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Ye Shenshou turned and smiled at Yun Xi.

“Youll know when youre there!”

Stepping into the living room, they met Old Master Ye and the uncles and aunts who had finished their meal in the dining hall.

Ye Shenshou excused himself to take a shower upstairs and instructed the butler to tend to the couple.

The butler asked Yun Xi for her food preferences and headed into the kitchen to prepare her meal.

Old Master Ye kindly gestured for Yun Xi to have her meal.

Once she had reached the table, Ye Shenxin immediately pulled Yun Xi to an empty chair next to her, while Mu Feichi smiled gingerly, and took the chair opposite the two of them.

It was late morning, but Old Master Ye did not comment much.

He turned to Mu Feichi.

“Its rare for someone like Yun Xi to visit Y City.

Jinzhi, be sure to take her sightseeing around here,” he instructed.

“Can I come too I want to come too!” Ye Shenxin immediately jumped into action as soon as she heard the comment from her grandfather.

She knew that it was useless to suggest this to Mu Feichi, so she turned her target to Yun Xi.

“Take me along too, Yun Xi.

I know where the fun spots are! I can take you there!”

She had been trapped at home since the start of the Lunar New Year.

She could feel mushrooms growing on her if she did not leave the house any time soon.

“Xin Xin…” Madam Ye sighed resignedly as she looked toward her daughter.

“Lets not make more trouble for them.

Why dont you come with me to my mothers house”

Mu Feichis return home had always delayed Madam Yes return home as well.

She was supposed to visit her mother on the second day, but she always waited till the third day of the New Year before visiting her mothers family.

“Yeah, I can take Jinzhi and his friend out to play.

Xin Xin, you should follow Mom.

Also, you can help me say hi to our grandfather on our mothers side.”

Ye Shenshou finished his shower and changed just in time to witness the little commotion that was happening downstairs.

Walking up to the commotion, Ye Shenshou gently patted the younger ones back and ushered her to her seat.

“Hey, listen to me.”

“Ah, thats a little unfair, brother! Why cant I come along I can show them around too!”

“If you want to go out, I can take you out the next time Im in Jingdu.

Your brothers have some business that we need to attend to.”

“Alright, you better keep to your word!” Ye Shenxin nodded in acknowledgement that she had understood her brothers intentions.

The Old Master seemed happy that his granddaughter had finally grown to become more mature as he nodded, “In that case, Ah Shen, you will bring Jinzhi and Yun Xi out sightseeing.

Be careful.”

The trio left the manor after they had finished breakfast.

Their butler had prepared the cars outside the gates of the Ye family manor.

Three cars awaited them.

The door to the SUV was open, and there was a large, muscular man dressed in black standing by the drivers seat.

“Boss!” The man nodded toward Ye Shenshou.

He turned and greeted Mu Feichi as well, “Young Commander!”

Mu Feichi nodded slightly.

He turned and eyed Xiaoer and Xiaosi, who had prepared all that they needed for the trip.

“Lets go,” he said as he pulled Yun Xi with him into the car.

Once the three of them had settled into the car, Mu Feichi picked up that something was amiss.

“Did something happen” he asked with a slight frown.

Ye Shenshou turned around from the front passenger seat.

“Such a sharp intuition,” he commented, with a slight laugh.

“Its no wonder that you are a soldier.”

“So what is the matter at hand about”

“I received a report last night that someone had entered Y City with us.

There are few details about this man, and he travelled discreetly through the sea.

If it were not for the added security I implemented during the festive period to ensure the safety of the civilians, his arrival would have gone unnoticed.

Its a national holiday, so there has been a heavy flow of people lately.

It would be easy to blend into the crowds of Y City.”

“The sea” Mu Feichi furrowed his brows.

“It is definitely faster to get into Y City from Jingdu through the sea compared to the roads or by air.”

It was a no-brainer for Yun Xi that the Ye family would have been involved in the immigration checkpoints and gantries of Y City.

Many maritime shipping companies were registered under the Ye Corporation.

This family would have known any sea-related movements better than any other family.

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