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Chapter 215: Hard Evidence of Guilt

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Sitting in the car, Yun Xi quietly ate her breakfast from Shengjing Garden.

In her last life, shed eaten Shengjing Gardens breakfast pastries for the first time when Han Yaotian was courting her.

Hed gotten up early in the morning and lined up to buy them for her.

At that time, she didnt know how calculating he was being toward her, nor how fake.

After all, he had killed her with his own hands.

Thinking of this, she felt bitterness inside, and she didnt even feel like eating this food that reminded her of him.

Only deep hatred sustained her unwavering resolution.

The car stopped at the school gates earlier than usual.

As soon as Yun Xi got out of the car, she saw Xiang Yuanjiu waiting at the school gates.

Seeing her getting out of the car, Xiang Yuanjiu hurried over with an anxious look on his face.

“Girl, my mother has suddenly fainted.

Could you come and check on her”

Yun Xi looked at him incredulously.

“If your mother fainted, why did you come to see me instead of taking her to the hospital”

“My mother doesnt want to go to the hospital.

She has passed out many times before and doesnt listen to anyone.

I just thought you…”

Yun Xi glanced at him speechlessly, but, out of benevolence and her responsibility as a doctor, she followed him, carrying her books in her arms.

Suddenly, she heard someone calling her from behind.

The reason why she could hear was because the other person was calling her name loudly, to make sure that everyone else could hear too.

Upon hearing the voice, Yun Xi frowned and turned her head to see Li Sinuos gloating expression, as expected.

She looked so triumphant as if she had caught Yun Xi red-handed.

Upon hearing Li Sinuo yell, all the students looked at her also.

Yun Xi couldnt fail to see that Li Sinuo was doing this purposely.

After shed shouted, everyone would know who she was leaving with.

Li Sinuo just wanted everyone to see the hard evidence of guilt that she was associating with gangsters.

But saving a life was more important than what these idiots thought, so Yun Xi didnt pay too much attention to it, and she got into Xiang Yuanjius car.

The car drove over a bumpy road for almost an hour before reaching the door of a ramshackle house in the suburbs.

Yun Xi glanced around.

This was probably a residential neighborhood outside of the central city.

In short, Jingdu was the city, while this was the countryside.

Jingdus countryside.

On the way, Yun Xi had asked about his mothers symptoms, so she already had some knowledge about them.

However, upon seeing such a ramshackle home, she really wanted to kick Xiang Yuanjiu for being a gangster.

Hearing sounds, his two underlings came out of the house and opened the door to let them in.

The light in the dilapidated room was dim, and the air was filled with the smell of medicines and stuffiness from lack of ventilation.

As Yun Xi came in, Xiang Yuanjius mother was already awake.

Seeing her son leading a little girl in, she was surprised and alarmed.

“Mom, I brought you a friend here.

She knows a bit about medicine, and shes the one who fixed my ankle.

As you dont want to go to the hospital, let her check on you, okay”

Xiang Yuanjiu stepped forward and talked to his mother, coaxing her patiently.

Yun Xi couldnt help but glance at him again.

She really had had no idea that this kid was such a filial son.

“Hello, Auntie! My name is Yun Xi, and I know a little bit about Chinese and Western medicine.

I want to check your pulse.

Dont be nervous.”

“Little girl, do you really have medical skills at such a young age”

“Yes! I have some knowledge about traditional Chinese medicine.”

Yun Xi took Xiang Yuanjius mothers wrist and talked to her about her symptoms while taking her pulse.

Her condition was not as good as she had hoped.

After finishing taking her pulse, she smiled as she chatted with her for a while, and only then did she follow the anxious Xiang Yuanjiu out of the house.

“How is my mother Is it serious”

“My preliminary estimate is that her coronary artery is blocked and her blood supply is insufficient.

A heart bypass operation may be required.

For the specifics, you have to go to a hospital for an examination.

It cant be delayed.”

“But…my mother…”

Yun Xi turned her head and glanced at him.

“Perhaps she doesnt want to go to the hospital because she is worried that the high cost of the hospital bill will weigh you down”

Xiang Yuanjiu nodded awkwardly.

“What kind of heart bypass surgery, and how much does it cost”

“5,000 to 60,000.

The details are determined by the doctor.”

“Such a high…” Xiang Yuanjiu was dumbfounded when he heard how much money the surgery would cost.

Yun Xi glanced at him, then turned and sat down on a stone wall in the courtyard.

“Didnt Miss Hans family pay you to seduce me Didnt she give you money”

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