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That was the first time—in both of Yun Xis lives—seeing the actual Prime Ministers daughter standing in front of her.

Qi Siyu was just as Yun Xi had heard.

The way she moved was gentle and elegant, without an ounce of arrogance.

She was the perfect picture of what a noblewoman should act like.

Compared to Jiang Yuwen, whose only focus was on another persons family background, it was clear who the winner was among them.

“Each and every one of the heads of the Three Great Clans can recommend a lady to participate in the pre-judging no matter who they are or where they are from.

This custom has been going on for generations.

And, Im sure that Mr.

Jiang wouldnt just pick any woman off the street.

How can you…”

Qi Siyu paused as she was caught by surprise when she turned around and saw Yun Xi.

She couldnt help but think that if Yun Xi was there, there was a high chance that the Young Commander was somewhere nearby as well.

Even if Mu Feichi wasnt there, then at the very least, Jiang Chenghuan would be present as Yun Xi was recommended by him.

“… direct your anger at her Isnt that too absurd” Qi Siyu managed to quickly regain her wits and finish her sentence.

She couldnt help but shift her attention to the black Bentley that was parked just outside the entrance.

The Prime Ministers daughter had already noticed the Bentley when she arrived.

At first, she just thought that it belonged to the family of one of the participants who had not left yet.

However, even though it was blocking the road, causing a huge traffic problem behind them, the car remained parked there.

The way the owner of the car acted instantly reminded her of Mu Feichi.

Coincidentally, when Qi Siyu turned her attention to the Bentley, one of the hotel staff approached the car due to the traffic problem.

The moment the window of the backseat was rolled down, the staff immediately respectfully apologized to the man in it.

As the staff bowed, Qi Siyu saw the face of the man in the car.

Although it was just the side of the mans face, it was one that she was very familiar with.

“I suggest everyone go and get some good rest,” Qi Siyu quickly said.

“The pre-judging will begin tomorrow.

Please leave your personal grudges outside, at least until the event is over.

Ill have to take my leave first.”

Qi Siyu sounded as if she was in a hurry when she said that, making the others wonder if she was there to help Yun Xi or not.

Yun Xi watched as the Prime Ministers daughter turned and headed out of the lobby immediately.

She turned to look at the car that was arrogantly parked in the middle of the road and realized where Qi Siyu was going.

She couldnt help but silently exclaim at how smart Qi Siyu actually was.

She was surprised by the fact that the Prime Ministers daughter was able to deduce that Mu Feichi was there, simply by the fact that she was present and the way the car had parked outside.

Mu Feichi had seen Qi Siyu making her way to the car he was in before she even got to the entrance.

He rolled the window back up and yelled at Jiang Chenghuan, “Hey! Go and handle that! If she is even a tiny bit troubled, Ill rip you to pieces.”

“Of course!” When Jiang Chenghuan saw Jiang Yuwen arriving which attracted a huge crowd in the lobby, he could already tell that things had gone south.

However, the reason he remained in his car was that Yun Xi had already said she didnt want to stand out too much and that the sly man behind him would kill him.

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Now that Mu Feichi had told him to handle the matter, he didnt even hesitate to open the door and head out.

Just seconds after Qi Siyu walked out of the hotel, she saw Jiang Chenghuan coming out of the passenger seat of the Bentley.

She quickly put on her best smile, wanting to greet the head of the Jiang family and take the chance to talk to Mu Feichi.

However, before she could even say anything, the car drove out of the driveway and left.

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