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Chapter 1292: Heroic Aura

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Ina corridor on the hotels third floor, Yan Jiaren stood quietly at the elevator.

Upon seeing her, one of her bodyguards looked toward the end of the aisle and then spoke in a low voice, “The Young Commander just came out of the VIP room, and he is sitting in the communal area.”

“I got it.

All of you can leave now.” Yan Jiaren took a deep breath and walked toward where Mu Feichi was.

The soft carpet cushioned and muted the clicking of her heels.

In the small communal area, Mu Feichi sat alone on a small sofa next to the window with a laptop open in front of him.

He happened to be facing the corridor where Yan Jiaren was walking, and he looked up as soon as she approached.

Mu Feichis cold eyes fell on the uninvited Yan Jiaren.

With dissatisfaction about this disturbance written all over his face, he scrutinized her with a sharp look.

Yan Jiaren felt as if she was standing outside in the icy snow after just one look from him.

This man was still indifferent and arrogant toward women.

‘What an overweening arrogance.

However, when it was a battlefield hero like him acting so arrogantly, she wasnt disgusted at all.

He had a mysterious charm that could attract women who had an obsession for heroic figures.

In Yan Jiarens eyes, frivolous wealthy young masters, ruthless elite businessmen, or fashionable, elegant gentlemen all lacked the unique qualities that she saw in Mu Feichi.

Mu Feichi was different from other men.

He had been born into a noble family, and it seemed as if he had been born with a certain amount of arrogance and aloofness.

Even though he spent most of his time with the army, the Mu familys businesses were never adversely affected after he assumed the role

of decision-making for his family.

He was a soldier.

It was his determination and powerful heroic aura that made her crazily in love with him.

Her Yan family wasnt one of the most important families in Jingdu.

However, they were backed by the wealthy, well-known Jiang family, giving them a little more leverage than other regular families.

Yan Jiaren had studied and worked hard overseas so that she could be worthy of him and be with him in the future.

If not for the fact that she had received some unconfirmed gossip, she wouldnt have returned home in such a hurry.

She had asked her cousin to send the party invitation on her behalf, thinking that he would accept and show up to celebrate her return.

Though he did show up in the end, it obviously wasnt for her.

“Young Commander…” Yan Jiaren walked toward him with her usual smile on her face.

She looked at him as if she was the owner of the place he was seated in.

“Lam holding a party downstairs, and I heard that you happened to be up here too.

I hope that I am not bothering you.”

Standing before him, Yan Jiaren unconsciously softened her stance and attitude.

She didnt dare to be overly arrogant, as she was worried that Mu Feichi would think of her as a defiant, uncultured young lady.

However, her actions did not work on Mu Feichi at all.

Instead, he looked again at the surveillance footage he was watching on his laptop, keeping an eye on every movement and action at the party.

Yun Ziling and Liang Xinyi continued to argue with each other, not knowing that they had already attracted much attention.

‘Two of her guests were causing a stir, but Yan Jiaren had come to look for him instead of dealing with it.

If she didnt return to the party right away, Yun Xis plan might just fail because of him.

Yan Jiaren leaving the party venue was something that had happened that was out of Yun Xis control when she made the plan.

After all, he didnt expect Yan Jiaren to come looking for him either.

However, when he was watching the surveillance footage and saw her leaving the party, he immediately knew

someone had exposed his whereabouts.

With a frown on his face, Mu Feichi turned his laptop to Yan Jiaren and said casually, “Miss Yan, something is happening at your party.”

Yan Jiaren looked at the laptop screen.

However, instead of focusing on what was happening, she was puzzled about why he was monitoring the party.

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