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Yun Xi fought back with words, and it took Jiang Henglin a long time to recover from her high and mighty attitude.

It seemed as if she had thought that he was unreasonable right from the beginning.

Jiang Henglin didnt think that he had been unreasonable, and he was definitely serious about getting even with Yun Xi.

“Jiang Henglin, if you feel so wronged, and you feel that you must get back at me, then just come right at me!”

Yun Xi didnt have the patience to deal with a childish and annoying wealthy young master like Jiang Henglin.

She really could not handle him, especially when he was such an unreasonable man.

At that moment, Mu Feichi came to her mind.

He was a mature and sensible young master who was so much easier to deal with than Jiang Henglin.

At the very least, Mu Feichi wouldnt be so unreasonable and hold on to every little grievance.

“You…” Jiang Henglin was stunned for a moment, and then he suddenly felt it was meaningless and petty to be finding fault with her.

However, he couldnt think of any way to answer her, so it became a little awkward.

Yun Xi turned to look at Jiang Qilin, who was trying to hold back his laughter.

Jing Yi had pushed his wheelchair to the side and did not interrupt.

With a calm and relaxed look on his face, it seemed as if Jing Yi was also enjoying the show, watching Jiang Henglin dig himself into a hole.

Neither Jiang Qilin or Jing Yi cared at all.

But Yun Xi did not want to continue chatting with Jiang Henglin.

She turned to Jiang Qilin, “I have something to ask you.

Second Young Master Jiang, you can leave if youve got nothing else to say to me.”

“What is it that I cant listen to” Jiang Henglin didnt care if Yun Xi really had something important to ask Jiang Qilin.

But he was uncomfortable when she tried to chase him away.

Yun Xi ignored Jiang Henglin and turned to Zhao Yumo.

She nodded at her, and Zhao Yumo immediately understood what she meant.

She nodded back at Yun Xi and left.

Standing next to the straightforward and sensible Yun Xi, Jiang Henglins childish and unreasonable attitude seemed absurd.

The stark differences between them felt like a slap across Jiang Henglins face, and he was embarrassed.

So he sneered and turned to leave after Zhao Yumo.

As soon as Jiang Henglin had left, they were the only people in the corridor.

Jiang Qilin couldnt help but laugh.

“I think you are the only one who can deal with him.

If you were to marry into the Jiang family, this boy would definitely be way more obedient.”

“Heaven forbid! Cant you see that he doesnt want to let me off, even though the wedding engagement was called off If I was really in a relationship with him, he would be the death of me.”

Yun Xi waved her hand with a look of scorn on her face.

She wouldnt be able to please this young master no matter what.

“You are a smart girl, so you should know why he is still hovering around you.

He didnt want to let go of you, and he also doesnt know how to face you.

So he chooses the most ridiculous way to hang around you.”

Yun Xi chuckled upon hearing that.

“It is also the way girls hate the most.

And, I am especially not one of those girls who appreciates that, so it wont work on me.

Instead, it will only make me hate him even more.”

Jiang Qilin nodded.

He could tell Yun Xi wouldnt like it.

But even if he could see that, he wouldnt say anything to Jiang Henglin since it was already too late.

The three of them went to the garden together.

Yun Xi stopped walking and turned to look at the man in the wheelchair.

She then scanned the surroundings and asked in a low voice, “Why are you still not going to show that your legs have recovered”

Jiang Qilin was smoothing out the blanket over his knees, and he stopped.

He replied casually, “The timing isnt right yet.”

“Then when is the best time”

“There have been changes among the big four wealthiest families.

After the Qiao family became one of the big four wealthiest families, they had to socialize and attend to many things.

There could even be possible cooperation in the future.

In the past few years, our grandfather had instructed Jiang Henglin to take over what I had been doing.

He is new, inexperienced, and has yet to learn the tricky side of the business world, so things might not be smooth sailing for him.

If it isnt at a very critical moment, I wont be able to show how important I am to the family.”

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