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Bertin clapped as if he was fascinated with the situation that was resolved in an instant.

“You have to stay low for now.

Because of continuous accidents, the nobles are being sensitive.”

Zenin protested by staying silent at Rany’s rational words.

She grimaced when she saw Bertin who was leaning on the side pretending to be leisurely.

“You lay down too.”


“What You haven’t been hit enough Do you need more”

The sharp eyes quickly looked at the limp legs.

They were covered by his clothing, but whenever he moved, it could be seen that the exposed skin behind the clothes was covered with whipping traces.

Bertin raised his hands without saying anything, declaring his surrender.

When the two people were half laid down on the bed, Raynia brushed her hair back irritatingly.

“How about Marianne”

“She’s fine.”

Before they could ask more after her light answer, someone suddenly knocked on the door.

“My Lady, the Guild Master called you .



Raynia’s face turned incomparably cold to the previous after hearing the maid’s words.

She wrapped her arm with a shawl next to her, then collected her breath as if she was going to a war.

After opening the door and walking out, she didn’t forget to give the ‘I’ll kill you if you leave’ threat to the two people leaning on the bed.

“I don’t know what happened, but the situation in the living room is grave.”

“You don’t need to wait for me and just do your work.

I can find my room on my own after talking with Father.”

“Yes, My Lady.”

It was her telling the maid not to become the target of her anger if she stayed next to her.

Hearing the sharp words containing a kind heart, the maid answered simply with a light smile.

* * *

Raynia Rocke opened the closed door wide without even knocking.

Viscount Rocke lifted his head with a dark face and asked with a heavy voice.

“What are you doing”

“What are you speaking about so suddenly”

“The Talia Guild began to regulate the nobles who trade with our guild.”

Without any sign of surprise, one corner of Raynia’s lips slanted upwards.

“You said they’re not worthy to face, has your thought changed”

Viscount Rocke clenched his fist and hit the table hard.

His angry voice filled the office.

“Do you see this as a mere kid’s plaything! They are backed by high-ranking nobles! It’s a loss for us who are just starting to build connections if we go against them!”


Raynia calmly looked at her fuming father.

There was no fear in the eyes that were looking up at the raised hand that was ready to slap her.

She shrugged to her father.

“From the moment we spread our name by promoting jewelry through Madam Titi, we already provoke the high-ranking nobles.”

The extravagant beauty of Tatiana Button was splendid for a jewelry model.

However, because of her status, there was no way the conservative nobles would accept the fact that the young ladies admired her.

Their ire included the Rocke Guild that sponsored her.

“This is not the first time they act openly like this.

They are determined to stab us with a knife.”

Raynia picked her ear hearing her father’s angry voice.

She had heard about things that happened in the hunting competition.

It was said the second prince openly left Young Lady Paris in the gathering and went to Marianne’s table.

There was no certainty whether it was Young Lady Paris who was ordered to pressure the Rocke Guild, or if Marquis Paris who made the move.

One thing for sure was that they were attacking her, who was ‘Marianne’s friend’ by pretending to attack the Rocke Guild.

“There will be no more attacks than this.

Marquis Paris cannot come to the front afterall.”

Even though the whole world knew that the backer of Talia was Paris Marchy, it was a different problem to expose their relationship.

“At this rate, the damage will get more and more serious.

Our clients slowly began to notice this.”

“There’s been criticism about the list of items sold by our guild.

I’ve told you there’s a limit to the marketing using Madam Titi, right There’s a need to increase the item’s quality.”

“Are you telling me to compete against them”

“Then do you want to calmly get everything snatched and sit together on the road”

Viscount Rocke massaged his temple while looking at his young daughter.

She went on a hunger strike saying she would go to the public academy even if she would die when he told her to go to the imperial academy.

But then for some reason she would enter the imperial academy because of the recommendation letter directly written by the imperial family .




Not long ago, Count Frey even begged him to stop his daughter with a dark face in the meeting.

What on earth is she doing around

The complicated gaze turned to Raynia.

Then, someone knocked on the door.

“Excuse me, sir .



“Come in.”

“The knight order of the Brigo Family wants to put a big order.

They said they want to get the item on a regular basis.”

“The Brigo Family”

Viscount Rocke’s eyebrows lifted up.

He felt like he had heard it, but it seemed like it wasn’t a noble family in the capital.

Such a family suddenly came to the Rocke Guild and put on a big order

“What are they ordering”

“Erm, that, sir.”

The worker who was telling the order looked like he also couldn’t believe it.

He hesitated then answered.

“They want .





“It’s not only the Brigo Family.”




“Some other families also have expressed their intention to trade.”

“Other families too”

“They all want to order sickles.

They ask for it to be cool, strong, and can be used for a long time.”

Why make the sickles look cool

On top of that, why does the knight order use sickle instead of sword

The face of the Viscount was filled with absurdity.

Raynia Rocke, who saw his expression changed constantly, laughed.

“Even the knights actually don’t lose in wasting.

They are people who will rush to acquire good weapons.”

Smelling the scent of money, Raynia Rocke’s eyes began to shine.


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