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Chapter 169: His Aura Surrounded Her

After her troubles, Liang Xinyi had suddenly become quietly responsible.

She had even occasionally had a few nice words to say to Yun Xi.

Every time Yun Xi heard her forcing herself to say flattering things that she didnt truly mean, Yun Xi always felt goose bumps all over her body.

Saying these kinds of flattering things was uncharacteristic of Liang Xinyi.

Yun Xi didnt really care enough to get to the bottom of it and played along with a poker face.

Within a few days, shed discovered that something was up between Liang Xinyi and Yun Chuhan.

Yun Chuhan had always been the low-key one, whod acted like an invisible person in the Yun family.

Liang Xinyi had always looked down on this cousin, but recently shed started glancing at her whenever she spoke or did anything, and she did so in an extremely obvious way.

Yun Xi wasnt blind.

Although she could see through everything that was happening, she didnt say a word and kept pretending to be ignorant.

Ever since shed agreed to learn lifesaving skills from Li Zilan, shed been living on a high wire.

Li Zilan was living up to her notorious reputation as a devil and showed no mercy toward her.

Even when Mu Feichi was standing watching, Li Zilan never showed any mercy.

After learning various close-combat positions for a week, Yun Xi had memorized all the attacks.

Combined with her knowledge of medical acupuncture points, although her progress was slow, it was also profound.

Although it was an arduous task, in Li Zilans eyes, it was useless to simply memorize positions, because one had to know how to apply them in practical situations.

This day, Yun Xi had made two successive mistakes.

Li Zilans face darkened, and she kicked her onto the grass.

The punishment for each mistake was 50 push-ups, and Yun Xi struggled to finish the 100 push-ups.

In the end, she didnt have any strength left at all, and she was visibly struggling.

Mu Feichi simply couldnt stand watching this.

He stood up from his chair under a tree and pulled her up from the grass.

“Young Marshal Mu, youre being too easy on her!”

As soon as Mu Feichi had started coming to their practices, Li Zilan had begun to lose patience.

Mu Feichi didnt even bother to respond and, taking Yun Xis trembling hands, he rubbed her arms a few times to alleviate her discomfort.

“Youre too soft on her!”

Li Zilan really found him insufferable.

Snorting softly, she turned around to rest under a tree.

Yun Xi raised her head awkwardly and coughed softly.

“Young Marshal Mu, you dont need to cheat for me.

I can withstand this level of difficulty!”

“I have the final say whether or not you can withstand it.”

Mu Feichi slowly let go and stood opposite her as he pressed down on her shoulders.

He gazed at the exhausted girl in front of him.

“Its useless to memorize things like this.

You have to become familiar with the various forms of attack in terms of direction and technique to the extent that you can adapt in any situation.

Only then will you be able to subdue your opponent at the fastest speed.”

His voice was low and deep, and she could feel his warm breath on the tip of her nose.

For some reason, Yun Xi suddenly felt that her face was starting to burn uncontrollably, and she reflexively moved back.

Her back hit the table behind her.

However, the man standing in front of her did not step back.

He raised his foot, then took a step closer to her to reach out and clasp her shoulder.

Then he suddenly rushed toward her.

He oozed masculinity, and his breath had the faint scent of mint, making her heart beat faster.

As he clasped his hand on her shoulder, the sensation of his touch made her snap back to reality.

“Look, I just suddenly attacked you, and your first reaction should have been to grab my hand as fast as possible, pull me away from your danger zone, then take the opportunity to fight back!”

After a pause, he raised his eyebrows and said, “Do it!”

Yun Xi slammed her hands on his shoulders.

She did a backflip and grabbed his arms, then decreasing the distance between them at the fastest speed she could, she suddenly extended her right foot to trip him up and seized the chance to throw him to the ground in a shoulder throw.

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