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C460: Red Aura / Cruz

If I don’t do something, the golden magicraft will get me…

It was only a moment in time, but after much hesitation, I made my decision.

“Reina! It can’t be helped, let’s activate the magical awakening.

If we don’t do anything we will be defeated.”

Although we had only known each other for a short time, I understood that Reina was a woman of even greater pride than I was.

She hated defeat.

“Victory is more important than life, I understand.

Let’s not play games, Cruz.

Please activate the demon awakening with me.”

She was wary of me so she said to activate it at the same time.

Of course, I had considered that idea, but it would have been troublesome later on, so I gave up on it and agreed to the simultaneous activation.

“Give me power with my life as sustenance! Activate the demon awakening!”

My voice and Reina’s overlap – and intense pain shoots through my body.

I was terrified by the sensation that my lifespan was being devoured but the feeling was short-lived.

Soon, I felt a surge of power that replaced the fear with a sense of elation and pleasure.

“Hmph–that’s an addictive sensation…….Not bad.”

The two machines, Dominion and Aphrodite, were enveloped in a bright red aura.

The golden magicraft seems to be a little wary of the change in our magicrafts but it’s too late now, it should bow down before our overwhelming power.

Aphrodite, who was originally a speed type, approached the golden magicraft with surprising swiftness; however, the golden magicraft reacted to even that movement.

The scythe strike, intended to go for the neck, was blocked by its shield and the golden magicraft immediately counterattacked with the axe in its right hand that Reyna barely avoided.

The golden magic machine unleashes a follow-up blow as it chases after Aphrodite, who dodges to the side.

The golden magicraft axe and Aphrodite’s scythe clash violently.

The attack and defense become a clash of auras, and a violent flash of light is scattered in the surroundings.

The two were surprised to see such an evenly matched attack and defense.

After all, the golden magicraft is also using magic awakening…….

While the golden magicraft kept its eyes on Aphrodite, Dominion circled above and got behind it.

At the right moment, it released a spear strike as it swooped down.

Dominion’s power and speed jumped up due to the magical awakening, but unbelievably, the golden magicraft reacted to the blow.

Pushing Aphrodite back with an axe strike, it turned around and held up its shield.

I could no longer change its trajectory and the spear hit the shield.

The clash of auras caused a large explosion and the flying Dominion was unable to stand its ground and was blown away by the blast.


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