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Mu Feichi tossed the map of Y City that was in the car into Ye Shenshous lap.

“You live in Y City.

Dont you know how the city is Y City Square was not demolished, and it remained a central point of Y City because of its geographical location!”

“Of course! I guess it slipped my mind.

Y City Square is the centre of the city because of its location, as it connects the city to the harbour, train stations, and airport.

And since they are all a close distance away, it would be easy for them to scatter if their mission fails.”

“They made a bold decision to come to Y City, which meant that they must have done their research about this place.

They would not go somewhere they were unfamiliar with and fight a losing battle.”

Mu Feichi gave Yun Xi a look, and Yun Xi understood his intention.

She took out her cell phone and made a call to Xiaoer and Xiaosi, who were following them, and instructed them to scout and familiarize themselves with the four corners and geographic location of Y City Square.

Their vehicle pulled into the main road of the square.

Mu Feichi turned to survey their surroundings.

As he looked, he instructed Ye Shenshou in the front passenger seat, “Ill drop off at the road fork ahead.

You take your men to guard the three exit points of the square.

I will handle the rest.

Ill catch as many as I can.

Lets avoid unnecessary public commotion and deaths.

I still want this to be a peaceful New Year.”

“Got it.

You two be careful too.

Dont push it too hard.

I have prepared some weapons in the car, but your safety comes first.

If not, my ear will be chewed off by my grandpa.”

Mu Feichi nodded slightly.

“You should be careful.

My baby is as good, if not better than you are!”

Their vehicle pulled to a stop by a roadside woodland.

The cars that followed them stopped as well.

Ye Shenshou quickly boarded one of the cars behind them.

The cars split into two teams, and they headed back onto the road one after another.

As Ye Shenshou took his leave, Yun Xi stood and studied the map of Y City in her hands.

She had a rough idea of the citys layout in her mind that was sufficient for their mission.

“What do you think Do you want to return to the manor and be with Grandpa”

Yun Xi knew what Mu Feichi wanted to say and shut him down immediately, “Are you trying to take all the fame and glory for yourself without me around You want to show off in the biggest square in the city”

“Oh, baby,” Mu Feichi smiled resignedly, “you know thats not what I meant.”

“I dont actually, but I cant let you leave me on the curb so easily.

You just said I was just as good as big brother! Does it hurt to slap your own face”

Yun Xi turned around and rolled her eyes at Mu Feichis cool and attractive features.

“You promised to be together forever and that I would stay by your side no matter what, and here you are leaving me out of everything!”

“I dont want you to worry! But if you insist, tell me your plans.”

Yun Xi made her point, and Mu Feichi knew from her tone that there was nothing much he could do to change her mind, so he obliged.

“Ive studied the map closely.

No matter which exit you choose, be it the airport, the train station, or the harbour, they are all an equal distance apart.

However, this road here,” Yun Xi pointed out on the map, “this path to the airport, has a highway and an old road.

The old road was reserved for long-distance shipments ever since the highway was in operation.

And the old road connects directly to the border.”

Mu Feichis line of sight followed Yun Xis finger to a blue line on the map.

The road extended itself into the border of S City.

“If they manage to get on this path, they could escape from Y City to S City with ease.

They could travel out of Jun Country via S City.

If we want to capture them then, we would need the cooperation of the international border police, which is a tedious process.

By then, all of them would have vanished without a trace.

So we need to capture all of them here in Y City.”

“You know, if it was not for your reminder, I would have completely overlooked this road.”

Mu Feichis eyes stared at the blue road that connected to the border.

His eyes darkened as he pondered their next course of action.

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