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Chapter 404: Beware Of Reaching The Sky in one step, Lest You Tumble To Death Just As Quickly!

After second period ended, Zhou Chengzhe ran to Class 3 to find Yun Xi because he simply couldnt stand it anymore.

Throughout the entire grade level, rumors has it that he only got first place because Zhao Yumo and Yun Xi were purposely letting him.

“They are obviously more academically gifted than you, but they get second place every time only because theyre purposely letting you!”

“Its probably because they feel sorry for you since youre family is so poor!”

“If you hadnt been their charity case, would you be where you are today”


The derisive taunts of their classmates bruised Zhou Chengzhes ego.

He studied so hard for so long and finally managed to get first place every semester.

He was used to being praised by all his teachers and envied by his classmates.

Yet now that the two of them did better than him on the exam, they became smug and arrogant, then deliberately spread rumors that belittled all his past achievements and hard efforts!

His family indeed wasnt as rich as theirs, but how dare they bully him so ruthlessly

“Yun Xi, what do you and Zhao Yumo mean by spreading such rumors You two simply did better than me on one test out of pure luck, so do you two need to deliberately slander me like this One good test score doesnt mean that youll test well every time.

Beware of reaching the sky in one step, lest you tumble to death just as quickly!”

Zhou Chengzhe believed that Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo scored higher than him on this quiz purely out of good luck.

Not only didnt they keep a low profile, but they brazenly seized this opportunity to spread rumors to belittle him and humiliate him!

In his opinion, they werent as academically gifted as him, but much more haughty and self-complacent han him.

People like them will suffer once they fall down from their high position!

But what he didnt know was that their good grades werent due to luck, but rather the fact that they were actually much more academically talented than him!

Moreover, they didnt spread the rumors at all even though they really were purposely letting him score higher than them before!

With an innocent expression on her face, Yun Xi stared at Zhou Chengzhe, who had always been too arrogant to talk to them but uttered such astonishing statements upon speaking to her for the first time.

He really was exactly how she perceived him!

Zhou Chengzhe was a narcissistic and pompous social climber that couldnt resist aggressively confronting her as soon as things went wrong.

Moreover, he spoke harshly.


Zhou, arent you overthinking things We did well in the exam purely out of good luck.

When did we slander you These rumors are all based on hearsay, so who knows who deliberately spread these misldeading rumors to create drama How could you believe in them”

“Who else could it be besides you two Although my family isnt as well off, that doesnt mean I need to become your charity case! I rely on my own abilities, while all you two do is rely on your families.

What right do you two have to humiliate me!”


Zhou, when you heard the rumors, you immediately came to confront me before you even got the facts straight.

When did I humiliate you When did I make you my charity case Where is the evidence When we dont perform as well as you on they exam, you say were deliberately doing so out of charity.

When we perform better than you on the exam, you say were seizing the opportunity to slander and shame you.

Therefore, what exactly are you trying to do”

Speaking of this, Yun Xi became vaguely aware that someone was secretly using Zhou Chengzhes bad performance on this exam to create drama.

In the past, when Zhou Chengzhe scored first place in the entire grade while she and Zhao Yumo scored second and third respectively, no one would say anything.

Now that the two of them scored first and second place respectively, rumors that Zhou Chengzhe was their charity case starting circulating.

It was a perfect way to hurt Zhou Chengzhes pride and self-esteem while manipulating Zhou Chengzhe to attack both of them!

Once things get blown our of proportion or trouble erupts, it is very likely that all three of them will get disqualified from the competition.

If the top three academic stars in the grade year get disqualified, for the rest of the students, the chance of winning would be much greater.

By manipulating the three of them, one could kill three birds with one stone.

There were many suspects for the culprit behind the rumors.

The suspects included all those who were participating in the competition, as well as the top ranking students for this quiz.

Finally, Yun Xi decided to focuse on Li Sinuo.

“The three of us will compete against each other.

If you two lose, you two will have to apologize to me in front of all the seniors and explain the matter clearly! Otherwise, I wont let you two off the hook!”

Yun Xi couldnt help but sneere.

“How do you want to compete”

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