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Separated by a few rows of seats, Liang Xinyi looked at Yun Xi who was on the red carpet.

She looked like a princess, dressed in a resplendent and elegant gown.

Compared to the Western-style evening gowns of the other young ladies that were all of similar styles, to a large extent she had already been able to suppress all the others easily.

The other young women could not compete against her.

At this thought, a womans grip on her bag tightened, and the darkness hidden in her eyes was revealed.

The dark jealousy crawled out like a snakes tongue.

Unwillingness, jealousy, anger, and hatred surged through her entire body.

Sitting at the judging panel, Qi Siyu had already seen Yun Xi enter the venue.

However, she seemed to have underestimated the charm and allure of this young girl.

Faced with such a young girl, she should have been proud and even patronizing to her.

But now that shed seen her, all her confidence and victorious spirit began to crumble.

She had to admit that there was something about her that she did not have.

She could be gentle and elegant, but she could also be noble and dignified.

However, she could also be reserved and proud.

Combined with this dress that could only be seen on the red carpet of an international awards ceremony, her queenly presence seemed to be above the world, and it evoked the womans jealous nature.

It seemed that she had really underestimated her opponent.

The media and guests were all focused on Yun Xi and Jiang Chenghuan.

Qiao Ximin stood awkwardly on the red carpet with Qiao Dehao on her arm, and she seemed to have been forgotten.

At this moment, when she saw the two people walking toward her, her eyes landed on Yun Xi briefly, but the jealousy in her heart had completely drowned her.

This country bumpkin that she had once wanted to crush and humiliate was now as proud and elegant as a swan.

She walked past her gracefully.

Qiao Ximins beautiful face was slightly twisted and ferocious from jealousy.

Under the bright lights, she looked a little sinister.

The venue of the socialite selection was especially lively.

While it was lively, it also left everyone with a tinge of regret.

This was because the head of one of the three noble families, the Mu family, had not come.

Gu Baifan attended the event on his behalf.

He apologized to the media profusely and began the final selection before the ball.

Once the top socialite was chosen, the ball would be filled with joy from the selected socialite and sorrow of those who did not make it.

From the pine forest around the parking lot of Luyi Villa, a big black car arrived late and finally stopped under a pine tree by the roadside.

The car bumped into the pine tree lightly.

The tree shook, and the snow that fell covered almost the entire ostentatious car.

Niao turned to look at the man in the backseat who was dressed in a casual outfit.

She coughed lightly and said, “Boss, youve been watching the livestream all the way.

Let me see what the woman who has caught your eye looks like.”

“Wont you see her more clearly when you get to the venue later” Mu Feichi lifted his head from his laptop, but his eyes were still focused on the live broadcast.

The moment his darling had appeared, she had captured all of his attention.

She looked absolutely stunning.

She was so beautiful that he really wanted to push her down on a bed and claim her.

Unfortunately, he could not do that.

If not for the fact that he respected her choice, he really wanted to hold her hand and proudly tell everyone that she was his woman.

“Then…Im going to go to the venue myself.

Where are you going” He had made her take a detour before going up the mountain.

Why did he look like he was in no hurry at all

Who was the one who kept asking her to drive faster

“Im going to catch some sleep in that girls room.”

“How can you can even sleep now Im sure youll have insomnia.”

“What do you know Its hard to sleep when youre alone.

I will inevitably get insomnia!”

Niao rolled her eyes at him before turning to leave.

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