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Jiang Chenghuan drove to Mount Tianyu early in the morning.

As Mu Feichi was not able to attend the Socialite Ball, Jiang Chenghuan decided to take her there as her brother instead.

Yun Xi looked at the man looking dashing in his suit standing by the car.

She resisted the urge to tell him that him showing up at the event was pretty much the same as Mu Feichi going there.

However, since she was going to attend the ball under the Jiang familys name, she decided that it would be fine.

Jiang Chenghuan almost laughed when he saw Mu Feichi coming out with Yun Xi to see her off.

His expression looked like he was worried that his wife would go out and have fun with another man.

“If you arent happy with me taking her there, why dont you do it yourself” the head of the Jiang family couldnt help but joke.

“Im only dropping her at the entrance anyway.

It doesnt matter whos taking her there.”

“Sure thing,” Mu Feichi nodded without changing his expression.

Jiang Chenghuan could not hide his shocked expression, not expecting that his best friend would actually agree to it.

“Hey!” Jiang Chenghuan quickly stopped Mu Feichi, who was already pulling Yun Xi to the vehicle.

“Didnt we agree that Im going to drive her there Look at you.

You are still in your pajamas too.”

He had instantly regretted trying to make fun of the Young Commander.

However, Mu Feichi ignored his friend and went into the backseat of Jiang Chenghuans car with Yun Xi.

The head of the Jiang family could only let out a sigh and climbed into the passenger seat.

He was once again reminded to not make fun of Mu Feichi.

“Are you sure you want to go dressed in that” Yun Xi turned to look at Mu Feichi.

Although he was still in his pajamas, he still looked even more decent than Jiang Chenghuan, who was wearing a suit.

It just proved that a persons character was important as well.

“Im not getting out of the car.

I will be watching from the car,” Mu Feichi replied and turned to Jiang Chenghuan.

“Hey, your cousin didnt get to participate in the previous ball, right Will she be participating this year”

“You mean Jiang Yuwen” With a click of his tongue, Jiang Chenghuans smile immediately disappeared upon the mention of his eldest uncles daughter.

“Shes going to.

How dumb can she be She wasnt that young during the previous ball, and now shes still trying to participate.

She just wants to show that shes better than Qi Siyu.

Seriously, people are going to laugh at her for wanting to beat someone younger than her.”

Mu Feichi did not comment on that and turned to Yun Xi.

“Remember, this Jiang Yuwen has quite the princess syndrome.

If she learns that you are participating under the Jiang familys name, shes going to cause you some trouble.

Keep a low profile.

But, if word goes around, you can put the blame on someone else.”

“On who” Yun Xi raised her brow and asked with a faint smile, “Who do you have in mind, my dear Young Commander”

“Who do you think” Mu Feichi grinned as he gently pinched her cheek.

“Qi Siyu is one of the judges for the pre-judging.

If she is really bugging you, then why not let them fight each other instead Sometimes, you dont have to get rid of someone with your own hands.”

“Thats a great idea!” Yun Xi nodded.

It seemed to her that Mu Feichi was much more knowledgeable in fights between women than she was—to the point where he could give her hints on how to handle such a mess.

“You dont have to worry about humiliating the Jiang familys name either,” Jiang Chenghuan added, giving Yun Xi his assurance.

“Do whatever you want.

Im the final judge so I wont help them.

Still, even if you somehow offend my cousin, why do you have to worry about a thing Im the head here.

What can she do to me”

“Makes sense.

Looks like you two are definitely the best in coming up with ruthless ideas, huh”

For the two men to give her the right to do anything she wanted at the pre-judging, it almost seemed as if they wanted her to turn the whole Socialite Ball upside-down.

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