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Chapter 218: The “Eldest Son“ Pass

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Standing at the gates of the General Hospital of the Military Region, Yun Xi glanced around, finally understanding how useful the “eldest son” pass was.

Knowing that she was trying to make an appointment with several chief surgeons, Chen Yichen had called the hospital while they were en route, and the hospitals high-ranking staff had rushed out to greet them.

Yun Xi was speechless about this enthusiastic greeting.

“Im just here to make an appointment with the chief surgeons.

With this kind of welcome, people who dont know any better will think you have some incurable disease, eldest son.”

Chen Yichen spread out his hands helplessly with an innocent look on his face.

“Im not to blame.”

Hed simply asked the experts and professors in the thoracic department and the cardiology department to stay over time a bit so that they could meet with them.

He hadnt asked for such a ceremonious welcome.

The only thing to blame was his special status as an “eldest son”.

Upon seeing Chen Yichen get out of the car, the vice chief physician quickly came up to meet him.

“Eldest son, the experts and professors you asked me to arrange for you to meet on the phone are all waiting upstairs in the office.”

“Okay, lets go.” Chen Yichen nodded at Yun Xi and led her inside.

The vice chief physician glanced at the girl who was standing next to the eldest son and was interested.

From her attire and aura, she didnt seem like someone of ordinary status.

Chen Yichen led Yun Xi into the conference room on the second floor.

As soon as he entered, everyone started greeting him and showering him with compliments.

Yun Xi stayed behind Chen Yichen, trying to keep a low profile.

She had never realized that Chen Yichen was actually more approachable than Mu Feichi, the iron-fisted and unapproachable Young Marshal.

But come to think of it, with Mu Feichis stony poker face, even if these old fellows wanted to kiss up to him, they probably didnt have the balls for fear of offending him.

Some people, such as Mu Feichi, were born to be kings.

Whether it was his aura or his way of doing things, he had the resolve of royalty.

And other people, such as the eldest son in front of her, were gentle and elegant, young and sophisticated, and slick enough to manage people.

Among the experts and professors, there were several doctors whod diagnosed old Madame Chen previously.

As soon as they finished complimenting Chen Yichen and saw Yun Xi standing behind him, their expressions changed.

“I came here today because my friend wants to make an appointment with the chief surgeons of the thoracic department and the cardiology department.”

As he said that, Chen Yichen pushed Yun Xi in front of him.

“My friend knows a little about medicine.

She treated my grandmothers hemiplegia with Chinese medicine.”

The doctors in the General Hospital of the Military Region knew about Yun Xi treating Madame Chen.

Several experts and professors had been reproved by the dean over this matter.

They were both curious, and somewhat contemptuous, toward this girl who seemed too big for her britches to them.

After all, she was young, and things like medical skills were all accumulated from experience.

She was so young that she hadnt even reached adulthood yet, and they all had much more experience than her, so naturally they didnt take her seriously.

However, it was true that she had cured old Madame Chen, so they had no choice but to swallow their pride and learn from her experience with Chinese medicine.

Yun Xi hadnt come here today to discuss her treatment of old Madame Chen with the doctors.

She wasnt a doctor yet, and she knew she was not qualified to lecture these men.

She was purely there to make an appointment with the chief surgeon.

Upon discovering that their ceremonious greeting had all been about her treatment of Madame Chen and that was not what she was here about today, several of the medical experts became a little displeased and they no longer took her seriously.

“Lets wait until the patient is in the hospital for an examination.”


We havent examined the patient yet.

Its useless for us to talk about it now.”


Yun Xi heard the impatience in their tones and didnt say anything further.

After thanking them politely, she made an appointment with the two chief surgeons.

Chen Yichen also noticed the haughty attitudes of the professors, and his eyes gradually darkened.

As a doctor, they should take pride in saving the ill instead of acting all high and mighty because of their professional medical skills.

This was a dire issue in this country.

On the contrary, although this girl was secretly extremely talented, she kept a low profile and never gloated about it.

It was rare for someone her age to be so pure and compassionate.

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