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Chapter 1174: The Will, but Not the Strength

With so many major happenings going on with the Han family, especially with Han Hongbin being implicated in drugs and murder, Han Yaotian was not stupid, and he definitely knew where his problems lay.

“If Chairman Han is asking me for help to get you out of this mess the Han Group is in, then you should realize that you are wasting your time.

Your father attacked me and tried to kill me.

I really am not the kind of person to be magnanimous and tolerant.

At this point, she no longer needed to be friendly to Han Yaotian.

“Since you have come to look for me, you must know that my relationship with the Young Commander is not shallow.

Because of me, the Young Commander will not interfere or help in this matter.

The Han familys current crisis and predicament are all your own fault.

I really cant help you.”

The news that Han Hongbin had hired someone to kill her had spread like wildfire in the media.

She really did not know where Han Yaotian got his confidence to dare to seek her out.

“Dont, Yun Xi… Im not sure about the accident.

If my father really did it, hes been arrested.

When everything is investigated, hell be punished by the law.

But if theres been any misunderstanding here…”

“Misunderstanding” Yun Xi raised her head with a cold smile and scoffed lightly.

“The evidence is conclusive.

Youre saying its a misunderstanding Chairman Han, everyone knows what your father did.

Regardless of whether you believe it or not, the Young Commander will not help with the Han Groups problems.

Even if you were allowed to see him, its useless.

You should be glad that the Young Commander didnt take any actions against you guys in this matter.

What you really should be doing is standing in your office right now, waiting for the Han Group to be acquired.

Instead of wasting your time here with me, why dont you try to think of a way to resolve the Han Groups current crisis”

Han Yaotian frowned, his expression dark and unreadable.

The look he turned on Yun Xi was strange.

“If it hadnt been for the Young Commander laying his hands on the Han Group, the Han Group wouldnt have so many overwhelming problems right now.

Yun Xi…”

As soon as Han Yaotian opened his mouth, Yun Xi understood why he had come to look for her today.

It had been partly to meet the Young Commander, but also to probe her.

Unfortunately, he was going to be disappointed.

In the first place, Mu Feichi had not interfered in this matter.

She was the real mastermind behind everything, so trying to probe her to gain some kind of advantage was useless.

He probably would never have imagined that the person who would attack him would be a young girl like her.

Her show had just begun…so how could she let him go so easily

“The Han Groups problems are all internal problems of your own making.

What has this got to do with the Young Commander I just told you that if the Young Commander had taken any action, he would probably have been even more ruthless.

She really did not want to waste her breath on him any longer.

Yun Xi took a deep breath.

“Chairman Han, you should go back to your office.

It wasnt a wise decision to come looking for the Young Commander or me.”

Without waiting for Han Yaotian to respond, Yun Xi directly turned around and left.

In her previous life, she had been the one who had helped him resolve the Han Groups crises.

She had also sacrificed half of her life to cushion the financial turnover of the company.

In this life, he was going to have to face the same crisis alone without her help.

She wanted to see how he would resolve it.

If he could not come up with a solution before her counterattack, then she had overestimated him.

“Yun Xi…” Han Yaotian still wanted to say something, but Yun Xi had already left.

From start to finish, hed never been able to think of a good reason to ask her for help.

She spoke directly, and her attitude was clear as day.

If the Young Commander hadnt taken any actions against the Han Group, who could it have been

He kept feeling like a pair of hands were controlling him from behind, but judging from Yun Xis tone, she really did not seem to be lying.

If the person behind him had been the Young Commander, it was true that it would have been impossible for him to feel so relaxed.

However, he was unable to retaliate because he didnt know where the threat was coming from.

Han Hongbin had been arrested, and the Han Group had lost its backbone.

On the other hand, he had just taken over the company.

Even though the will was there, he lacked the strength.

Especially now that the situation was solely his responsibility, he had yet to come up with any solution.

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