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Chapter 216: Best Bargaining Chip

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Xiang Yuanjiu hadnt expected Yun Xi to know about this, and, gazing at her with a look of astonishment, he didnt know what to say.

With her head cocked, Yun Xi leaned against the wall nonchalantly as she bathed in the warm sunshine.

Today, she was wearing a long light-green skirt and a dark-green cardigan.

Looking like a tough young vine growing on the wall, she sat in front of the dilapidated house.

This place was far away from Jingdu, and it was possible to smell the faint scent of chrysanthemums in the air.

Xiang Yuanjiu stared at her dazedly.

Her crystal-clear eyes seemed to gleam like twinkling stars.

He suddenly felt that what he was doing was defiling her.

This girl in front of him was innocent and beautiful, unlike most of those calculating women.

She was like a thorny white rose, proud and difficult to approach.

“How did you know”

Now that hed been exposed, Xiang Yuanjiu lowered his head in embarrassment.

Feeling as if shed seen through his mind, he couldnt bring himself to lift his head.

“The timing of your appearance was too coincidental and inexplicable.

Despite not even knowing me, you said youd fallen in love with me, so that was suspicious.

And I have only offended one person recently–Han Wanling.

I am a very vigilant person.

I am suspicious of anyone who approaches me.”


Yun Xi chuckled softly.

“You are a very good son, so I wont hold your ulterior motives for approaching me against you.

If you are willing to help me, I will help you persuade your mother to go to the hospital for surgery, and I will help you with the surgery fee.”

“Help you How do you think I can help you”

“When Han Wanling asks you to do something, you can tell me in advance.

As for the rest, do whatever you see fit.”

“Okay! Ill help you.” Xiang Yuanjiu agreed without hesitation.

Since the last time shed rescued him, hed had the desire to give up this business.

If it hadnt been for the surgery fee, he wouldnt have done such immoral things.

“All right then, Han Wanling will probably make a big move soon.

You have to tell me in advance.

Now I will go in to persuade Auntie.

Tomorrow, I will have someone contact the hospital and the surgeon, so you dont have to worry about the operations cost.

In addition…”

She stood up and gazed at him sternly.

“Xiang Yuanjiu, if you dont want your mother to be disappointed in you, dont do this sort of business in the future.

Being a gangster doesnt give you any future.”

“Youve seen how poor my family is.

I dont know how to do anything else.

What else can I do”

Yun Xi narrowed her eyes slightly and sighed softly.

“Go to the Mu family and become Young Marshal Mus subordinate.

Are you willing to do so”

“Young Marshal Mu How could that be possible All the people who work under him are elites.

Im just a nobody from the bottom of the chain.

How could he want someone like me”

“Just tell me whether or not you are willing, and I will take care of the rest for you.

Men should be ambitious, instead of resigning themselves to a life of failure.

Youre no longer young, so you should think about yourself and your mother.

Your life, your choice…”

“…” Xiang Yuanjiu gazed at the little girl who was preaching to him so earnestly.

Although she was obviously younger than him, her words made her seem wise beyond her years and resonated with him deeply.

“Its a lot harder to be a soldier than to be a gangster.

You should think about it long and hard, then give me your answer.”

After shed finished speaking, Yun Xi turned around and entered the room.

Xiang Yuanjiu didnt know what Yun Xi had said to his mother, but when he came in, his mother nodded and agreed to go to the hospital for treatment.

He didnt dare ask any further questions, for fear that his mother would change her mind.

Back at Jing High School, as Yun Xi was about to get out of the car, Xiang Yuanjiu suddenly pulled her back.

“That Li Sinuo and your cousin are also Han Wanlings pawns, so you should be careful.”

“I know.

I dont need to convince them.

You being on my side is enough.”

What he would do next was the most critical factor.

Winning his support and him helping her was her best bargaining chip in this game.

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