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Chapter 1054: Best Tactician

Chen Yichen was waiting for Yun Xi in the hallway.

He asked if she would be willing to pay Old Madame Chen a visit as she had been under the weather and the family doctor had not been able to detect any issues.

Yun Xi was about to agree, but then she had subconsciously caught a glimpse of Liang Xinyi exiting from a back door in the corner and going up a staircase.

Her sneaky demeanor suggested that she was up to no good.

It was not long after Liang Xinyi had left that Yun Xi saw Qiao Ximin, who had attended with her father, follow suit.

Turning around, she gave Chen Yichen a smile.

“Ill head over with you when the banquet is over.

If its too late, Ill go over tomorrow morning.

That way we wont disrupt Old Madame Chens rest.”

Chen Yichen nodded.

“All right, lets head in then.”

Yun Xi eyed the spot Liang Xinyi had used and excused herself to go to the washroom.

She let Zhao Yumo head in to the banquet first and used the washroom excuse to follow Liang Xinyi and Qiao Ximin into the stairwell unnoticed.

She could hear light footsteps echoing on the stairs.

Yun Xi quickly determined the direction of the footsteps and followed them, treading lightly.

Emerging from the stairwell, Liang Xinyi sprinted toward a pillar behind the first-floor swimming pool.

Taking advantage of the dim lights, she unplugged the security camera that was monitoring the swimming pool.

Yun Xi concealed herself behind a potted plant.

She was now able to see Qiao Ximin, who was watching Liang Xinyi from a corner, and Liang Xinyi, who was scurrying away.

The positioning of these three resembled a poacher watching a leopard watching an antelope.

The moment Liang Xinyi left Qiao Ximin poked her head around the corner.

Looking up, she saw the empty monitor socket and remembered the scene she had witnessed in the hallway.

It had not occurred to her that Yun Xi had this many enemies.

But it was a good situation.

The more enemies she had, the more weapons Qiao Ximin had against her.

Especially now when she had intended to use her to get close to the Young Commander, being on good terms with her was extremely important.

Even so, she should support Liang Xinyi this time and deepen the animosity between the two.

When the time came, she would use the relationship that she had with Liang Xinyi to help her take care of Yun Xi.

At that moment, she could step out and be the mediator, and not only would she offend no one, but she would earn their favor as well.

Sunk deeply in her plans, Qiao Ximin could not help but smile arrogantly as she stood on tiptoes near the socket and plugged it back in.

She did not know why Liang Xinyi had disconnected the security monitor, but it was definitely not something that was well-intentioned.

All of the guests were on the second floor, yet she had run to the first floor to do this.

It was no doubt that this was meant to sabotage Yun Xi, because there was no one else that she hated more at tonights banquet.

Once she had finished with the monitor, Qiao Ximin gave her surroundings one more quick survey before hurrying back into the stairwell.

There was a good show waiting for her.

Yun Xi watched the sequence and the replugged-in monitor in amusement and laughed lightly.

The twos tactics were as clumsy as always.

She had guessed that Liang Xinyi unplugging the security monitor had to do with her, but Qiao Ximins involvement had dug Liang Xinyis grave even deeper.

She wondered if Qiao Ximin thought that she was going to be as easily fooled as she had been in her past life.

Those who had died once would do anything possible to live again.

Therefore, when it came to tactics, she was more vicious than anyone else.

The current situation was good.

Qiao Ximin had unwittingly given her an opening to attack.

If she had not done anything, it would have been a challenge for Yun Xi to target her weak spots.

But now she had given all that to Yun Xi free of charge.

It did not matter whether her actions today had been to side with Liang Xinyi or to side with her, everything was still going according to plan.

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