.

The leaders of Sand City and Tian City were now a little envious of Youcheng County.

After chatting with Qin Lin for a while, Chen Li was anxious to report back to the county.

At this moment, the kitchen began to serve.

Qin Lin stood up and walked towards Hu Fei, Zhang Shi, Lin Cong, Wang Wei, and the others who were working with the villa.

He naturally had to greet them.

Seeing Qin Lin come over, Lin Cong, Zhang Shi, and the others stood up immediately and greeted him warmly.

“President Qin…”

“Heres to you, President Qin…”


All of them looked respectful.

With Qin Lins current wealth and status, even if they did not have a cooperative relationship, they still had to greet Qin Lin respectfully, not to mention that Qin Lin was now their God of Wealth.

Qin Lin smiled and poured himself a glass of wine.

Then, he said to these people, “Everyone, I dont really know how to drink.

Ill have a drink with everyone and let everyone enjoy themselves.”

“As you wish, President Qin!”

“Yes, President Qin, feel free…”


Lin Feng, Zhang Shi, and the others spoke again.

This was the advantage of having an absolute advantage in the business world.

If he didnt want to drink, they could only drink among themselves.

If he was at a disadvantage and didnt want to drink, the other party would simply say, “Youre not giving me face Do you still want to cooperate” Then, he would have to give his all and drink to his fill.

Qin Lin took one drink with these people before walking to the other side.

“Xiao Lin, sit here!” When Lin Fen saw Qin Lin coming over, she hurriedly greeted him.

She had already reserved a seat for him.

Qin Lin sat down and greeted his friends and family.

Zhao Moyun suddenly asked, “Qin Lin, is that Chief Chen from the countys Tourism Bureau”

When Qin Lin heard his brother-in-laws words, he hurriedly nodded.

“Thats right!”

Zhao Moyun said, “I heard from Uncle that this person seems to be about to be promoted.

Hes in charge of the deputy county.”

These words attracted the attention of Qin Ergen, Qin Dalin, and the others.

To ordinary people like them, this kind of official was definitely a big shot.

However, anyone could tell that the person who spoke to Qin Lin was very polite.

Lin Zi was really more capable than they had imagined.

Qin Lin didnt expect Chen Li to be promoted.

He thought for a moment and said to Qin Dalin, “Uncle Dalin, you own a snack bar (Chapter 26).

Hows the snack bar business now”

Qin Dalin smiled and explained, “Business is alright.

There are more people in Youcheng County now, and there are many tourists in my shop who are here for Qinglin Villa.”

Qin Lin nodded and said, “Uncle Dalin, the county wants to set up a food street on the old street outside the city.

At that time, the traffic will definitely gather there.”

He could see that after the county set up this food street, the tourists who could not eat at the mountain villa would definitely be there first.

The business there would far surpass the rest of Youcheng County.

One could imagine how popular it would be.

Uncle Dalin worked in a snack bar, so he didnt mind giving this information to the other party.

After all, a favor was a lifetime debt.

As for what choice he would make, it would be up to Uncle Dalin.

Qin Dalin was stunned when he heard this.

Then, he realized the importance of this news and immediately said, “Lin Zi, come, let me toast you.”

He knew very well that once the food street was done, he would definitely be able to earn money by opening a shop there.

He had obtained the initiative and had a chance to get a good location in the old neighborhood.

It was just that he didnt have enough funds.

He had to close the store and go out.

It was a pity that the original store had just been renovated.

However, compared to the business that would come after the food court was done, this loss was nothing.

He had never thought of borrowing money from Qin Lin.

After all, it was enough for him to obtain this information.

Unless he was at the end of his rope or waiting for someone to save him, borrowing money again would be too much.


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