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Chapter 231: If You Want to Drag Me into the Water, I Will Not Be Merciful Toward You

It was all that b*tch Yun Xis fault.

If she hadnt pushed her into that classroom and locked her in, she wouldnt have been in this embarrassing situation.

She also wouldnt have to go to the police station and get a criminal record.

Li Sinuo wiped away her tears, then raised her head suddenly and glared at Yun Xi with a resentful expression on her face.

Gritting her teeth, she spat out, “Yun Xi, there arent any grudges between you and me.

Why do you have to be so cruel toward me”

“Class leader, thats something that Ive always wanted to ask you.

There arent any grudges between you and me, so why did you conspire with Han Wanling to frame me Was it just because my grades are better than yours Or was it because I robbed you of first place Or are you afraid that Ill take away your position as class leader”

Yun Xi laughed mockingly.

“Truthfully, I really dont even want that position.”

Yun Xi dropped the indifferent expression on her face.

“During the last parent meeting, you watched what happened to Yang Lu.

I thought you would learn something from that incident, but I guess you are just obsessed.

Ill tell you something today, you wouldnt be in trouble if you hadnt asked for it.

I wont stop you if you want to dig your own grave, but if you want to drag me into the water, I will not be merciful toward you.

I am sorry.”

Wiping away her tears, Li Sinuo asked her resentfully, “When Yang Lu made a mistake, you begged for mercy for her, so why are you being so merciless toward me today”

If Yun Xi had begged for mercy for her with the principal and the homeroom teacher, perhaps they would let her go this time.

But Yun Xi, that wretched girl, didnt intend to help her at all.

“Why With your unapologetic and self-righteous attitude, even if you wanted me to plead for leniency toward you, would Teacher Xu or the principal agree”

At the very least, when Yang Lu had realized that she had been set up, she felt guilty and she had repented.

However, Li Sinuo was still blaming Yun Xi for setting her up, and she didnt even know what she had done wrong.

Calculating b*tches who pretend to be pure-hearted and naive people who get into trouble after misjudging unscrupulous people are two of the types of people she hated the most.

Being merciful toward these types of people would come to bite her in the end.

Like, for example, Liang Xinyi, who she had let slide again and again, with the result that Liang Xinyi had conspired against her again and again.

If it wasnt for the fact that it wasnt yet the time to drive her away, she wouldnt have left her, her nemesis, in the Yun family.

This time, though, the incident involved theft.

Their homeroom teacher looked disappointed.

“Li Sinuo, Im so disappointed in you.

After going to the police station, notify your parents to come to the school to see me.”

“Teacher Xu, why do you always favor that wretched girl Yun Xi My grades arent that much worse than hers, and I can make you proud too.”

“As a teacher I have never been partial toward anyone.

You yourself have committed a misdeed.”

After suffering so much humiliation, the principal couldnt bear it any longer.

He had lost patience.

“Police officer, take them all to the police station! Where there is a need for cooperation, we will definitely cooperate.”

After thinking about it, Liang Xinyi finally understood that she was the one who had actually committed theft.

Panicked and anxious, she desperately rushed toward Jiang Henglin.

“Second Young Master Jiang, please help me.

I dont want to go to jail… This was really not my fault, I was forced… Dont you hate Yun Xi the most Can you bear the sight of her scheming against me…”

“Who do you think you are How is internal conflict among you all any of my business”

Jiang Henglin flung Liang Xinyis hand away from him with a look of disgust.

He took a step back away from this repulsive woman Liang Xinyi.

Compared to that insidious and cunning girl Yun Xi, this stupid woman in front of him was even more repulsive.

And he had to admit that this wretched girl Yun Xi had played out this charade cleverly.

She was the mastermind who had controlled everything from behind the scenes.

It seemed as if they had dug a hole for her, but in reality everyone fell into the hole they had dug themselves and couldnt climb out.

As for her, she ended up completely clean, and everyone else fell into the trap.

Her methods and resourcefulness impressed him, but also made him loathe her even more.

He hated women who were smarter than he was, and he hated self-assured, conceited women who showed off how smart they were.

Jiang Henglin was unwilling to help, so Liang Xinyi could only turn to Yun Xi.

“Yun Xi…Im your cousin, can you really bear watching me go to jail”

If she really went to jail, her aunt definitely wouldnt come to bail her out and might even kick her out of the Yun familys home!

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