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Chapter 150: I Like to See You Guys Quarreling

“I heard.

What about it”

Zhao Yumo shrugged, seeming completely indifferent.

In this regard, she was not like Li Sinuo, who had been holding a grudge ever since shed gotten first place.

On the contrary, Zhao Yumo was frank and carefree and didnt hold a grudge when she lost.

She conceded that her opponents abilities outranked hers, rather than self-righteously thinking that she had been robbed of her ranking.

“If you cheated, and still managed to take me down, then it simply shows how capable you are.

Whats more, I know you didnt cheat.”


Yun Xi met her gaze, and her eyes seemed to be able to see through everything.

“Because I was in your classroom, and I saw Li Sinuo from your class and your cousin…your attention-seeking, brainless cousin, whispering to each other sneakily.

I found out after eavesdropping on them that theyve set up a trap for you.”

“Oh, great! Thanks for warning me!”

Upon seeing her low-key reaction, Zhao Yumo was amused.

“Huh Are you not at all curious about how theyre planning to trap you”

“You yourself said that my cousin has no brains, so I dont even have to think to know what shes planning.

Arent there rumors of me cheating spreading throughout the entire grade”

“Thats true, but youre going to let them frame you like this There is a parents meeting today!”

Yun Xi chuckled lightly, and her cold eyes gleamed with ruthlessness.

“Do I look like such a pushover”

Zhao Yumo shook her head solemnly and said truthfully, “You dont look like one at all.

But Im quite curious about how you plan to fight back.”

Yun Xi pushed her away.

“Curiosity killed the cat.”

“Im not a cat! Do you want me to help you”

Yun Xi glanced at her.

“Sow nothing, reap nothing.

No, thank you.”

“Youre welcome.

Im happy to get dirty, and Im an expert at these sorts of things.

I can crush any rumor.”

Zhao Yumo ignored her polite refusal and readily agreed to help her.

Yun Xi stared at her energetic face, magnanimous and righteous, and for some reason she started to take a liking to this tomboy.

“This kind of meddling is not for you, and you should just focus on continuing to be the second place incumbent.

It does suit me well.

I like to see you guys quarreling, because then I can save a damsel in distress.

How much fun!”


Yun Xi lifted her eyes, and there was mischief in them.

“Then is it interesting to always be the second place incumbent out of consideration for Zhou Chengzhe”

“What do you mean for his sake My academic abilities dictate that I can only be the second place incumbent.”

As if she had been caught red-handed, Zhao Yumo dodged her question with a guilty expression.

She was probably used to being straightforward and wasnt used to lying about her intentions.

Her frankness was actually quite endearing.

“I asked the teachers to let me study your exam papers.

In fact, based on your academic abilities, its not impossible for you to get first place.

But on the contrary, you will deliberately answer a few questions wrong every time you take the exam, and you do so on purpose.

To put it simply, that is, you control your score every time you take an exam, and ensure that your score is lower than Zhou Chengzhes score.”

Being exposed so directly, Zhao Yumo glanced around, then waved her hand at Yun Xi and stopped pretending.

“Low-key! Low-key! In fact, I think being the second place incumbent is pretty cool too.”

“It is pretty cool.

After all, you have an affluent family background.

You dont need to be the first to please your elders.

But Zhou Chengzhe is different.

He is from a poor family.

The school will also waive his tuition if he gets first place.

You are very kind, but it isnt nice to do too much of this kind of thing.

If he finds out, his ego will be bruised.”

“Isnt there still you Its not impossible to get first place with your academic capabilities either! I have also read your exam papers, so the important task of being the second place incumbent is left to you.”

“Sorry, Im not interested in vying for first place with other people.”

“But now you have not only robbed Li Sinuo of first place, you have also become a public enemy of the people.

I really look forward to how you will refurbish your reputation.”

“Then wait and see!”

Yun Xi patted her shoulder.

“Study hard, because I alone cant bear the burden of being the second place incumbent on my shoulders.”

Zhao Yumo stared at the figure disappearing at the top of the stairs, then patted her own head.

Having found such an interesting opponent, she smiled to herself in delight.

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