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Yun Xi could not help but laugh at his exaggerated tone as she took a moment to take in the figures that were approaching.

Her heart filled with anticipation and a warmth that she had never experienced before.

It seemed like fate was on her side in this life.

“No wonder you have been so self-aware! Worry not, I can still use my brain you know.

It should save you some work in the future!”

“You sure it wont be too tough, Uncle Jing”

“How old do you think I am” scoffed Xiao Jinglin as he turned to Yun Xi.

Seeing her safe and sound after the last few days had put his anxious heart at peace.

As the elderly man walked closer to the trio, Mu Feichi stepped up and greeted him first.

“Long time no see, Grandpa Xiao! You look as healthy as ever despite your age!”

“Glad to see this rascal is still the same!” Grandpa Xiao nodded as he clutched onto his walking stick.

His face may have been full of lines but he retained the dignity and presence he had when he was the head of the Xiao Family.

Afraid that Grandpa Xiaos presence might be intimidating or that Yun Xi might feel hesitant to speak, Xiao Jinglin spoke up right after Mu Feichi on her behalf.

“Father,” he said as he gestured toward the girl, “This is Yun Xi.”

Grandpa Xiao could finally get a good look at the kind-looking young girl in front of him.

She did not look much different from the photos his son had brought for him to see.

Yun Xi seemed more elegant and gentle in person—her bright personality filled the air around her with positive energy.

The baby yellow fur coat she had on made her seem more delicate.

Her slightly pink cheeks were carefully wrapped in a beige scarf and she looked like a soft dumpling.

The more Yun Xi smiled, the more she resembled the eldest daughter of the Rong Family.

She radiated with the same confidence that Rong Rong had.


This air of confidence was no ordinary one.

It signified how confident Yun Xi was in her personal capabilities and her knowledge of her worth.

The naturalness of the smile also bore her earnest and humble self to all those around her.

It was truly confidence exclusive to an heir of an elite family.

No matter how Grandpa Xiao looked, she looked like one of them.

Even if Yun Xi had grown up in an ordinary household, the Xiao Family blood in her shined through in her pride and confidence.

Yun Xi gave Xiao Jinglin a look before lightly bowing, “Nice to meet you, Grandpa Xiao, Im Yun Xi…”

She was less nervous about the meeting after the instructions from Mu Feichi earlier on.

All she had to do was treat him as if he was her grandfather and that thought had calmed Yun Xis nerves.

The old man was much healthier and younger-looking than she had imagined him to be.

With his dark grey coat and tailored suit, his hair was combed neatly back, away from his black-framed glasses.

He looked nothing like a man in his eighties and more like a sophisticated and refined European gentleman.

Yet, perhaps due to his age, there was a warmth that emitted from his sophisticated presence.

He was different from all the elders that had a military background or those elders from old money—he was a man with a real gentleman upbringing.

“No, no.

You cant call me Grandpa Xiao like this rascal here! Just call me Grandpa! Grandpa has waited so long to see you!”

“Of course! Welcome home, Grandpa!”

Yun Xi looked up to Xiao Jinglin for affirmation and the latter nodded happily.

She then walked up to the old gentlemen.

The butler that had accompanied Grandpa Xiao understood her intention and with a smile, let go of the old gentlemans arm for Yun Xi to hold.

Perhaps it was their shared blood, but Yun Xi found it extremely easy to speak to the old man.

Although they had only just met, the two conversed as if they had been in frequent contact.

There were endless things to say and endless stories to share.

The two were so absorbed in their conversation that Xiao Jinglin who trailed behind the two seemed almost envious of their close-talk but he was glad nevertheless.

Xiao Jinglin looked down at his watch and he thought of the injuries that were still on Yun Xis body.

He gave Xiaoliu a quick gesture and the man responded immediately.

“Its a cold day isnt it,” Xiao Jinglin spoke out.

“And its getting late too.

Lets all head to the car for dinner with the Si Family, shall we”

“Okay!” Yun Xi nodded as she helped Grandpa Xiao toward the vehicle that was parked at the side of the road.

“It must have been a long plane ride, Grandpa! How about you rest for a bit The car ride to the Si Family manor will take an hour.

We can talk more later!”

“Of course!” Grandpa Xiao nodded and bent down to enter the car.

Once he had been comfortably seated, Xiao Jinglin signalled Yun Xi over and he boarded a separate vehicle with Yun Xi and Mu Feichi.

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