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Chapter 196 The Tians also adore their son-in-law


You won't be beaten up this time when you see your in-laws, right This is exactly what Dang Hong remarked.

Pan Lei and Tian Yuan were on their way to Tian Yuan's parents' house to ask them whether they wanted to live with the couple.

It could also be considered a formal visit.

Their previous visit had been less than nice.

During the Chinese New Year, though, the tone was quite harmonious.

Tian Yuan had returned to China, therefore it was only natural for him to want to see his parents, right Nope! In actuality, it was Dang Hong who insisted on paying them a formal visit as soon as possible.

As a result, Pan Lei and Tian Yuan were standing at the Tian family's door, big and small gift bags in hand.


Pan Lei scratched his ears and then felt his waist.

Essentially, he was fidgeting due to anxiousness.

The stinky daughter-in-law had arrived to see her in-laws.

Despite the fact that he had met his in-laws numerous times, he was still nervous.


Tian Yuan, on the other hand, appeared unconcerned.

They should have no problems because they had already met and spent the New Year together.


Mother Tian opened the door, surprised to see her son.

Her son should be overseas; why did he return so unexpectedly


Pan Lei's nerves were at their peak, but he smiled confidently.


"Your two sons have come to see you, Mom."


Mother Tian was overjoyed.

She drew her son close and yelled for Father Tian to hurry up.


"Old man, our Tian Yuan is back!"


Pan Lei exhaled a sigh of relief; everything appeared to be fine.


Father Tian appeared to be cheerful.

Tian Yuan had been gone for half a year, and he was overjoyed to see his son.


"How come you've returned Is it a holiday over there"


"Tian'er has returned to China to finish his studies.

He is now learning and interning at my mother's hospital.

Every day, he follows my mother to the ward and the operating room.

He hasn't stopped working since returning to China.

Take a look at him.

Everyone says he's slimmer.

We all told him to take it easy for a few days, but he just can't stop himself.

He is concerned about being behind the others.

Please, Dad and Mom, help me in persuading him not to work so hard.

When I see him like this, it makes me sad."


Pan Lei didn't want to appear to be a bandit in front of his in-laws.

He was cheerful and upbeat, and he was protecting Tian Yuan with every move, word, and gesture.


Mother Tian could see Pan Lei's love and care in his eyes as he stared at her son.

They looked like a young couple in love, and their deep feelings were obvious.


She only hoped that the two of them would have a happy life and grow old together by this point.

She couldn't care less about the rest of it.


"Don't neglect your health."


Tian Yuan chuckled.


"Don't listen to his nonsense.

My schedule is packed, and I don't have much time to spend with him.

He's complaining about me."


Pan Lei took his hand and squeezed it in front of his in-laws, then clasped their fingers.


"I'm just concerned your body won't be able to handle it."


Father Tian coughed.

Small intimacies like these… the elders should leave it alone.


"I'm going to cook something.

You must be hungry after traveling all this distance."


"We won't eat at home.

We've finally gathered as a family, and we've reserved a table outside.

The truth is that we came here to invite you two to live with us.

Tian'er also returned, therefore all arrangements have been preponed.

The house was bought and now needs to be decorated.

We wanted to know what kind of style you prefer.

We are, after all, too young.

If the decoration is excessively modern, you will not feel at ease living there.

I'm usually at the barracks and can't really help.

I'd like to invite you to live with us.

You can help Tian'er with decorating.

He is worried about his studies.

I’m afraid that he will be too tired.

Interior decorating is sometimes like studying, and he will undoubtedly be fatigued.

If you live with us, you will be able to assist us in making judgments."


Pan Lei's words were beautiful.

You must be tactful if you want to be a good daughter-in-law.

They came to ask Tian Yuan's parents if they wanted to live with them and conveniently turned it into a formal visit as well.

But the way Pan Lei phrased it, it sounded like he was wishing his in-laws would come over and assist him in caring for Tian Yuan.

He was not only a great son-in-law, but he was also making Tian Yuan happy.


Tian Yuan couldn't help but look at him.

This ba$tard’s glib tongue was even better than his singing.


Pan Lei squeezed his hand and didn't let him speak.

He wanted to make the finest impression despite the rough start.

He and Tian Yuan would be lifelong partners.

They were together, and their families were also merged.


Didn’t getting along well with his in-laws also reduce trouble for Tian Yuan Tian’er was a son and a lover, and he couldn’t be caught in the crossfire and suffer.


This conversation delighted the Tian couple.

It's more accurate to say that they had experienced life and understood what Pan Lei meant, and were relieved to find that he knew how to be polite.


They were also glad to have such a person caring for their son.

They would have a son and this, ahem, male daughter-in-law's filial piety in the second half of their lives, and they were content.


"We’re not going.

Your mother and I are fine, so we won’t bother you."


Pan Lei squeezed Tian Yuan's hand again just as he was about to speak.


He spoke a little anxiously.


"Please come, Mom and dad.

Please come and help me take care of Tian'er."


Pan Lei pinched Tian Yuan's cheek and squeezed his waist, completely at ease.

It was like going to a store and telling the salesperson, "Look, it's split at the seam here; you'll give me a discount, right"


He spoke to his mother-in-law.


"Look, Mom! Take a look at this thin face and slim waist.

This guy can be carried away by a strong wind.

I'm concerned that he'll be blown away.

I'm not at home most of the time.

When you come over, you can assist me in looking after him."


He also took Tian Yuan's face and thrust it in front of his mother-in-law.


"Look, look, this face is so tiny it's pitiful."


Tian Yuan moved his head left and right but couldn't break free of Pan Lei's fingers. This ba$tard's fingers are like pliers.

He couldn't get his chin free from his grip.


For a brief moment, Mother Tian was stunned.

Pan Lei was still trying to prove his claims.

He insisted on her wearing reading glasses and taking a close look.

Her son had lost weight.

His partner was correct.

He was really skinny.

He wasn't faking.


Tian Yuan slapped his arm, and he eventually let go.


"You jerk, that killed me!"


His chin must have turned red for sure.

Tian Yuan flexed his jaw from side to side, checking to see whether Pan Lei hadn't smashed his chin.

He hit him again, irritated.


"Look here! It’s red, isn’t it!"


Mother Tian stared blankly for a second before laughing.

These kids were so happy flirtatiously bantering with each other.


Pan Lei hastily cupped Tian Yuan's face and peered at him, distressed. Shit! It's truly red.

Tian Yuan had fair and delicate skin.

Pan Lei was concerned that his red chin would soon become blue.


"I'm really sorry, baby.

I'll have my mother look into it.

It hurts, doesn't it If I kiss it, it won't hurt."


Chu~ Regardless of the presence of his in-laws, Pan Lei aimed at Tian Yuan’s mouth and gave him a resounding kiss.

The edges of Father Tian's brows twitched.

Because this young man was in love, he ignored everything and kissed in public, being loving even in front of his elders


Tian Yuan wanted his face, but Pan Lei didn't care, so he raised his foot and kicked him.


"F*ck your uncle! Taking advantage of laozi Get the hell out of here!"


Father Tian's brows almost rose to his hairline.

His son had always been polite.

He'd never fought and had cursed people even less.

What happened today He kicked when he moved his foot and cursed when he opened his mouth, just like a little punk.

What was he up to Was this how he'd been raised When he was a kid, how did they educate him


"My fault, my fault, darling, don't be upset.

Is it still painful"


"F*ck off!"


Tian Yuan had become accustomed to it.

They fought and caused a commotion whenever they were together.

Essentially, he acted out, and Pan Lei was in charge of coaxing, kissing, and speaking a few lovely things before the situation was resolved.

Pan Lei spoiled him.

He used to believe that he never lost his temper.

He wouldn't become upset as long as he didn't irritate him.

Pan Lei, on the other hand, pampered Tian Yuan endlessly.

The more Pan Lei spoiled him, the worse his temper became.

Pan Lei treated his occasional outbursts as little delights.

He would make fun of Tian Yuan if he was well-behaved.

Pan Lei felt at ease whenever he saw Tian Yuan glare at him, roll his eyes at him, disdain him, and scold him.


It's similar to a child.

A sapling cannot grow straight without trimming, and a kid will become spoiled if he or she is not disciplined.

You can talk about plucking stars and moons, but to create a temper, you must like it when your partner is grumpy.

What a unique love!


Pan Lei leaned in to kiss him and massage his chin, but Tian Yuan didn't want him to get close.


Father Tian slammed his fist against the table.


Pan Lei jumped in fright. What's the matter Was the old man trying to show his prestige Did he intend to kick them out But what set the old man off


Father Tian pointed at Tian Yuan before Pan Lei could say anything.


"You brat! How can you bully people like this, even beating and scolding them Is that how your mother and I brought you up"


Exactly! That’s how you raised him.

Wasn’t this how you and my dear mother-in-law educated my baby over half a year ago


But he didn't dare to say this.

Would he dare to contradict his father-in-law as a junior


"He just has a child's temper, Dad.

And I hurt him.

Don't blame him; it's my fault.

Tian'er, go find your mother's coat.

Let's go out to eat."


Tian Yuan gave Pan Lei a dirty look. Humph! Pretending to be a good guy.


Tian Yuan hurriedly jumped up and ran to bring his mother a coat after Father Tian coughed.


Father Tian thought: a married daughter is spilled water[1].

The child they brought up had always been docile and obedient.

Who would have guessed he had such a nasty temper All along, his thoughts had been: Tian Yuan was well-behaved; Pan Lei was a bandit who had kidnapped him.

But he could see it clearly now.

It was, in fact, his own son.

He was grumpy, and the other side was currying favor in whatever way he could.


"This child…"


Father Tian felt a pang of sympathy for Pan Lei.

Tian Yuan admonished a big guy like him like a puppy.

As a father, he was to blame.

He did not properly educate his son.


"Tian'er is extremely good, Dad.

He is only upset because I hurt him.

He's normally not like this.

Besides, I...

I like it when he loses his cool.

I'm just worried about him being bullied.

You know your son better than I do.

He is soft-tempered and has a mild personality.

He can only stand it when he is being bullied.

I'm not around very much.

He'll keep anything that happened to himself.

I don't want him to hold back if a situation arises.

If he's furious, I want him to express it.

Just enough aggression to keep him from being bullied.

We cannot bully others and cannot be bullied ourselves."


Father Tian had nothing to say.

He thought his son was being utterly stubborn and difficult, but in the perspective of the other person, everything about his son was good.

His son liked losing his temper, and the other person liked him losing it.

What could he possibly do


"It’s hard for you."


Pan Lei scratched his hair and smiled happily.


"We love each other.

We love not only our strengths but also our shortcomings.

But in my heart, he is perfect and has no flaws at all.

Since he’s with me, I will make him happier than everyone else."


Spoken like a man! Father Tian fell completely in love with Pan Lei.

It was an honor to have such a son.


[1] This phrase indicates "once a daughter marries, she cannot be reclaimed." Back in the day, this was true.

It now means that something is beyond your control.


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