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Chapter 217: Dogskin Plaster Clings to You

The news that Yun Xi had gotten into a gangsters car at the school gates quickly spread throughout the senior class.

Yun Xis homeroom teacher had repeatedly issued warnings to her, to keep her from going down the wrong path and ruining her academic future.

Only after Yun Xi had reassured him about what she had been doing did her homeroom teacher let her go back to the classroom.

As soon as she returned to the classroom, she saw that Yang Lu and Li Sinuo were quarreling with each other aggressively.

“Li Sinuo, what has Yun Xi done to you to make you so determined to get at her Just because she has better grades than you, do you really need to scheme against her like this”

“How have I schemed against her You are out of your mind.

She left with the gangster.

Many students saw her, so how is it any of my business that shes ruining herself”

“Obviously, you yelled about it on purpose! You…”

Before Yang Lu could finish speaking, Yun Xi pulled her over and shook her head, frowning.

“Yun Xi, she…”

“Class is starting soon.

Lets go back to our seats.”

Yun Xi wanted to leave it alone, but Li Sinuo couldnt resist such a good opportunity and stepped in front of them.

“Yun Xi, you really do have an unusual relationship with that little punk.

Perhaps he is pursuing you You said you didnt know each other before, so why did you lie to us”

Associating with gangsters and romancing young boys was more than enough to smear Yun Xis name.

Li Sinuo was certain that she would be able to ruin her this time.

Yun Xi glanced at her coolly and curled her lips into a mocking sneer.

Her nonchalant attitude seemed like mockery and contempt in Li Sinuos eyes.

Li Sinuo had always been arrogant in class, so her face immediately darkened as she was ignored.

“Li Sinuo, you said it yourself just now.

Its none of your business.

Why are you still asking about it”

Not wanting to talk anymore nonsense with her, Yun Xi pulled Yang Lu back to her seat.

Ignoring the quizzical glances of the surrounding students, she took out her textbook and started to review the lesson.

Yang Lu couldnt concentrate on studying.

The incident that had happened that morning had infuriated her so much that she wanted to beat people up.

Yun Xi glanced at her and moved the textbook over in front of her.

“Dont think about it so much.

Even if Li Sinuo wants to conspire against me, I still have lots of tricks up my sleeve.

The show hasnt started yet! Dont worry.”

“Huh” Yang Lus eyes lit up when she heard this, and she got closer as she asked curiously, “What show What kind of drama is coming”

Yun Xi chuckled and purposely left her hanging.


“Spill the beans and stop teasing me.

Im dying of curiosity.”

“If I give you spoilers now you wont be surprised later on, so just read your textbook.

Ill give you the details later.”

“Okay! You cant hide from me.”

“I wont.”

The best hospital in Jingdu was the General Hospital of the Military Region.

In order to make an appointment with the chief surgeon for Xiangs mother, Yun Xi had to go there in person.

The last time shed seen these doctors had been when she treated Madame Chens illness with Chinese medicine.

Thus, this group of medical experts and professors probably didnt want to see her.

But she had no choice but to go see them even if they didnt want to see her.

After getting out of school, Yun Xi was waiting for the bus when a white sports car parked in front of her.

Yun Xi was caught off guard as she noticed the cars window had been lowered to reveal Chen Yichens carefree face.

“Little Yun Xi! Long time, no see.

Did you miss me”

Yun Xi couldnt help but smile.

“If I said no, will you beat me up”

“How could I do that to you Get in the car, and Ill take you out for dinner.”

“I have some matters to take care of, so Im not free today.”

“What matters”

“Im going to the General Hospital of the Military Region.

I have no time to entertain you.

Ill see you another day.”

“How heartless you are! I havent seen you for more than two weeks, and not only didnt you miss me, youre chasing me away as soon as I come to see you.”

“I really dont have time today, but we can make arrangements for another day.”

“Who knows when that other day will be I will take you to the General Hospital of the Military Region, and we will go out for dinner when you finish your business.”

“Eldest son, shouldnt you be very busy and too good to waste time on anyone How come you seem like a dogskin plaster (medicinal herbal plaster)”

“As a dogskin plaster, I have no choice but to cling to you.”


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