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Chapter 171: Wheeling and Dealing

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It was autumn, and the weather was getting colder.

Yun Xi was planning to go out on Saturday morning to buy some clothes.

The silk skirts couldnt be worn anymore, and she had to find some season-appropriate clothes that were in her style.

As soon as she got up, she heard her second uncles cough from the courtyard downstairs.

She vaguely remembered that in her last life, her second uncle had started to have an itchy throat as soon as it was autumn and kept coughing constantly.

No kind of cough medicine had been effective, and because he wasnt healthy, taking medicine frequently had increased his tolerance over time.

Yun Xi suddenly remembered that she still had the medicine shed prepared in Jiangnan, so she took it out of the drawer and went downstairs.

On Saturdays and Sundays, her second aunt would bring her second uncle to their mansion for dinner because Grandpa naturally favored the children and grandchildren he saw frequently.

Her third uncle was always busy, and she rarely saw him in person.

Her third aunt played cards and went to the spa with other wealthy wives every day.

Unless it was the holidays, she rarely came to their house.

When Yun Xi came downstairs, she saw Liang Xiuqin and Yun Ziling were all dressed up, but she didnt know whether they were meeting someone or going to a party.

Upon seeing her, her mother and her sister both had the same smug, contemptuous expressions on their faces.

Yun Xi grasped what was going on.

After shed put so much effort into baiting Jiang Henglin, if they hadnt made a move, they wouldve lost their precious trump card.

In order to cling to Jiang Henglin, who else, besides Yun Ziling, would be her mothers trump card

Her mothers plan was easy to guess, but perhaps shed never thought about the consequences of using Yun Ziling to bait Jiang Henglin.

Even if Jiang Henglin were willing to marry Yun Ziling, would Father Jiang agree

All right, even if he did agree, what effect would it have on their reputation if word got out that the younger sister had stolen her older sisters fiance

Moreover, if Jiang Henglin nullified the marriage contract with her in the future, he would have to compensate her.

Wouldnt she be able to stipulate anything she desired

No matter which scenario occurred, the result would always be beneficial to her, and that was the reason shed baited Jiang Henglin.

Her second aunt was shrewd, and shed seen through Liang Xiuqins schemes.

Now, she made eye gestures at Yun Xi.

Yun Xi smiled and nodded, then walked forward to give her second uncle the medicine.

“Second uncle, I have some cough medicine.

When I went to Jiangnan to retrieve some medicine for the Chens eldest son, I brought some for you too.

Would you like to try it”

The second aunt glanced at the medicine in Yun Xis hand.

There was no brand and no name, so she felt apprehensive about using it.

“Second aunt, these are proprietary Chinese medicines, and they contain oranges and centipedes.

They are cough medicines that help clear your lungs and reduce phlegm.

You just have to let it melt in your mouth, and you dont need to swallow it.”

Seeing her hesitate, Yun Xi took two pieces and put them in her mouth.

“Its not poisonous.

Although I gained only amateur medical skills from the countryside, I wouldnt hurt my second uncle.

My second uncle has poor health and cant always take Western medicine when he gets sick.

He needs to take Chinese medicine to slowly be nursed back to health.”

Before her second aunt could speak, Liang Xiuqin snorted coldly.

“Arent you afraid of being poisoned Wretched girl, Im warning you, if something happens, you will be responsible, and no one will help you.”

Yun Xi turned her head and rolled her eyes at her mother.

“Mom, Im not like you.

My second uncle is my relative, so why would I harm him”

Liang Xiuqin was no fool, and she lost her temper as soon as she heard this.

“Wretched girl, what do you mean Are you throwing shade at me”

Yun Xi smirked mockingly.

“Im glad you could figure that out.”

“You…” Liang Xiuqin couldnt restrain her anger, and she rushed over to slap Yun Xi.

Yun Xi quickly hid behind her second aunt, so Liang Xiuqin slapped her second aunts neck heavily instead.

“Liang Xiuqin, what are you doing Cough, cough, cough…”

The second uncle was low-key because of his poor health, but he was protective of his wife, who meant everything to him.

So how could he not grow enraged upon seeing his own wife slapped right in front of him

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