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Chapter 1188: The Chessboard Gets Crazy

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It had been decided that Yi Qianmo would stay at Mu Mansion on Tianyu Mountain.

It was a convenient location to train special units and select those suitable to join the anti-terrorist units.

Yun Xi had returned to her normal routine of lessons, but she maintained a watchful eye on the methods that the Han Corporation was taking in order to handle the crisis they were undergoing.

Although Han Hongbin had been arrested, he hadnt been charged and found guilty in court yet.

Also, now with the intervention of some higher officials, there was pressure to bail him out.

Yun Xi pondered whether she had overestimated what Han Hongbin was capable of.

If this crisis was enough to tie his hands, if she decided to toss the Han Corporation a couple more crises, she would have truly backed him into a corner.

They couldnt get to Mu Feichi.

So their last resort was to either approach the Prime Ministers network or figure out a way to handle it themselves.

Nevertheless, Yun Xi believed that there would be something gained with the bait already thrown into the water.

The bait of the Han family had been cast, and bigger gains would be hooked onto the line soon.

Aside from the other three most wealthy families and the three noble families, the only one with the power to aid the Han family would be the Prime Minister, who had so far kept a low profile throughout all these events.

The other wealthy families would not use this opportunity to go against Mu Feichi, and the three noble families were with Mu Feichi on all of these issues.

She was sure that the Prime Minister would not pass up this opportunity to deepen his ties with the Han family.

The Prime Minister would make his move sooner or later.

It mattered little to Yun Xi whether the Han family would be able to untangle itself from its current problems.

She had plotted against the Han family and now stood on its board of directors and was planning to use the family as bait.

She could not think of a better way for Han Yaotian and Qiao Ximin to meet and for them to fight and love each other with burning passion.

The two had used her in her past life and linked up behind her back.

Yun Xi was certain she would be able to expose the world of their dirty deeds in this life.

However, before that, she had to ensure that the Qiao family was in position.

The reminder that Mu Feichi had given her had been timely, and it had given her a better game to play.

It was time for the Han family to step down and for the Qiao family to take their place.

The two families would then be joined in marriage with the blessing of the Prime Minister.

By tapping into Han Yaotians character, there was no doubt he would strike while the iron was hot and use the Qiao family for his own ends.

She would not put it beyond Han Yaotian to have planned the marriage beforehand.

He would take in the Qiao family by marrying Qiao Ximin and use them to strengthen the Han family so that he could make further gains.

There was nothing Han Yaotain did not dare to do.

She had witnessed much of his underhanded methods in her last life.

If his partner changed to Qiao Ximin in this life, Yun Xi was certain of giving the couple her blessings.

Yun Xi had to acknowledge that Mu Feichis plans were rather sinister.

All it had taken was a few words from him to clear up the entire situation and set Yun Xi on her course to victory.

The chessboard was getting more and more interesting.

The Qiao family estate had not experienced any peace recently due to the quarrels between Qiao Ximin and Qiao Lixin.

The two had been fighting over who was going to represent the family in reclaiming the failed project between the Han family and the Mu family.

Both were unwilling to back down from the opportunity of sharing a project with the Mu Corporation.

Qiao Lixin had the experience of meeting the Mu Corporation representative Gu Baifan and successfully closing the deal on the project from the mayor, and he was using this as evidence of his capabilities to Qiao Dehao.

Even if Qiao Ximin was the child their father doted on, Qiao Lixin had still been the one who had obtained the collaborative project with the Mu Corporation.

He could finally show off in front of Qiao Ximin.

“You have never even met the Young Commander before, much less talked business with him.

Im currently responsible for a project working with the Mu Corporation.

I have better chances of meeting with Gu Baifan and discussing this project with him.

I should be the one going.”

“You already have a project, so focus on that.

Seeing how careless you are, you will never succeed by trying to butt into others business.”

“Dont underestimate me.

If you have what it takes, then you go talk to the Young Commander yourself.

Though if he rejected Han Wanling, I doubt he would be willing to work with you.”

“Be quiet!”

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