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Noticing my serious expression, Rany added as if making excuses.

“Marianne, you planned to graduate early, right I made the setup like that to match that.”

It was already listed in the Academy’s register, so there was no turning back.

I tried my best to understand this somehow unique setting.

If I knew this would happen, I would at least review it when Rany said she would take care of it.

Regrets flooded in in an instant.

“Anyway, the reason you want to graduate early was you found out that you and your brother are not blood siblings.”




I was convinced that the novel written by the novelist commissioned by Rany was not a normal novel.

Just look at how the basic setting is very dramatic.

“Your brother works as a mercenary to make money for you.

That’s why he is really good at fighting.”

“It sounds like you really focused on making the brother’s description.”

“That novelist said she really wants an older brother.”

“I don’t need such information.”

At least it was fortunate that there was no need to cast actors to play the parents’ role since it was set that I lost my parents.

“Ah, and the place your brother borrowed the money is from the Rocke Guild.”




“That’s why you became very close with me.”

Perhaps, all of this setup was just so that I and Rany were in an inseparable relationship.

Rany laughed brightly when I threw her a questioning gaze.

I looked at Rany leaning on my shoulder carefully before eventually sighing lightly instead of criticizing her.

“So I only need to find the brother, huh.”

“As long as he is an older brother who looks at you with very lovely eyes, does swordsmanship, but somehow looks amateurish, and clearly shows that you two are not real siblings at first glance.”




When I said that I trusted Rany for all of my academy entrance process, Zen clearly showed that he couldn’t understand me.

His expression asked why I entrusted it to her, didn’t it

At that time I wondered if he couldn’t believe in his friend, but now I knew that he was wise back then.

It was a dangerous choice to ask Rany to change my identity.

Her eyes turned sparkling again.

“Should I hire an actor”

“No, don’t.”

I couldn’t handle Rany’s scale anymore, which was how she novelized my life when I asked her to change my identity.

I couldn’t imagine what kind of result she would bring this time if I trusted her with hiring the actor.

“I will do it myself.”

“Do you know any actors”

“He isn’t an actor, but there’s someone who is a match for this situation.”

After talking about that briefly to Rany, I walked alone to the target location to ask for help.

When I got off the carriage, people who were standing on guard in front of the mansion’s gate recognized me and took a breath.

Glad that they recognized me, I asked them carefully.

“Are all of the knights in the mansion today”

“Yes, they are training in the drill hall, Miss.

They will stay here for a while because they’re preparing for the soon to be opened hunting competition.”

“I see.”

The sentries looked at me with very bright faces and spoke with high expectations.

“I’m sure the Young Duke would be very happy because you visit him in a surprise like this, Miss.”


But I don’t have plans to meet Orion, though

These people began to get ahead of themselves.

Instead of fixing their misunderstanding, I stated my business.

“I’m sorry, but could you please pretend to not know that I came here”

A middle-aged man who looked like he had children laughed after hearing my words.

Then, he nodded with eyes that showed he understood everything.

“As expected of the one who is very shy.

You don’t have to worry, young lady.

We will keep it a secret that the Young Lady comes to give a surprise visit for the Young Duke.”

The sentry next to him also added.

“Of course, of course! Please don’t worry! If Young Lady wants it! We will definitely! Keep the secret! Hahahaha!”

You should lower your voice if you really want to keep the secret.

I wasn’t embarrassed to visit this place, but I became embarrassed because of these people.

There was a lot that I wanted to say, but because there was someone I had to meet, I only stayed silent while flashing a faint smile.

He showed me the way to the drill hall.

“I will go by myself.”

“Of course you want to go by yourself.

Because if you go with us! The surprise visit! Will get found out!”

His hahahaha laugh loudly resonated in the surroundings.

This made me wonder if he did that on purpose for everyone in this mansion to hear.

I had to quickly leave this meddlesome and loud sentry old man.

“Good work.”

“Yes, My Lady, too! I always support you!”

Please don’t.

I quickly left them without regret and walked to the drill hall.

I felt a gaze somewhere as I walked, but when I looked back, there was no one.

Although I was taking a deserted path, I wondered why there were so few people in the Duchy.

On a quiet road where no ants were seen, my head tilted automatically.

It felt as if  everyone was hiding, avoiding my view.

“There’s no way, right”

What was the reason for them to avoid me like that

No matter how weird the people here were, such a thing wouldn’t happen.

I focused on reaching my destination, pushing the uneasy feeling behind.

Was it just my feeling that the voices of the knights who were training in the drill hall had also become smaller today

I couldn’t get rid of these uneasy feelings.


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