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Chapter 1139: Ill Do Anything for You

Truth be told, Yun Xi did not really care for the sweet words of a love confession.

Mu Feichi had packed their daily interactions with them regardless, and often shed felt as if she was soaked in a jar of honey.

Their conversation almost got lost in his sweet comments.

However, Yun Xi was certain Mu Feichi was serious.

The fact that a serious Mu Feichi was hard to come by made his declaration more terrifying in Yun Xis eyes.

Hence, Yun Xi resorted to blinking in response.

She was worried there were more traps being laid ahead of her, and knowing how Mu Feichi was she knew she could not compete with him.

Seeing that Yun Xi had not responded to his question, Mu Feichi thought that Yun Xi wanted the confession as well.

After a moment of silent thought, Mu Feichi spoke up.

“Tell me, babe, what kind of confession do you want The romantic kind A more assertive one Ill do anything that satisfies you.

If you want an inch, Ill give you a yard.

As long as I can, I will.

Who cares what the world thinks, I will do anything for you.”

“…” Yun Xi did not for a moment doubt this confession from Mu Feichi, nor did she question the sincerity of his brazen declaration.

He was Mu Feichi, and he would keep his promises.

Yun Xi did not doubt that at all.

For Yun Xi, all he had said was enough.

She was only teasing him when she asked for a confession.

She did not need anything of that kind.

She remembered Han Yaotians confession from her past life.

She remembered how moved she had been by the promises of a passionate romance.

Shed felt as if she was at the top of the world.

But it had all come crashing down, and she had landed in the depths of h*ll in the end.

Mu Feichi delicately pinched Yun Xins chin and chuckled.

“If you cant make any decisions, then I will plan everything myself.”

The rare appearance of kindness on the complexion of a battle-hardened soldier was enough to send Yun Xis mind into a dizzying spell.

She felt as if she could almost drown in the passion of his love.

“Work on this matter first! I will give you a surprise later.”

Yun Xi frowned in confusion.

“What are you talking about, planning it” She blinked.

There was a world of difference between a secret relationship and a relationship that the entire country was aware of.

“Just do whatever you wish.

I will respect your decisions no matter what you choose.”

He had made it clear that he would never pressure her into accepting or doing anything.

Even in this case, even if it meant it would continue to hurt his emotions, he would accept it.

“Dont wanna wrong me, do you Then make sure you are mentally prepared.

Theres still time for you to reconsider, so no rush at all.”

“…” He may have been putting on a show previously, but ultimately he still gave her the time and the space to consider the situation.

He was not going to force her hand in anything.

How could Yun Xi let any harm affect someone like him

No matter the rain or the storm or the hurricanes that might come their way in their future, she would do whatever it took to shoulder it with him.

Keeping Yun Xis face gently in his hands, Mu Feichi gave Qi Yuan a look, and he moved to leave the monitoring room.

Outside the investigation unit, Mu Feichi took out his cell phone and dialed Gu Baifan.

“Do up an asset valuation of all my properties for me, and send it up to Tianyu Mountain by 6:00 pm.”

“Ah Why do you need the asset valuation, Young Master Theres no way we can produce an accurate one this quickly.”

“A rough estimate is good enough.

All I need is proof of my assets.

You dont need to get into the details.”

“Why do you need this, Young Master”

This sudden request had given Gu Baifan quite a scare.

He had no idea what the Mu familys Young Master was planning to do.

On any ordinary day, Mu Feichi had always been nonchalant about his net worth or how many assets he owned.

He had checked it once or twice, but it was not a big concern for him.

So his sudden request for his balance sheets was strange.

Moreover, there were numerous companies under the Mu Corporation, and it would be tough to consolidate their value at once.

Each company had to consolidate its accounts before reporting to the main corporation.

It would take days to obtain the roughest estimate.

“I want to confess to my love.

I have to be sincere, you know”

“Dont confessions usually involve flowers and not…net worth evaluations Is this okay, Young Master”

“Oh, and dont forget to buy a bouquet too.”

“Buy…what flowers And how many” This entire exchange had knocked Gu Baifans shoes right off his feet.

Why did the master suddenly ask such illogical things

It was unheard of.

He had never met anyone who would use their asset valuation as a way to confess their love.

If he had not known who Miss Yun was and what character she possessed, he would have been worried.

Any woman who had seen the number of zeros on the Young Commanders net worth estimate would agree in a heartbeat.

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