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Chapter 170: Unexpected PDA

Perhaps shed let her guard down when shed thought that shed beaten him.

However, before shed even released her grasp, hed yanked at her, and shed lost her balance and fallen onto him.

Being so close to him, she was able to sense his chilly aura.

“Traditional Chinese medicine focuses on taking the pulse, and Western medicine focuses on auscultation.

Only when you understand the disease and structure can you know where the patients problem lies.

Only when you are familiar with the opponents modus operandi can you quickly judge his method of counterattack.”

“Of course, I dont want you to encounter any danger, and I hope my advice will never come in handy.

I will protect you from danger, so all you have to do is stand behind me obediently.”

Yun Xi was caught off guard, and it took her a while to recover from her daze to react to his words.

“Young Marshal Mu Shao, I am not a delicate flower, so I dont need to cling to others to grow.

I dont need you to protect me from danger.”

If shed needed others to do everything for her, she wouldnt be standing here in the first place.

She had had to become strong in order to achieve what she truly wanted to accomplish.

One day, she wouldnt have to look up to him.

She lifted her eyes slightly and met his dark eyes with determination.

“If that day comes, I can also protect you.”

Mu Feichi chuckled lightly, then raised his hand and rubbed her head.

Perhaps he didnt take her seriously or simply thought she sounded immature, but he treated it as a passing comment.

“Thats not what you should do.

Protecting women should always be the responsibility of men.

All you need to do is to be responsible…and well, look beautiful.”

“…” How should she answer him when he gave such a response to such a serious topic

Wrong! The topic was getting too romantic so it was impossible to answer.

It seemed that the next sentence would be, “I am responsible for making money to support my family.”

This was a romantic saying that a man would say to his wife, so he shouldnt be using it like that.

Well then, very good, he was flirting with her, and shed fallen for it.

“Thats enough.

Go familiarize yourself with the techniques some more.

Li Zilan has abused you like this, so you have to find a way to become stronger and beat her.”

Hed seen Li Zilan abusing her moments before without showing any mercy even in his presence.

Did she really think that he was numb to it

Seeing that his goal had been achieved, he didnt say anything further and turned to walk back to the tree.

Li Zilan sneered a little when she saw him coming and teased him unceremoniously.

“Tsk, tsk, such unexpected PDA! I expected no less from the mighty Young Marshal Mu.

Im impressed, deeply impressed.”

After shed discovered this soft side to the usually tyrannical Young Marshal Mu, shed started seeing this sort of PDA more and more frequently.

Shed never expected this seemingly aloof man to be so skilled at womanizing.

Mu Feichi turned a blind eye to her teasing and gazed at the figure who was standing under the tree in front of him and tying herself with a rope practicing an escape plan.

There was something so beautiful about the earnest and attentive expression on her face, so gentle yet stubborn.

Mu Feichi ignored Li Zilans quipping, and, with his hands behind his back, he silently gazed at the figure not that far away through his sunglasses.

“If you really like her so much and are afraid that she will run away with someone else, why dont you get engaged to her Theres only a year left until that kid becomes a legal adult, so you should marry her as soon as she becomes an adult.

Its not like we have a marital age limit, and youre the heir to the Mu family.

Even if you had two wives, nobody would think anything of it, since youre so attractive.”

“Have you forgotten who I am She is not strong enough yet.

As soon as she is exposed, the easier it will be for her to become the target of those people.

If she isnt strong enough, she will become my weakness.”

“Heh…so if you know that she will become your weakness, then why do you keep spoiling her”

When it came to this, Li Zilan could hardly suppress her exasperation.

He was simply spoiling her too much

“Do you have a problem with me spoiling my woman” Mu Feichi cocked his head slightly, and his dark eyes behind the sunglasses were piercing.

Li Zilan raised her eyebrows, then took a deep breath and shut up obediently.

His highness had personally come to supervise her for fear of her hurting his future bride.

Even if she had an opinion, how could she dare voice it

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