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Chapter 1281: Invest for a Bright Future

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The moment Liang Xiuqin and Yun Ziling stepped into the store, they could tell that it was completely different from the stores that they normally visited.

Whether it was the interior design or the store assistants exemplary service, there was a world of difference between this high-end store and the kind of stores they had visited in the past.

However, the more upscale the place, the more Liang Xiuqins heart sank, and the hand holding onto Yun Ziling trembled uncontrollably.

Being in a store like this meant any piece of clothing would of course easily cost a fortune.

They certainly didnt have enough money to be shopping at this store.

Especially after Yun Xi, the messenger of death, had returned, Liang Xiuqin had had access to less and less money.

Her health spa had had to close down and the monetary authority that came with being the head of the household had fallen into Yao Yings hands.

Now she was forced to live off the pocket money that Yun Yuanfeng gave her each month, which meant she was basically having to pinch pennies all the time.

Seeing the friendly and attentive store assistant approaching them, Liang Xiuqin turned and whispered to Yun Ziling, “The clothes here must cost a fortune.

Lets go to another store.”

“Mom, look at how beautiful these dresses are.

Have you forgotten that the invitation states we need to be wearing formal attire Jingdu Tower is the place with the most exclusive boutiques in the city.

No one would ever criticize our outfits if we wore any single piece of clothing bought from here.

Besides, an extravagant banquet hosted by the Jiang family is not an event just anyone can attend.

All those who have been invited must be either celebrities or women of good backgrounds.

Do you really want me to feel inferior to them”

Taste in clothing determined a persons identity.

It did not matter whether they had been high born or with an influential background, so long as she was well-dressed, she was confident she would not fall short standing beside the rest of them.

Whats more, they were going there to butter up Aunt Jiang, who ran Jingdu High School.

Not only that, they had to try their best to get the attention of Young Master Jiang in order to pave the way for their future.

They may not have been able to latch themselves onto the most influential bachelor of the Jiang household, but it did not mean that they could not get acquainted with the other relatives of the Jiangs using their connections to that wretched Yun Xi.

Fortunately, the Yuns were considered a well-to-do family in Jingdu.

So what if she had been born with a frail heart If she could latch herself onto some rich bachelor, she could certainly attain a higher standing than that d*mned Yun Xi.

Therefore, this time, she was going to make the most of this opportunity she had been given.

Even if she couldnt hit the jackpot, there would still be plenty of other rich bachelors attending the banquet, and someone was bound to take the bait.

“Besides, you have to invest in your child so that she can have a bright future.

Just wait until I claw my way up to high society, then Ill be a good daughter to you.

When the time comes, the money you spend today will certainly be considered well worthwhile.”

“But…” Liang Xiuqin wanted to say that she had only so much, and not a penny more.

They may not be able to afford the clothes here at all.

However, now the store assistant was already upon them.

Yun Ziling stood up straight and struck up a conversation with the assistant, acting as if she was a daughter from a posh family who just shopped and swiped as she pleased.

Liang Xiuqin followed behind her anxiously, with a bag on one arm and her head bowed like a nanny.

She couldnt figure out how to get out of this awkward situation if it turned out that she really didnt have enough money.

Yun Ziling circled around the store.

She liked all the dresses on the mannequins.

Every one of them was just her style.

She was having a difficult time deciding which one to pick.

After a hard struggle, she chose a peachy-pink lace and tulle dress.

Oblivious to how Liang Xiuqin was feeling, she went off with the store assistant to try it on.

Outside the fitting room, Liang Xiuqin looked meekly at the store assistant waiting outside and asked in a hushed tone, “How much does the dress cost”

The store assistant smiled politely and explained, “The young lady has a good eye.

The dress she chose is the latest creation by our designer.

There is only one in all of Jingdu.

It is fully handmade, and its priced at 38,888.

Since our branch here was newly opened, we can give you a 10 percent discount, which makes it only 35,000.

And if the size doesnt fit, we offer free alterations too.”

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“What 35,000 Thats so expensive!”

Upon hearing the price, Liang Xiuqin jumped off the couch and gaped at the smiling assistant in astonishment.

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