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As night fell, the city lights turned on.

The large main hall of the Jingdu Grand Hotel was pleasantly lit up by the extravagant diamond chandelier hanging down in the middle of the hall.

As soon as the sun set, the guards immediately became nervous.

The people who had RSVPed to the charity auction were people known all around Jingdu, and all the guards were on their toes.

Yun Xi and Mu Feichi had arrived earlier at the hotel after they had finished their dinner.

As Mu Feichi was making phone calls in the lounge, Yun Xi and Gu Baifan were outside welcoming the guests.

It didnt take long to prove that Mu Feichi had made the right call by having Gu Baifan standing outside with Yun Xi.

Even though Gu Baifan was the executive director of the Mu Corporation, he still held much more power than other people.

Those who wanted to build a relationship with the Mu Corporation had to first make themselves known to Gu Baifan.

That was why before Gu Baifan could even send out the invitations to the auction, people had already started asking for a seat at the event.

They were all willing to spend a huge amount of money as long as they could build a good relationship with Gu Baifan, which in turn would help their companies grow in the future.

With the spending power of all these people, Yun Xi wasnt even worried that the amount they would earn from the auction would be embarrassing.

Even though all these people just wanted to benefit from establishing a relationship with the Mu Corporation, since all the money would go to charitable causes, she decided to ignore peoples reasons for donating it.

As the guests slowly arrived, Su Donglin and Su Ximan arrived together earlier than expected.

After greeting Yun Xi and Gu Baifan, they found their seats inside the venue hall.

Not long after that, Liang Xinyi and Han Zhongteng arrived as well.

Not knowing how word of their planned marriage had gotten out, Liang Xinyi had no choice but to act as if she was happy about being Han Zhongtengs fiancee-to-be, despite hating it.

Han Zhongteng had never liked Yun Xi, but he still had to admit that he had been pleasantly surprised by her at the socialite ball.

He looked at the lady of the hour who was welcoming guests to the event.

Unlike the other ladies, who had chosen to wear revealing dresses despite the cold winter, she wore a traditional dress with long sleeves that covered her arms.

On the top of the light blue dress was a simple embroidery that perfectly elevated her beautiful looks.

Her dress had the embroidery of a horse from her waist to the end of her skirt.

The skirt of the dress was pleated, and it moved elegantly as she walked around.

The elegant and refined lady was completely different than she had been when Han Zhongteng had first learned about her, which was when Liang Xinyi had first approached him.

The young and immature Yun Xi was now nowhere to be seen.

He finally understood why Liang Xinyi kept making Yun Xi her enemy.

Theyd grown up together, and even though it was true that Liang Xinyi had many traits that Yun Xi didnt, the air that the latter carried was far superior to the former.

Liang Xinyi also paled in comparison to how smart Yun Xi was.

Even though it might look like Yun Xi had only managed to kick the Han family out of the big four wealthiest families with Mu Feichis help, some knew that she had done everything on her own.

After that, everyone knew to not look down on her.

When Yun Xi turned around, the first people she noticed were Liang Xinyi and Han Zhongteng.

Her elegant smile and movement reflected how confident she was, and it made Liang Xinyi jealous.

All Yun Xi had achieved was something Liang Xinyi had been trying to achieve by using despicable means.

And yet, Yun Xi had been able to easily achieve it all, while the goal was still far from Liang Xinyis reach despite giving everything she had.

The hatred Liang Xinyi felt toward Yun Xi was enough to burn a city down.


Han, welcome!” Yun Xi greeted him with a smile.

“I heard that your wedding with my cousin is happening soon Congratulations!”

Han Zhongteng turned to look at Liang Xinyi, who had suddenly grabbed his arm tightly and turned to smirk at Yun Xi.

“I wonder, do you mean it when you congratulate us”

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