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Chapter 177: Its Better to Teach People How to Fish Rather Than to Give Them Fish

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Yun Xi didnt expect the news that she had almost been kidnapped to reach Mu Feichis ears so quickly.

Han Wanling had done this as a punishment for Mu Feichi, and her efforts had failed.

However, it was a little too much for her to have taken out her grudge against Mu Feichi on Yun Xi.

If Han Wanling had the courage to set up something like this against Mu Feichi, she must have the courage to bear the consequences.

Han Wanling had started to target Yun Xi to get back at Mu Feichi, but did Han Wanling really think that Yun Xi was that much of a pushover

Mu Feichi had instructed his butler to call Yun Xi, so she found an excuse to go up the mountain.

As soon as Yun Xi arrived at the sentry post, she saw the vehicle waiting there and the figure leaning against the car door.

He had probably just returned from outside, and he was still dressed in dark green casual attire.

His dark sunglasses covered most of his handsome face.

He was flipping through a black folder in his hand, and there were two guards by his side.

She had to admit that Mu Feichi really seemed to be Gods darling, even when he stood like this, there was a certain elegance to his standing position.

As he heard the sound of footsteps, he lifted his eyes from the folder, and his dark eyes caught sight of the figure on the mountain road in the distance.

He kept the same posture as he stared at her for a while, as if he was confirming whether or not she was injured.

Walking forward, Yun Xi keenly felt that the expression in Mu Feichis eyes wasnt quite normal.

“What happened Are you okay” Mu Feichi looked her up and down, and he almost checked her for bodily injury right in front of the guard.

“Im fine!”

Yun Xi shook her head.

Hed called her up in such a hurry, so perhaps he knew that she had almost been kidnapped.

The news had spread way too quickly.

“Han Wanling has tried to mess with you, and no doubt she will try again.

I have already ordered this matter to be taken care of.

No one will dare do anything to you in the future.”

Upon hearing what he said, Yun Xi shook her head and frowned.

After some contemplation, she finally decided to voice her position and stance.

“Young Marshal Mu, if you do anything high profile to protect me, you will easily expose me as someone you care about.

Your identity is special in Jingdu.

Once people know that I am involved with you, not only will I be in constant danger, but you will also be able to be easily threatened.

I dont want to cause you trouble, nor can I become your trouble.

Please consider the overall situation first and withdraw the order.”

She hadnt gained a foothold in the Yun family yet, and there was still more than a year before her coming-of-age ceremony.

She didnt want any other accidents.

Han Wanling alone was more than enough to deal with, but if others tried to use her to get back at Mu Feichi, she probably wouldnt even know what hit her when she died.

He was the head of the Mu family clan, and he was in an unattainable position.

There were so many eyes staring at him, all eagerly awaiting his downfall.

She wasnt strong enough and didnt want to become a pawn for manipulation, nor did she want to become a threat to him.

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows slightly, and his eyes darkened.

“Why, are you scared”

“Its not that Im afraid, but Im overwhelmed at the moment.

Im going to take the college entrance examination soon.

What if theres another kidnapping”

She had been kidnapped in her last life, and it was precisely due to fear from that experience that shed joined the Jiang family and asked someone to teach her some close-combat techniques to protect herself.

In this life, the identity of this man who shed come into contact with was so special, she didnt even know how many people could be out for her blood!

“Do you think I cant protect you”

Yun Xi raised her eyes slightly and stubbornly met his gaze.

“Young Marshal Mu, its better to teach people how to fish rather than to give them fish.”

“Little rascal, cant you show a little vulnerability for once Girls should act like girls.”

“Looking like this, I already look like a girl, but, in order to have a better future, I must have the perseverance and vibe of a strong woman.

If I cant even protect myself, I would be butchered after I fell into enemy hands.”

Mu Feichi nodded.He was surprised by her determination.

“Then you may have to endure more grueling training.”

“Compared to being kidnapped and losing my life, the difficulty of training is nothing to me.”

“All right! Come up the mountain to have lunch with me, and I will send you to Li Zilan later.

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