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Thus, I thought I could protect Zen next to him, so he could sleep peacefully.

Zen’s body flinched at my offer to pat him to sleep.

His dark, colored akin to a night sky hair merged in with the moonlight.

“I .



The voice of the person who was walking back to the window was a bit wavering.

“I could sleep without that.”


“I’m not a kid.

I could sleep deeply if I took a few sleeping pills.”

After finishing that, he jumped out of the window.

What did he mean by that just now

“I’m worried because you sleep with sleeping pills.”

I chased after Zen, who had already disappeared while propping my chin in the window frame.

As though he had used teleportation magic, the guy who jumped out of my window was nowhere to be found in my house yard and surroundings area.

“He is acting mature these days, huh.”

Although his raging temper was still not fixed enough for him to be called mature.

I closed the window after looking outside for a few more minutes because I couldn’t win against the cold.

“This is not the time to think about this.”

I was already worried enough about acting the dramatic setup of step brother with Sir Rune, worried about his vague request, and also worried about Orion who ran away like a female protagonist in a tragic love story .



There were not only one or two things that made me feel hopeless.

I had been doing the things I had to do in my life that I had planned beforehand perfectly, but it had been a while since it began to crumble apart.

Was it arrogant of me to think that everyone would move according to my plan

No wonder I felt like getting punished even when I did my homework sincerely.

* * *

The close friend of Orion Miller walked through the hallway with a very troubled face.

Looking at how every worker he met was glaring at him like a halibut fish, it seemed like there was an enormous problem with his reputation.

It was not my fault, though.

He felt wronged, but the problem was too ambiguous for him to clear.

The damage caused by his small prank was very serious for him.

He only didn’t like her attitude which frantically kept a distance, unlike this side who was always nervous with anticipation.

He lost his friendship with his best friend, and he was stigmatized as ‘a shameless person who became an older brother after snatching the sister from his best friend’ in the place he worked.

But at least she looks sincere.

He was sure if he accepted her request, she would also keep her promise.

With that alone, he took a step filled with hope.

Still, he felt desperate because he had to complete a play he didn’t want to.

There was nothing one couldn’t do if they had to.

He clenched his fist as he muttered a self mocking.

“I’ve even done something more than this just to stay alive.”

He felt like he had lost his touch just because he was more relaxed now.

While he was bracing himself, he saw the knight order’s youngest knight running in a hurry.

“Lloyd, what’s wrong”

“Captain .



The title ‘Captain’ instead of ‘Young Duke’ flowed out the pale lips.

Bayhan nodded his head.

As a talented knight and the heir of the Duke, Orion Miller undoubtedly a figure who had political sensibilities and excellent judgment.

“Captain can’t exit the drill hall.”

However, no matter what title he had, it couldn’t be a help for him in the matter regarding his new sister.

Lloyd whispered in the vice captain’s ear with a serious face.

“He is rampaging like a wounded beast.”

“I suppose so.”

Bayhan nodded calmly.

He felt like he could clearly hear the hushed cry of the knights from far away.

“Since when”

“From before the sun sets until now.”


Lloyd Jeffrey was a new recruit who had been a knight for less than a year.

Because he had a younger sister, he was always swept up in the Captain’s ‘plan to get his young sister’s heart,’ which resulted in his thin cheeks.

“Can’t you please do something about that, sir”

“The situation will get worse if I go there now.”

Bayhan patted the young knight’s shoulder, cheering him up.

“Hang in there a bit more.”

“A bit more”

He smiled at the new knight who was shocked, then turned his back to the drill hall.

One thing for sure was that he shouldn’t meet Orion for the time being.

On his way to his room, he unintentionally turned his head to the garden at the presence he noticed.

He saw the harmonious Duke couple there.

The woman who let hang her long, scarlet hair looked so young and beautiful that it was hard to believe that she already had a teenager daughter.

She was talking with the Duke while holding his arm, displaying cute smiling eyes.

Madam Tatiana.

The flower of society.

The subject of all sorts of men’s desires.

The woman who was involved in numerous rumors and scandals and all together the subject of jealousy from all women.

If he thought about it, it was definitely a curious thing.

Was it possible to not irritate those arrogant nobles when she always behaved as she pleased

She was known to have no backing.

Was it really possible for her with only her charm and artistic talent

A shout from far away was directed to him while he was deep in thought.

“Sir, the Captain gathered all the knights!”

Hm Is he finally exploding now

Bayhan nodded his head lightly.

“Overnight training.”

“I feel like dying because I can’t go home and see my cute little kids.”

“Finally I can warm up after a while.


Bayhan replied to the complaining knight as he twisted his stiff shoulder.

Lloyd Jeffrey who was standing stiffly next to them dropped his jaw down.

The senior knight next to him slapped the back of the pitiful youngest.

“He likes training.”




“He is a knight and his hobby is swordsmanship.

He doesn’t have girlfriends, cute kids, or even parents for him to be filial to.

Swords are everything in his life.”

While holding a sword with a bright face that stomped down on the whole knight order, Bayhan walked to the drill hall.

Should I not clear this problem for a while to make everyone train hard

If that thinking method of his was found out by the other knights, it would make them end up with foam in their mouths.


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