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Chapter 1040: Informing Feng Yang

After Feng Yang listened to Yun Xis plan, he did not know how to react and just looked at her blankly.

The look on his handsome face was a little surprised and full of disbelief.

There was even a hint of amazement and appreciation.

Yes, he had known she was not a simple girl right from the first time hed met her.

From the minefield on the border to the present day, everything she had done had been extraordinary.

He was constantly amazed at how the little Yun Xi he had first met had gotten stronger and stronger every time he encountered her.

In the plan that she had laid out to him just now, she had included all the families in Jingdu, including the three noble families.

To disrupt this balance, she needed to have the support of the three noble families.

Not only had she successfully gotten their support, but even the Young Commander of Jun Country was allowing her to be in charge of what was going on.

She had already set up her chessboard in order to do all the things that no one else in Jingdu had ever dared to think of or to do.

Looking at the overall situation, he could see that her methods were clever and that she had each step well planned out.

Some of her tactics were completely unscrupulous.

A newborn calf was not afraid of tigers.

It was precisely this kind of courage that made him feel that she was worthy of admiration.

“Are these your intentions or the Young Commanders”

He felt that he might need to get to know this girl in front of him better.

“They are mine, but its also what the Young Commander wants.

I wish to attempt to do what the Young Commander wanted to do but didnt do.”

“You have just started university.

How can you already have such big…”

Feng Yang finally landed on a suitable word, “…ambitions The Young Commander carries so many responsibilities on his shoulders.

Have you ever thought about how much trouble this is going to cause for the Young Commander Disrupting the balance of power You are not doing whatever you want just because he treats you differently, am I right”

Yun Xi chuckled softly.

“I cant talk about ambitions.

I have always wanted to do this.

The Young Commander is going to be the key to my success, but even without his help, I believe I can achieve my goals by my own means.”

The iced water formed a layer of mist on the glass that she held in her hand.

“The reason why the Young Commander has always tolerated Crocodiles reckless behavior in Jun Country is because of his concerns that a slight move in one part of the balance of power might affect the entire situation.

He has hesitated because he worries that there will be too many things happening at once and it might turn into chaos.

But I am different.

I believe in going all out if I want to so I have set up the chessboard.

It just so happens that the Young Commander also had this same idea, and we have hit it off.”

“What you want to do… What grudges do you have in this matter that make you want to go through so much effort”

The seeds she planted were brewing up a turbulent storm!

The whole situation in Jingdu was going to be discombobulated.

Once she had disrupted the balance, she would inevitably become the center of the vortex.

To protect their own interests from harm, all the people who were being threatened by her would definitely try to get rid of her as soon as possible.

She was just an ordinary little girl without solid familial support, and she was not so strong that she could make her targets shrink back.

What she relied on now was the protection of the Young Commander.

Once the day came when her enemies wanted to attack her, even the Young Commander might not be able to save her.

She had such courage that he could not help but wonder who she held a grudge against.

Otherwise, why would she force herself into a situation where there was no turning back.

“I have a grudge against the Han family,” Yun Xi said.

She had no intention of hiding it from him.

“Because of what Han Wanling did to you”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows, neither admitting nor denying anything.

If this was what he thought, then so be it.

No one would believe it if she told of her grievances from her previous life.

“Since you already know that the Feng family is also a member of Crocodile, what are you going to do By telling me this, arent you afraid that I will unite with them and go against you and the Young Commander”

Yun Xi shrugged casually.

It was not that she hadnt considered this issue, but that she believed he was not such a person.

It was precisely because of her trust in him that she did not treat him as an enemy.

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