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Yun Xi wasnt even surprised that the Han family and Qiao family would announce the wedding so soon.

Even if Qiao Ximin wanted to struggle, the Qiao family would still make her a scapegoat to protect the interest of the family.

From another point of view, marrying Han Yaotian would not only ensure that the Qiao family would remain rich and successful, but it would also allow Qiao Ximin to maintain her position among the socialites.

In the end, she would still choose the option that would benefit her the most.

In Yun Xis past life, Qiao Ximin and Han Yaotian had plotted all sorts of evil schemes and dirty plans against her.

However, in her new life, she didnt even have to do much to put them in the same boat.

Mu Feichi looked at the lady who remained silent as she stared at her bowl.

Not knowing what she was thinking, he asked, “Whats wrong Arent you happy about it I thought that this was a part of your plan”

Yun Xi raised her head and blinked, “It is.

Its just a small part of my plan.

This is just the beginning.

I cant be too happy yet.”

The hell party had just begun, and she would slowly push each and every one of them into hell.

“We got news from the Su family as well.

Su Zongping has just finalized his divorce from Chen Lixue.

Chen Lixue and her daughters are now living in a condominium the Su family has given them.”

“Its a waste that the Su family didnt make them homeless!” scoffed Yun Xi.

“Make sure someone keeps an eye on them.

I dont want them to trouble Uncle again.”

“Its already done.

They treated you like trash when you lived with them.

Theres no way Im going to let them live a comfortable life.”

Yun Xi immediately knew that Mu Feichi had another vicious plan up his sleeve.

She stared at him for a second before moving her face closer to his and asked, “What are you planning now”

“What Im planning is not important.

Whats important is—what do you want to do with them Dying would be too easy for them,” Mu Feichi smiled and patted her head.

“Oh! Do you want to know how Han Wanling is doing in prison”

Yun Xi grinned, “Im sure shes living a life that Im happy with.

Since I dont want her to die just yet, she must be living a life where she wished she was dead.”

The man pinched the ladys cheek and laughed, “You sure are my woman.

Even your methods are ruthless.

Han Wanling has been transferred to the worst part of the womens prison.

We lock up all sorts of women doing life sentences there—from rapists and murderers to drug dealers and mafias.

Im sure for someone who lived her life in a rich family, she would gain some interesting experiences there.”

“Well, Im pretty sure she is now second-guessing her life choices.”

Yun Xi could picture the life Han Wanling was experiencing in the prison.

Since the Han family was having trouble protecting themselves, there was no way they had the time or money to bribe the warden.

Han Hongbing only cared about his b*stard son, while Han Yaotian would rather see his sister rot in prison.

No one was going to help her.

“We have to monitor the b*stard son too.

If needed, ignore my plan for him and just kill him.”

“Will do,” nodded Mu Feichi.

Since it was already nighttime, Mu Feichi called Xiao Jinglin to tell him that Yun Xi had woken up.

When Xiao Jinglin saw that Yun Xi was fine, he finally let out a sigh of relief.

“How are you now Does it still hurt”

“Im fine,” Yun Xi shook her head.

“You dont have to worry too much.”

Since what happened that day was something too embarrassing for Yun Xi to bring up to her father, she had decided not to mention anything.

“Thats a relief.

By the way, Ive bought a mansion here in Jingdu.

Why dont you come and live with me once everything is settled”

Yun Xi was shocked and quickly turned to glance at Mu Feichi before looking back at Xiao Jinglin, who was excitedly waiting for her reply.

She smiled awkwardly and said, “I-Im thinking of spending the New Year with the Yun family…”

Even though she was not the real Yun Xi, she still grew up with the Yun family.

Even if Yun Yuanfeng did not want to see her, she would still have to go back.

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