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Chapter 1172: Machinations

Han Wanlings hostage situation had forced the Han Corporation to take out a lump sum to handle the protest from the workers.

For Han Wanling, who had intended to settle the workers strike with her methods, it was completely unexpected that she would end up utterly defeated and even humiliated.

The issue hadnt been settled, and the workers of the Lian Cheng Company had not yet been pacified when the media exposed the latest spending of the Han family.

The large sums had then triggered much more anger toward them from the public.

As the internal offices of the Han Corporation delayed their conflict-resolution plans, the corporations staff became more and more anxious.

Han Yaotian bore the weight of the pressure as he time and again promised the shareholders that their profit margins would not be affected in board meetings.

He had repeated his promise again and again, but this series of crises had made the shareholders lose their faith in Han Yaotian.

Many of them had been plotting their paths of escape ever since the news of CEO Han Hongbins arrest.

Simultaneously, Yun Xi had instructed Gu Baifan to purchase the shares from smaller shareholders while Mu Feichi asked him to reach out to bigger shareholders and amass the shares they had on hand.

It took less than three days for Gu Baifan to hand a detailed report on the transfer of shares to Yun Xi.

She flipped through the information as she listened to Gu Baifan explain who which shares had belonged to and whose hands it had been through.

She was unfazed by the names hed listed.

They were the same men from her last life.

Their approach to the Han Corporation had not changed, and they placed profit over all else.

All they wanted was someone to make money for them while they sat back and relaxed.

Seeing what had happened to the Han Corporation and its high likelihood of bankruptcy, they seemed rather eager to pass the shares on before the bankruptcy materialized.

“Yun Xi, in your hands is 35 percent of the Han Corporations shares.

Those are enough to join the board of directors if you wish to be a bigger shareholder…”

Gu Baifan gave the man who was cuddling Great White on the couch a look and directly expressed the love-sick mans intentions.

“No worries about that either.

If you want to acquire the Han Corporation, it might need a bit of planning.

After all, if we were to leave a spot open in the four wealthiest families, an equally powerful family needs to take their place.

I doubt the Zhao family is ready yet.”

“I understand.

Yumo is of age, but I doubt that she can hold up the family yet.

However, I dont want to wait.

If shes not strong enough, she still has Jiang Chenghuan behind her, so nothing too bad will be able to happen.”

Her plans had kickstarted, and she could not risk letting Yumos development get in the way.

Otherwise, Yun Xi would have a hard time gaining control of the situation again.

She had a good knowledge of Yumos strengths and tactics, and she felt sure that she would be in good shape after a bit of experience and practice.

“Thats good, I will head back to prepare.

If we can take this opportunity to take the Han Corporation down, we have a higher chance of winning.”

“Then Ill await your good news.”


Han Yaotian wishes to meet you, Young Commander.

Will you see him”

Mu Feichi raised his brows and replied with no hesitation.

“I know what he wants.

Do you think I should meet him”

“Pretend I didnt say anything.

I will go get things ready right away.”

It was Gu Baifans instincts that reminded him that perhaps it was not the right time for him to be on Tianyu Mountain.

This explained the sour expression the Young Commander had had on ever since hed stepped foot into the living room.

He was the most oblivious third wheel.

As Gu Baifan took off, Mu Feichi released Great White and went straight to Yun Xi.

“Why the sudden change I thought you said Zhao Yumo did not have what it takes to carry this family”

“Jiang Chenghuan was right.

All he can teach is theory.

The only way for her to grow is for her to experience how it is.”

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