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The private jet landed on the runway of the only private airport in Country F, and columns consisting of 20 armed soldiers emerged from the jet, all of them clad in dusty gray-and-yellow camouflage uniforms.

However, there was no country crest on the uniforms, and the airport personnel were at a loss about who they were.

Receiving them were three foreign nationals, all equipped with similar tactical gear and black coats.

The three marched toward the soldiers who alighted from the plane, and the air was filled with the solemnity of soldiers headed to battle.

“Didnt think you would be here in person, Boss!” A man of African origin spoke up when he saw Xiao Jinglin.

He stood in front of the group of three and nodded to them before giving his report in English.

“The men that you requested are ready.

They are in three groups of 60.

The conflict is ongoing, so a number of them have already been deployed to Country F.

The unit remaining consists of our best mercenaries!”

“Got it.

Is the helicopter ready”

“There are only six for us to use at the moment.

The one that was used to bring Miss Yun to the borders of Country F is currently undergoing repairs.

However, two Jun Country soldiers just arrived to inform us that Miss Yun had instructed them to provide support by the borders of Casa Town.

We await your orders…”

Xiao Jinglin looked up.

“Where are they” he asked as he turned and spotted the helicopter that was positioned on the pad of the airport.

“Over there.

This way, Boss.”

The soldier led Xiao Jinglin to the landing pad where San Qing and A1 awaited their commander by a glass door.

The two had hoped they would not turn down their request, especially as it was a crucial moment in the battle.

If any mishaps were to occur, they were the last ray of hope for their people in Casa.

It would be most regrettable if there was nothing they could do in the event that trouble was to fall on them.


Xiao! Why are you here, sir”

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San Qing was the first to see the figure of Xiao Jinglin approaching them, and the sight was a shocking and emotional one for him.

It did not matter why Xiao Jinglin was here.

All they needed was his word to grant them access to the helicopters for the rescue.

“Wheres the Young Commander Wheres Yun Xi Are you supposed to be in Country F”

“Miss Yun instructed us to borrow helicopters in order to enter the town of Casa as support.

As all of them will have to pass through Cas, and Casa is a base for the rebel army, it is a dangerous journey.

If there is no assistance…”

Xiao Jinglin nodded.

“No worries.

Ive brought support with me.” Although the soldiers of Jun Country could not enter Country F, these mens special status as mercenaries granted them the loophole to enter for support.

“Sir…” San Qing looked over at the rows of armed mercenaries that surrounded them as well as the various mercenaries of different ethnicities who were disembarking from the helicopters.

A feeling of hope shot through him.

San Qing studied his camouflage uniform.

“Will you be going in person, sir” Xiao Jinglin was a man in a special position.

His safety was as important as Yun Xis.

“Yes, I want to take Yun Xi back to Jun Country.”

“But, sir, you are an important figure.

Should anything happen to you, the Young Commander would punish us.”

“Its my bodyguards role to keep me safe.

You two just worry about your Young Commander.

Lets get going!”

Xiao Jinglin nodded to the African soldier without any other conversation, and the column of men started off in an orderly fashion.

A sandstorm had provided a veil on the barren highlands for Unit Two and Unit Three, which remained hidden in dark pockets of the valley as they waited for the return of Unit One.

The men spent their waiting time discussing the next course of action.

Yun Xi studied the laptop that Grey Wolf had handed to her.

The screen showed an electronic map of Casa.

It was not too big, but not too small either.

The majority of the population was clustered by the mouth of the river.

But the sea level was low, and it was not an ideal space for hiding.

However, the vehicles could not drive into the valley on the other side.

“Theres a signal!” Grey Wolf hurriedly passed the radar scanner over to Yun Xi.

“Here!” He pointed to a dot on the map.

“They are here.”

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