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Chapter 204: Do You Have Any Brains at All

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Yun Xi turned her head and glanced at Li Sinuo, who had stepped forward, her pink lips curled up into a faint smile.

She took the bait.

Shed thought she would stay behind the scenes and swoop in at the last minute and cause trouble.

“Class leader, why, I didnt know that you cared about me so much.

Since you know so much about me, perhaps youve been stalking me”

“Why would I stalk you I just happened to see it is all.

Its you who dont have any self-respect by associating with these no-good punk guys.

You really bring shame on our class.

Not to mention the fact that youre a good student, dont you feel as if youre betraying our teachers trust in you”

Yun Xi didnt want to argue with her in front of their teacher, especially since the situation wasnt in her favor.

“Teacher Xu, I dont know them.

They chased after me last Friday, and I only climbed over the wall as a last-ditch effort to evade them.”

Li Sinuo realized that Yun Xi was trying to change the subject, so she sneered and exposed her some more.

“Even so, you guys were chit-chatting at the noodle shop.

You cant say that Im lying, right I saw it with my own eyes.”

“Yun Xi, is this true Didnt you say that you dont know who they are The school prohibits students from interacting with these kind of punks.

The principal repeatedly emphasizes this every year at the beginning of school.

You should know the schools rules.”

Teacher Xu looked at Yun Xi with slight disappointment in his eyes.

Liang Xinyi and Li Sinuo glanced at each other and smiled triumphantly.

Fortunately, theyd brought the homeroom teacher over in time.

Otherwise this farce wouldnt have been as exciting.

“Teacher Xu, I know the rules of the school very clearly.

However, the class leader has wronged me.

I didnt mingle with them.

As for what happened in the noodle shop, since they are all here, why dont you ask them”

Li Sinuo snorted, “They have good relations with you, so of course theyll speak in your favor!”

Yun Xi shrugged, and her clear eyes appeared calm and composed without the slightest sign of guilt or exasperation.

“If thats what the class leader thinks, then I have nothing to say.”

Having been warned by Yun Xi to be quiet, Xiang Yuanjiu hadnt said a word up to now, but he couldnt bear to watch this anymore.

“Hey, whats the matter with all of you How can you all gang up on a girl like this I think you are all looking for a beating.”

“How scary!” Li Sinuo pretended to be frightened and quickly hid behind their homeroom teacher.

“What are you doing” The homeroom teacher roared and pointed at Xiang Yuanjiu with a stern expression on his face.

“This is the entrance of the school.

I am the teacher, so I wont allow you to be so brazen.”

“Even if you are the teacher, how can you be so blind Cant you see that I came here to show my gratitude What do you mean by calling me a punk, do you have any brains at all”

Xiang Yuanjiu glanced at Li Sinuo contemptuously and shot daggers at her with a look of warning in his eyes.

“I jumped off the wall and twisted my ankle, and this girl saved me.

Whats wrong with me coming all this way to thank her today Havent your teachers taught you to show gratitude to your benefactors What, I shouldve repaid her with vengeance instead”

Xiang Yuanjiu sneered and then touched his nose arrogantly.

He glanced at Liang Xinyi and Li Sinuo, who he thought had been involved in nasty gossip.

Sure enough, there were differences among women.

These two calculating girls were horrible compared to Yun Xi.

“Sure, I am a punk, but I wouldnt insult my savior.

Whoever dares to slander my savior will have to answer to me.”

With a self-righteous expression, Xiang Yuanjiu stood in front of Yun Xi protectively.

Yun Xi rolled her eyes at the stubborn Xiang Yuanjiu, but just as she was about to speak to shut him up, a figure squeezed through the crowd.

“Please make way, make way, please!” The noodle shop owner squeezed through all the onlookers, and, when she saw Yun Xi, she lit up with a smile of gratitude.

“Little girl, thank you for the ointment.

Your medicine is very effective.

My sons arm doesnt hurt anymore, it was miraculous!”

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